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    Default Farah pays price for writing script on paper

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    After Farah Khans daughter Anya tore her films script starring SRK, the director has sworn to get tech-savvy Farah Khan

    Farah Khan had to pay a heavy price for not being computer savvy. Last week, her daughter Anya tore out three scenes from the script of her forthcoming film starring Shah Rukh Khan. All the scenes were crucial and had Shah Rukh in them, naturally. Her daughter is not an avid reader, for she is merely a child still. So it wasnt for offending her sensibilities that the pages from her screenplay-inprogress were ripped apart. These were merely playthings to Anya, an illusion that has cost the director much grief.

    The incident in question happened at her flat at Seven Bungalows. Farah had completed writing three scenes on that particular day. She had left the papers on the table and had left the room (writers block) . When she came back, she found that the papers had been torn. Thats when she realised that her daughter Anya who was playing in the room was responsible. Horrified on seeing her writing in shreds, she tried to piece them together, unsuccessfully. Farah will now have to take the trouble to rewrite these scenes. Worse still, handwrite these scenes. Farah, it turns out, is not computer literate . This is the seed of her troubles currently . She swears to change tack.

    Confirming the incident , Farah said, I am not well-versed with computers , so I write down my script on paper. However, now I will have to rewrite the scenes again. Fortunately , I remember them. But I will have to learn computers.

    We hear that Farahs film with Shah Rukh Khan has a lot of dancing. A source said, The film is about bad dancers who eventually are blessed with a meteoric career rise. When we asked Farah about this, she said, No way. I am not talking about the film this early. Script toh complete ho jaane do.

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