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    Smile Crystal Heart-Written By Me


    Crystal Heart


    Crystal Heart

    Once upon a time, in a magical world of Tuscany where everything sparkles with there mysterious touch. Everyday where birds sing their heart out and flowers giggle with the wind. As breezy touches your nose with the wind and sweet and sour smell of the nature. Wonderful colors spark the sky as sun sleeps under the clouds. Pale white moon’s white light sending glittery light like diamonds into the meadows. As moonlight shower the sky and stars dazzle on heart of crystal palace. Deep down in Tuscany there is such place like Dark Alley where heart of darkness and cruelty take place. Some say place is cursed with Black Witch’s evil spells. Others say she is building an army against King Henry, so she can rule all over Tuscany.

    On a sleepless night in the darkness, princess Grace thought to herself in her dreamy blue eyes how would her prince charming would look like as she brush her silky brown hair with her fingers. “My Prince would have prefect turquoise colored eyes, bronze hair, and gorgeous face.” Into the darkness her eyes felt heavy and everything was dark.

    “You have magical fingers my young child” Said King Henry
    “Pa please don’t look at it your embarrassing me” Said Princess Grace
    “No my dear child, I just wanted to look at your gorgeous painting, people always talk about your painting of a young man, and how did you thought of portraying a young man?” Said King Henry
    “Father I had a dream about this wonderful unknown person” Said Princess Grace
    Father laughed softly, “We shall find this young man and get you settled with him, I have to go now child on our hunting trip, bye child!” Said King Henry
    “Bye Father, and hunt some ducks for me they are my favorites” Said Princess Grace

    Days pasted, but there was no sign of King Henry’s return to Tuscany. Every night Princess Grace waited for him by the doorsteps. Most of the times she slept there on the cold marbles stairs. Some say a lion others say he died on the pike of the mountain ate him. Princess Grace never lost hope in her father’s return because deep down in her heart there was hope of light.

    On a stormy night, terror came into everyone’s eyes that lived in crystal palace. It was the Black Witch who arrives and terrorized the entire town with her evil black magic. Finally she reach Princess Grace in her room. Princess Grace was lying on her bed fasten asleep with her innocent smile on her face. Black Witch’s evil laugh woke her up and she was terrified almost frozen like a sculpture. Black Witch pulled her hair and threw her on the marble floor.

    “Your Father will be very pleased with me when I turn you into a crystal heart” Laughed Black Witch
    “No Please don’t I beg you what have we done to you” Cried Princess Grace
    “ HAHA! You fool child, your tears doesn’t work on me” Said Black Witch
    “Time to make you a Crystal Heart” Laughed Black Witch
    “No Please Don’t” Shouted Princess Grace

    It was too late, castle was filled with silence and only the pin drop of sound was visible from the pale cold crystal heart placed in the middle of Princess Grace’s room. Only the heart was visible with live and death. It was like you could hear the pumping of the heart inside of the crystal heart but the beats were very fast.

    The next day after the tragic incident, arrival of King Henry from what he heard from town left King Henry in anger and almost shattered. He went straight to his daughter’s room and his heart almost stopped but he didn’t want to loose hope and courage. There was a letter next to the crystal heart it says: Dear Henry,
    Give me your throne or else you might never see your beloved daughter alive. This town your little paradise will be demolish. The only way to cure your elegant daughter is to kill me. HAHA!

    P.s. I know you can never catch me alive.
    Love me always,
    Black Witch

    “Guards Guards” Shouted King Henry
    Everyone guard in the castle ran to Henry.
    What’s the matter my lord. Said the Guards
    “Announce everywhere in town that person who can find or kill Black Witch will be awarded.” Said King Henry
    “I want all of you to find her, GO GO! Everyone of you” Shouted King Henry

    Every corner of the town roars with horses’ running or shouting of the guards. It was a massacre in town front everyone wanted to hunt the Black Witch down so they can be awarded with the finest things in town.

