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    Default The Iso 10000 Series. Customer Satisfaction Manager

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    Last updated 10/2020
    MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
    Language: English | Size: 1.24 GB | Duration: 1h 44m

    Improve customer satisfaction with ISO standards.

    What you'll learn
    What is customer satisfaction
    How to handle customer complaints
    What is the dispute resolution process
    Qualitative and quantitative customer surveys
    Direct and indirect analysis of customer satisfaction data
    Attitudinal vs. behavioral customer loyalty
    Familiarity with quality management is an advantage but not a requirement
    This online course discusses the framework for improving customer satisfaction proposed by the ISO 10000 series of standards published in 2018. What is customer satisfaction? Why is it so important?The four standards in this series of international standards address different topics, each detailed in a section of the course.ISO 10001:2018 offers guidance on how to develop and how to implement a code of conduct for customer satisfaction. What is this code of conduct? What it should include? What it should avoid? How this code can be implemented, reviewed and improved by any organization, regardless of its products or services? Those questions will find answers in the first section of this online course.ISO 10002:2018 is a standard that offers guidance for an organization looking to design an effective process for handling complaints. What is a complaint? What are the principles to follow when managing customer complaints? What should be the process from recording to closing a complaint?Some of the aspects that will be discussed in the second section.ISO 10003:2018 is about resolving disputes. How to manage a complaint that cannot be resolved in a satisfactory manner for all the parties involved? How to select an adequate DRP (Dispute Resolution Provider)? What are the most common methods for dispute resolution?An overview of the provisions in ISO 10003 about resolving disputes.ISO 10004:2018 is the standard that offers advice on how to measure and monitor customer satisfaction. The identification and the classification of customer expectations based on the Kano Model. Gathering customer satisfaction data including the differences between qualitative and quantitative surveys. Guidelines on how to design a customer satisfaction questionnaire. Direct and indirect methods to analyze customer satisfaction data. Attitudinal loyalty vs. Behavioral loyalty.Those are aspect that will be detailed in the videos from the fourth section of this online course.Finally we'll discuss about how the four standards in the ISO 10000 are related and what is their connection with ISO 9001.Get better at improving customer satisfaction!Understand how ISO addresses the topic of customer satisfaction!Become a skilled customer satisfaction manager!
    Who this course is for
    Customer satisfaction managers,Customer success managers,Quality managers,Business relationship managers,Complaint managers

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    Default The Power Of Reading Picture Books To Young Children

    Last updated 10/2021
    MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
    Language: English | Size: 595.65 MB | Duration: 0h 48m

    Using Your Library System to Surround Children with Quality Books

    What you'll learn
    How reading dramatically impacts future academic success
    Learn the many strategies for improving vocabulary through reading aloud
    Learn strategies for reading to infants and toddlers
    How reading picture books develops cognitive thinking and memory skills
    How to select the highest quality books for your child
    How to determine which books match your child's age and cognitive level
    How libraries can be used to select a broad range of books that interest your child
    How reading can enhance your child's social development
    Basic knowledge of Excel
    This course demonstrates how reading aloud to children dramatically improves their likelihood of future academic success. Learn about some of the finest children's literature available, and download a searchable list of over 450 picture books (of which 90 are modeled in the course). Learn reading strategies to maximize children's engagement and cognition. Learn how working with a children's librarian can minimize the purchase of books that do not match childrens' interests. As a Montessori teacher, the instructor discovered that her frequent use of the public library improved the reading scores of her students. This course can benefit parents, teachers and caregivers.
    Section 1: Reading Picture Books to Young Children (ages 0-5)
    Lecture 1 Lecture 1 Vocabulary and Language Development
    Lecture 2 Lecture 2 Reading to Infants and Toddlers
    Lecture 3 Cognition and Memory
    Lecture 4 Social Development
    Lecture 5 Illustrations
    Lecture 6 Conclusion
    Parents/Family Members of Young Children - ages - birth to 5 years old

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    Default The Ultimate Sales Development Rep Training Program

    Last updated 7/2022
    MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
    Language: English | Size: 2.71 GB | Duration: 7h 28m

    Learn In-Demand Skills & Break into Hot Industries as a B-to-B Sales Professional

    What you'll learn
    Learn how to research, prospect, manage, and close revenue generating opportunities.
    prepare students for employment as an entry level business-to-business sales development representative.
    Develop a working knowledge of the tools and technology needed to be successful in a sales role.
    Gain exposure to the science behind selling and develop frameworks for a "sales" conversation.
    Anyone interested in growing sales or breaking into a professional business to business sales role
    This program is designed to teach you everything you need to know to succeed in a B-to-B sales role. Whether your goal is to become an SDR, BDR, or Account Executive, this program can help you get there.Here's what you will learn in this program:Learn where a career in sales can take you and develop skills to break into hot industries like SAAS, Fintech, and Ed-Tech.Gain knowledge of the tools and technology used in the tradeDevelop a working knowledge of the science behind persuasion and sellingCombine the fundamentals of selling with the Challenger Rep frameworkGet free access to placeable's premier job search bootcamp that will help you break into this exciting career pathTake control of your career and your incomeReading List:Although reading each publication is not required since we will be discussing the key concepts in this course, we highly recommend it. It would definitely reinforce many of things you will learn in this program.The Science of Selling, by David HoffeldThe Challenger Sale, by Matthew Dixon and Brent AdamsNew Sales Simplified, by Mike WeinbergFierce Conversations, by Susan ScottGive and Take, by Adam GrantBlink, by Malcom GladwellPredictive Revenue, by Aaron Ross and Marylou TylerSnap Selling, by Jill KonrathMindset, by Carol Dweck7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen Covey
    Section 1: Introduction to the Program
    Lecture 1 1.1 -- Welcome to B-to-B Sales!
    Lecture 2 1.2 -- Overview of a Career in Sales
    Lecture 3 1.3 -- The Sales Career Ladder
    Lecture 4 1.4 -- Hot Industries for Sales Professionals
    Lecture 5 1.5 -- Methodology, Schedule, and Coaching
    Lecture 6 1.6 -- Mindset - What is your Default Setting?
    Section 2: Tools and Technology
    Lecture 7 2.1 -- Introduction to Lesson 2 -- Tools and Technology
    Lecture 8 2.2 -- Foundational Tools - Part 1
    Lecture 9 2.3 -- Foundational Tools - Part 2
    Lecture 10 2.4 -- Outreach Tools - Part 1
    Lecture 11 2.5 -- Outreach Tools - Part 2
    Lecture 12 2.6 -- Marketing Tools
    Lecture 13 2.7 -- Introduction to Sales Focused Technology
    Lecture 14 2.8 -- The Customer Relationship Management System or CRM
    Lecture 15 Demo 1 -- CRM Demonstration - An Overview
    Lecture 16 Demo 2 -- CRM Demonstration -- Creating a Contact
    Lecture 17 Demo 3 -- CRM Demonstration -- Logging Activity
    Lecture 18 Demo 4 -- CRM Demonstration -- Building a Plan
    Lecture 19 Demo 5 -- CRM Demonstration -- Managing the Pipeline
    Lecture 20 2.9 -- Social Media -- Inbound Selling
    Lecture 21 2.10 -- Social Media -- Personal Brand
    Lecture 22 Demo 6 -- LinkedIn Demonstration
    Lecture 23 2.11 -- Lead Sourcing Platforms
    Lecture 24 Demo 7 -- Lead Sourcing Demonstration
    Section 3: The Science Behind Persuasion and Selling
    Lecture 25 3.1 -- Introduction to the Science Behind Persuasion and Selling
    Lecture 26 3.2 -- A Primer on Persuasion
    Lecture 27 3.3 -- Two Methods of Influence -- Covert Messaging
    Lecture 28 3.4 -- Two Methods of Influence -- Overt Messaging
    Lecture 29 3.5 -- The Buyer Persona
    Lecture 30 3.6 -- The Jobs to Be Done Theory
    Lecture 31 3.7 -- The Buyer's Journey
    Lecture 32 3.8 -- The Buyer's Decision - Summing it Up
    Lecture 33 3.9 -- Introduction to Hoffeld's 6 Whys
    Lecture 34 3.10 -- The First 3 Whys
    Lecture 35 3.11 -- A Primer on Competition
    Lecture 36 3.12 -- A Last 3 Whys
    Lecture 37 3.13 -- Hoffeld's 6 Whys -- A Recap
    Lecture 38 3.14 -- Introduction to the Buyer's Emotional State
    Lecture 39 3.15 -- Identifying the Buyer's Emotional State
    Lecture 40 3.16 -- Changing the Buyer's Emotional State - Part 1
    Lecture 41 3.17 -- Changing the Buyer's Emotional State - Part 2
    Lecture 42 3.18 -- Changing the Buyer's Emotional State - Part 3
    Lecture 43 3.19 -- Summing Up Lesson 3
    Section 4: Framework of a Conversation and the Challenger Sale
    Lecture 44 4.1 -- Introduction to Lesson 4
    Lecture 45 4.2 -- Let's Talk about Talk - An Introduction to Conversation
    Lecture 46 4.3 -- 10 Ways to Have a Better Conversation
    Lecture 47 4.4 -- Recap on the 10 Ways
    Lecture 48 4.5 -- Career Conversations
    Lecture 49 4.6 -- Introduction to the Challenger Sale
    Lecture 50 4.7 -- Sales Rep Types and The Challenger Rep
    Lecture 51 4.8 -- Commercial Teaching
    Lecture 52 4.9 -- Tailoring for Resonance
    Lecture 53 4.10 -- Taking Control
    Lecture 54 4.11 -- The Challenger Sale - A Recap
    Lecture 55 4.12 -- Let's Talk about Questions
    Lecture 56 4.13 -- Social Penetration Theory
    Lecture 57 4.14 -- Three Level Question Methodology
    Lecture 58 4.15 -- The Three Levels of Questions - A Practical
    Lecture 59 4.16 -- Summing Up Lesson 4
    Section 5: New Business Development
    Lecture 60 5.1 -- Introduction to New Business Development
    Lecture 61 5.2 -- Volume
    Lecture 62 5.3 -- Research
    Lecture 63 5.4 -- Planning
    Lecture 64 5.5 -- Outbound
    Lecture 65 5.6 -- Follow Up
    Lecture 66 5.7 -- Summing Up Lesson 5
    Section 6: Overcoming the Science of Networking
    Lecture 67 6.1 -- Do You Love to Network?!
    Lecture 68 6.2 -- The Science of Networking
    Lecture 69 6.3 -- Doing the 2-Step
    Lecture 70 6.4 -- Building a Network
    Lecture 71 6.5 -- The Live Networking Event
    Lecture 72 6.6 -- Summing Up Lesson 6
    Section 7: Get Ready. Get Set. Go!
    Lecture 73 7.1 -- The Sales Development Rep - A Day in a Life
    Lecture 74 7.2 -- Gain Access to placeable's Premier Job Search Bootcamp
    Recent college graduates interested in a B-to-B sales role or current sales professionals seeking to grow their book of business.