    Days pasted and no one was courageous enough to behead the Black Witch. Each day life from the crystal heart was dying. The life of the innocent stone turned colder and colder each day reaching the freezing point. As the rainbow colors vanishing into black and the heart beat slowing down.

    “Can anyone care to tell me the direction to Black Witch” Said Ralph
    “Another idiot is here” whispered the strange man
    “That’s not a very nice way to treat your guests” Said Ralph
    “You fool no one is friendly here in the Dark Alley, either you die or get eaten” Said the strange man
    “You Sir are not friendly what can I expect from an old rusty man like you” Said Ralph
    Strange man cursed and called his men but it was too late Ralph was quick like a fox and eager like an eagle. He fought his way to any obstacles, at last he reach the strangest looking castle in the Dark Alley. Faces of humans were hung around it and scariest looking guards. Ralph tiptoed every little step, sneak in the castle. There lay on her bed the Black Witch, dreaming about her victory with an evil smile on her face. Ralph put his courageous sword on the Black Witch’s throat. Black Witch smiled and said: “who have dare to disturb my wonderful dream another fool.”

    “It is I your worst nightmare” Said Ralph
    “HAHA! Nightmares are dream like to me” Said Black Witch
    “Too much self-confident is not good” Said Ralph
    “You fool you don’t know who are you dealing with” Said Black Witch
    “I absolutely know who am I dealing with” Said Ralph
    “Very Clever and Courageous I like it” Said Black Witch
    “I won’t feel sorry a bit when you die, you’re too gorgeous to die but what can I do” Said Black Witch
    HAHA! “Charles where are you CHARLES! Come here quickly” Shouted Black Witch
    Very heavy footsteps running towards came closer even inch to Ralph inch by inch monster got closer. Flames of fire draw towards Ralph as he jumps out of the way quickly and recovered. Red dragon chases Ralph as he dodge even flame and tries to think of a way to destroy this monster. The only way to destroy this monster was to stick the sword in his mouth.
    HAHA! “Having fun dear” Said Black Witch
    As Ralph climb his way up the dragon, Black Witch tried to stop him but it was too late. Ralph stuck the sword into the dragon’s mouth. Dragon felt dizzy and falls into the ground.

    NO! “My Baby” Shouted Black Witch
    Black Witch couldn’t recover, split second past and Ralph slaughtered Black Witch. She was thrown into the ground and light of Princess Grace’s life came out of the Black Witch. In a liquid form, Ralph filled the liquid in his bottle and rushed to Crystal Palace.

    At last, he reached the Crystal Palace and told everything to King Henry. Both Ralph and King Henry rushed to Princess Grace’s room. Room was cold white, noise less and empty. Almost pitch-black heart lay in the middle of the bed; last pump of the heartbeat was left. Ralph quickly used the liquid life of light and Princess Grace transformed into herself again.

    Grace falls into Ralph’s arms and stared into his eyes.
    “You’re the one who I have always dream of in my dreams.” Said Grace
    “Really I am just a person who saved your life beauty.” Said Ralph
    “May I know your sweet name handsome.” Said Grace
    “My name is Prince Ralph of Normandy.” Said Ralph
    “Thank you for saving my life and making my painting come true, I always loved you ever since I first met you in my dreams.” Said Grace
    “You were and still is my only love Grace.” Said Ralph
    “Will you marry me Grace and be mine forever?” Said Ralph
    “Yes! I always dreamed of this day.” Said Grace

    The very next day, wedding of Prince Ralph and Princess Grace filled the town of Tuscany with laughter, celebration and joy of happiness. Every place sparkled like diamond and dazzled.
    Ralph and Grace ran holding hands to the carriage ride. Ralph lifts Grace in his hands, kissed her and Grace stared in Ralph’s turquoise eyes and smiled. They lived happily ever after.

    thanks bidz for editing parts of my story
    and i hope you all loved it



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