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    Default Ultimate Taekwondo Kicking Martial Arts Self Defense Lab

    Last updated 1/2019
    MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
    Language: English | Size: 1.05 GB | Duration: 0h 49m

    Develop Speed Power and Accurate Taekwondo and Karate Kicks For Self Defense and Martial Arts Competition

    What you'll learn
    Learn how to execute Taekwondo Kicks for Martial Arts and Self Defense
    Be able to fix common mistakes and errors when learning martial arts kicks
    Develop speed, power, flexibility and accuracy for Taekwondo kicking techniques
    Learn self defense techniques using kicking methods from Taekwondo
    Reccomended: Enrolling into the Ultimate Self Defense Fitness Martial Arts Course
    Willingness to learn
    An open area
    Discover the best methods for developing speed, power, and accuracy for the most common Taekwondo Kicks that can be utilized for both self defense and martial arts competition!Teaching since 2012, I've had the opportunity to help 100s of students in my own dojangs go from barely kicking above their waist to kicking very efficiently. This course is a brain dump of all my current knowledge and strategies that will help you master the major Taekwondo kicks. What's more is that this course is CONSTANTLY updated for students. Meaning, it's always going to have new and updated information suitable to help you get better at the style of martial arts kicking.Tell me if this sounds like you....- You want to kick higher but lack flexibility- You can't seem to develop enough power for your Taekwondo kicks- You're unsure of how to make your kicks less "choppy"- You are looking for a course that is CUSTOMIZABLE for YOUR specific problems when it comes to kicking.Introducing...The Ultimate Taekwondo Kicking Martial Arts Self Defense Lab!Here's just SOME of what we will cover!1. The Spin Hook KickProblem: Hitting kick with ankle - Dorsiflex drillProblem: I'm not finishing my rotation - Ballet spin drillProblem: I can't kick high enough - Leg raisesProblem: My spin kick lacks power - 2 inch hip extension drill, throwing a round kick after Problem: My spin kick is slow - Quick Turns for speedProblem: My spin hook kick is telegraphed - Kick without pivot drill2. The Back KickProblem: I keep hitting with the ball of my foot - Dorsiflex DrillProblem: I can't lift up my knee that high - Side kick chamber drillProblem: My kick lacks accuracy - Heel point drillProblem: My kick is very weak - Split squats, wall chamber, sliding the footProblem: My kick is really slow - Fast turns for speedProblem: My back kick is telegraphed - Kicking without the pivot3. The Scissor KickProblem: I lack the flexibility to kick high - Progressive kicking combinationsProblem: My kick is telegraphed - Kicking Low, sliding foot progressionsProblem: My kick is very slow - Hip turn drills constant round kickProblem: I get punched in the face doing this kick - Long guard stance fix4. The 360 Round KickProblem: I keep hitting with my ankle - Dorsiflex drillProblem: I don't understand the turn - 360 movement step by stepProblem: I can't turn my hips mid air - Roll over shoot throughProblem: I can't time the jump correctly - Slow motion spin kickProblem: My kick is really slow - turning knees in the air Problem: My kick lacks power - Pointing the knee to the side, turning hips overProblem: My kick is very telegraphed - Stay low to the ground, back them to corner 5. The Twist KickProblem: My knee doesn't bend like that - Stretches to increase flexible hipsProblem: I keep hitting with the outside of my foot, is that okay? - Options to hit withProblem: My kick looks just like a front kick - Slight angle drillProblem: I can't kick that high - Wall Drill Problem: My twist kick lacks power - Snapping drill 6. Axe KickProblem: I can't get my leg up that high - Stretches / Mobility drillsProblem: I don't know when to throw an axe kick - Cutting anglesProblem: My axe kick feels like a push kick - Crescent and moon kick options to modify 7. Round KickProblem: I keep hitting with the inside part of my foot - Turn over drillProblem: My round kick is weak - Turning bottom foot drillProblem: I can't aim correctly with my shin - Wall shin practiceProblem: I can't get my legs up high enough to head kick - Holding kicks, Swing oversProblem: My kick is telegraphed - Non-Switch and sliding footProblem: I keep hitting with my toes - Dorsiflex drill 8. And More!This course took over 7+ years to create, and what you get are very direct and powerful lessons that will teach you how to fix the most common kicking mistakes and give you the competitive edge for martial arts competition, or give you a valuable tool that could be used for self defense and save your life.What makes this course different than so many other martial arts courses on Udemy?Well for one, like I said, this course is CONSTANTLY updated. You're becoming part of a tribe of martial artists all striving to get better their Taekwondo kicks and become masters of the art.PLUS, you'll be learning "functional" taekwondo, a version that can be utilized for mixed martial arts, Muay Thai, or competitive kickboxing matches.Rest assured, I'm so convinced you'll get some amazing benefits from this course which is why >>>--I offer a 30 day money back guarantee---<<<
    Section 1: Introduction
    Lecture 1 Introduction
    Lecture 2 Watch this first!
    Section 2: The Round Kick
    Lecture 3 Hitting Round Kicks With Ankle Fix
    Lecture 4 How To Increase Round Kick Power
    Lecture 5 Kicking With Toes Fix Drill
    Lecture 6 How to NOT Telegraph Round Kicks
    Lecture 7 How To Round Kick Higher!
    Lecture 8 How To Focus on Shin Round Kicks
    Section 3: The Back Kick
    Lecture 9 How To Increase Back Kick Speed
    Lecture 10 How To Increase Back Kick Power P1
    Lecture 11 How To Increase Back Kick Power P2
    Lecture 12 Kicking Back Kicks With Ball of Foot? Fix it with this!
    Lecture 13 If You're Missing Back Kicks, Watch This!
    Lecture 14 How To Increase Flexibility for Back Kicks and Improve Power
    Section 4: Quick Check Up!
    Lecture 15 How's it going so far?
    Section 5: The Spinning Hook Kick
    Lecture 16 How To Not Telegraph Your Spinning Hook Kick
    Lecture 17 How To Increase Speed For Spinning Hook Kick
    Lecture 18 How To Increase Power for Spinning Hook Kick P1
    Lecture 19 How To Increase Power For Spinning Hook Kicks P2
    Lecture 20 How To Kick Higher For Spinning Hook Kicks
    Lecture 21 How To Fix the Rotation With Spinning Hook Kicks
    Lecture 22 Hitting With the Ankle Fix - Spinning Hook Kick
    Section 6: 360 Round Kick / Tornado Round Kick
    Lecture 23 Increasing 360 Round Kick Power Easily!
    Lecture 24 Develop Knockout Power Drills 360 Round Kick
    Lecture 25 Finding The Right Timing To Jump for 360 / Tornado Round Kicks
    Lecture 26 Does Your 360 Round Kick Feel Choppy? Try This!
    Lecture 27 How To Land 360 Round Kicks for MMA
    Lecture 28 360 Round Kick Ankle Mistake Fix
    Section 7: The Twist Kick
    Lecture 29 Knee Stretches for Twist Kicks
    Lecture 30 How to Increase Twist Kick Power
    Lecture 31 Can You Hit With the Outside of the Foot?
    Lecture 32 Fix Twist Kick Accuracy
    Section 8: Bonus Module
    Lecture 33 Bonus For Graduates!
    Students who struggle using Taekwondo kicks,Students who wish to learn how to apply more power and speed to their martial arts kicking,Students who lack flexibility and coordination to throw martial arts kicks

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    Default Unreal Engine 5 Easy Realistic Bicycle Render For Beginners

    MP4 | Video: h264, 1920x1080 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
    Language: English | Size: 973.48 MB | Duration: 39m

    Unreal Engine 5 Easy Realistic Bicycle Render For Beginners

    About This Class
    The project is quite simple! You need to first watch the whole tutorial and then make your own 3D scene of a bicycle! You can either use the same 3D model which I used, or you could use another one! Y
    What's up nerds?
    Unreal Engine 5 is a very high in demand right now but learning it can be a little intimidating for beginners, which is why I made this class just to show you guys how to make amazing, realistic renders in Unreal very easily!
    Now this tutorial is extremely easy and is made for Unreal beginners who have very little experience, however, you are expected to know how to navigate the UI of Unreal Engine and use basic tools.
    In this tutorial, we're gonna be covering the basics of Importing Models, texturing and Lighting so you can take your 3D Art skills to the next level.
    The good thing about this class is that this class will show you the raw process of a 3D artist increating art. We will be solving all problems and making all creative decisions together!
    So what are you waiting for? Just start this class today and take your Unreal skills to a whole new level!
    Project Guide
    The project is quite simple! You need to first watch the whole tutorial and then make your own 3D scene of a bicycle! You can either use the same 3D model which I used, or you could use another one! You must use all the techniques and skills taught in the class to make sure that you are actually learning something new! You get extra points if you model the bike yourself too because that will really enhance your modelling skills as well!
    Be sure to change things up by using your own unique colors and lighting setups! Once you are done, be sure to upload the project so I can give you feedback!
    Good luck!
    Lesson 1:Introduction
    Lesson 2etting up the Scene and Importing the Bicycle
    Lesson 3:Texturing the Bicycle
    Lesson 4:Creating the Environment and Rendering
    Lesson 5:What to do Next?

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    Default Vulnerability Assessment And Penetration Testing

    Published 11/2022
    MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
    Language: English | Size: 805.52 MB | Duration: 1h 53m

    Vulnerabilty Assessment and Penetration Testing - VAPT

    What you'll learn
    Students would learn about Vulnerabilty Assessment
    Students would learn how to configure Rapid7 InsightAppSec
    Students would learn how to configure Rapid7 InsightVM
    Students would learn how to configure Acunetix Vulnerabilty Scanner
    Basic Networking Knowledge
    Basic Cybersecurity Knowledge
    Vulnerability assessments define, identify, classify, and prioritize flaws and vulnerabilities in applications, devices, and networks that can expose organizations, their products, services, code, and applications, to attack.Security vulnerabilities allow malicious actors to exploit an organization's applications and systems, so it is essential to identify and respond to them before attackers can exploit them. Comprehensive vulnerability assessments, combined with a risk management strategy, are a critical part of an organization's security management.A vulnerability assessment provides vital insight to understand the risks to an organization's computing environment. The organization can then respond to vulnerabilities based on their priority level. An effective assessment process involves determining the risk that different vulnerabilities pose to an organization. Typically, this process involves using automated tools such as security scanners. Vulnerability assessment reports should record the results produced by these testing and scanning tools. In this Vulnerability Assessment course, the following tools were used: Rapid7 InsightAppSec Rapid7 InsightVMAcunetix Scanner Vulnerability assessment processes typically include the following phases:Testing. Vulnerability testing requires a comprehensive list of known vulnerabilities. The security team examines server, application, and system security to identify whether any vulnerabilities are present and checks that they don't expose your codebase, your system, and your organization to new risks.Analysis. Security analysts identify the source of each vulnerability by scanning the organization's system components to detect the creation of anomalies or flaws within the codebase.Risk assessment. This involves prioritizing vulnerabilities. You determine the risk level of each vulnerability according to how it could or does impact your system, your data, and business functions. There are many vulnerabilities that have little or no impact, while others are potentially very damaging. It's important to assess which represent the largest and most serious threats so that you can prioritize their remediation rather than wasting time on low- or no-threat flaws.Remediation. Remediating high-priority vulnerabilities involves fixing the most important potential security faults. Development, operations, and security teams collaborate to determine how they can mitigate threats and remediate vulnerabilities. This phase involves updating configurations and operations to implement vulnerability patches.
    Section 1: External VAPT using Rapid7
    Lecture 1 Web Application Scanning
    Lecture 2 Web App Scan Reports
    Section 2: External VAPT using Acunetix
    Lecture 3 Web App Scan using Acunetix
    Section 3: Internal VAPT using Acunetix
    Lecture 4 Network Scan using Acunetix
    Section 4: Network VAPT using Rapid7 InsightVM
    Lecture 5 Installing Rapid7 InsightVM
    Lecture 6 Rapid7 IVM Overview
    Lecture 7 Rapid7 IVM Scan & Report
    Anyone. Network Administrators, Network Security Engineers, IT Administrators etc.

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    Default Watercolor Silhouettes: Paint An Owl And A Princess

    Last updated 11/2022
    MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
    Language: English | Size: 801.92 MB | Duration: 0h 39m

    Beginner-friendly Class with free coloring pages to make it even more easier for you to follow along and paint these.

    What you'll learn
    How to create colorful background washes
    How to use the Salt Technique with watercolor paints
    How to create a watercolor starry night sky with two various methods
    How to create a powerful composition for your paintings
    How to trace your sketches / line art templates to watercolor paper
    Techniques that will make your paintings even more outstanding
    No drawing / painting skills are required. 100% beginner -friendly course. You will have a downloadable line art template to make the lectures even more easier to follow.
    Do you want to learn how to paint this silhouette painting with a galaxy sky background, but you don't have much experience with watercolors?Hi, I'm Eliza, the Watercolor Witch and I now serve more than 30 000 watercolor enthusiastic students all around the globe.I created this class directly to watercolor beginners. So if you are a newbie watercolorist, don't worry, if you take this class you will have tons of fun with it, moreover I'm here to help if you have any questions.In the class you are going to learn painting two versions of this painting, so you will have plenty of opportunities to practice these easy techniques.In the class I'm going to talk about:- How to create an successful composition for your scene- How to use watercolor washes to create a lovely gradient watercolor sky backround- How to paint with the wet-on-wet technique- And I'll show you how to use salt to create beautiful watercolor texturesWhile in other classes you need to sketch the project yourself, in this beginner-friendly class I included a downloadable line art template, so you can spare yourself from the dissappointment of a messed up line drawing.There is nothing to risk, here all you need to do is enjoy the painting process!Grab your brushes and start painting now!
    Section 1: Introduction
    Lecture 1 Introduction
    Section 2: Preparation
    Lecture 2 Tools
    Lecture 3 Step-by-Step Process
    Lecture 4 Composition
    Lecture 5 Tracing the Line Art Onto The Watercolor Paper
    Lecture 6 Preparing Your Paper for Watercolor Painting
    Section 3: Let's Paint
    Lecture 7 Two Different Colored Versions
    Lecture 8 Version 1 - Green Background
    Lecture 9 Version 1 - Making the Splatters
    Lecture 10 Version 2 - Violet Background
    Lecture 11 Version 2 - Making the Splatters
    Lecture 12 Painting the Black Silhouettes
    Lecture 13 Final Touches
    Lecture 14 Bonus Lecture
    Aspiring watercolorists,Beginner artists,Creatives,Anyone who wants to create a magical looking yet really easy watercolor piece

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    Default Wordpress For Beginners Up To Master - Fast Course

    MP4 | Video: h264, 1920x1080 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
    Language: English | Size: 342.10 MB | Duration: 25m

    Wordpress For Beginners Up To Master - Fast Course

    About This Class
    During this course you will be able to get up and running in minutes
    Create your own website with this complete WordPress course - no experience, programming, or coding necessary!
    You're here because you want to create your own WordPress websites, right?
    This is the perfect place to start. This complete course is designed for beginners like you who have never built a WordPress website (or any website for that matter).
    WordPress is the perfect tool for creating a fully customized website for any purpose. Whether you want to create a blog, a personal portfolio, or a business website to sell your products and services, you can do it with WordPress.
    While WordPress might seem scary from the outside, once you get started, it's fairly intuitive. Everything from hosting to installing a theme, then actually building your first pages can be learned in the first few lessons of this course.
    With this course, you don't need to actually pay for hosting to practice with WordPress. I'll show you how to create a free temporary site so you can follow along.
    Why learn from me?
    I've been building WordPress websites for years. Just like you, there was a time when I was a complete newbie! I was honestly scared of starting a WordPress website because it seemed so daunting.
    What Will I Learn From This Course?
    ✔Asking and answering "What is WordPress?"
    ✔ How to Register Your Website's Domain Name
    ✔ Setup Affordable hosting, domain and daily backups
    ✔ How to Create Menu and pages in WordPress
    ✔ Learn About How to use Visual Builder for Wordpress
    ✔ Protect their Wordpress website from hackers and spammers
    ✔ Create pages and posts in Wordpress
    ✔ Understand plugins & themes and how to find/install them
    ✔ Build your own beautiful website using WordPress.
    ✔ Using Elementor Page Builder
    ✔ You will be able to use how to use Elementor
    ✔ You will know how to make your website secure and protected from hackers
    ✔You will be able to customize your WordPress website for any purpose
    What is the target audience?
    Anyone With A Desire To Learn Wordpress
    Anyone Who Wants To Make A Website Simply and Easiliy
    Anyone Who Wants To Start Their Own Business Online
    Project Guide
    During this course you will be able to get up and running in minutes
    Each one teaches you new and different skills to apply.
    The project of the course is to launch your own first Design right over here!
    Post Here Your Website and share it with us, Feel free to customize and be creative!
    Lesson 1:Introduction
    Lesson 2:How To Install Wordpress On Every Host
    Lesson 3:What is a theme In Wordpress
    Lesson 4:How To install They Astra Theme
    Lesson 5:How To Create Menus In Wordpress
    Lesson 6:How To Create Pages In Wordpress
    Lesson 7:What is a plugin in Wordpress
    Lesson 8:How to Install Elementor In Wordpress
    Lesson 9:Create Site With Elementor In Wordpress
    Lesson 10:Install Starter Themes in Wordpress
    Lesson 11etting Up Static Homepage
    Lesson 12:How To install backups in Wordpress
    Lesson 13:How to Create A Site With Brizy in Wordpress

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    Default Wordpress Speed Optimization | Load-In 0.3S For Non Techies

    Last updated 10/2020
    MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
    Language: English | Size: 2.26 GB | Duration: 3h 34m

    No Coding Skills Required | Live Training | Load Your Website In 300 Milliseconds Within 3 Hours | Faster Than Google

    What you'll learn
    Why you've been lied to - 80% performance comes from server setup 20% from all the fiddly BS optimisations
    How to massively optimize your wordpress site without heavy coding
    3 Hours or less to 0.3 loading speed - create a 'faster than Google homepage' website
    Why VPSs are the way the web industry is going and why you need to move
    How to get reliability of your website's speed and no longer suffer the dreaded slow speeds during peak times
    Insider secrets: I will show a free content delivery network and show you how to configure it to block bad bots and increase speed
    Insider secrets: The ultimate hosting environment to use for just $6 a month
    Insider secrets: How to setup and migrate your website to a VPS the easiest way with no downtime on your site
    Insider secrets: I will reveal the best caching plugin and the exact settings I use
    Insider secrets: How to manage your VPS with an up and coming server manager for free
    How to give your website the SSL padlock for SEO gains within 15 minutes
    A wordpress website you want to take action on to dramatically increase the website speed performance
    Watch me in this live action-originated training as I optimize the speed of my clients website to load in just 300ms!No Nonsense Guide To Speed Optimization of your WordPress website so that it loads faster than Google's homepage.80% of speed optimization techniques talked about offer just 20% of the performance gains, most techniques are very time consuming and fiddly. For every hour spent learning the technique chances are you will spend another 3 hours implementing it on a single site.In this follow along step by step live training I will show you the 20% of speed optimizations that will give you 80% of the real speed increases. I will show you how you can do this with any Wordpress site within 3 hours, from start to finish, and when you get good at it, you'll be able todo it to every site in less than an hour.Takes less than 3 hours to optimise your own website from start to finish.Learn the future of hosting and how to jump on years before it's time.Watch your client byte your hand off for the SSL padlock and faster than Google performance for an extra 10+ a month.How to separate hardware from your hosting support for maximum performance and most importantly consistent reliable speeds.Learn how expert web developers migrate quickly and with zero downtime for your clients.I run a web agency in the UK, I know that time is money, I do not have time to be messing about combing through minuscule details on a website to see little reward. This guide was built for my staff to follow, to offer me the biggest gains with the least amount of effort and with minimum cost, I also made this guide as the last speed optimization course you will ever need to do for your website EVER again.I created the 'Faster Than Google' slogan, because I was tired of Google punishing my website's SEO because of the slow loading response, so I set out to be determined to beat Google at their own game. I wanted to punch google in the face and say is that fast enough for ya! The only way I could do that was by having my fully-fledged wordpress website load faster than Google's homepage despite it only having a minimalist Simple Simple search bar.In this course I will show you how that was achieved, this training is years in the making and only until recently has all the technology become available at such an affordable price so now everyone can have a website that is Faster Than Google.
    Who this course is for
    SEO Professionals,Web Designers,Web Agency Owners,Webmaster,Marketing Consultants

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    Default Write Down To Business: How To Become A Freelance Writer

    Published 11/2022
    MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
    Language: English | Size: 1.75 GB | Duration: 5h 45m

    Get Your Start as a Freelance Writer

    What you'll learn
    Discover what kinds of niches/work products you can sell as a freelance writer
    Identify how you can establish yourself as a writer
    Identify how to set your income and time goals
    Identify how to market yourself and work with clients successfully
    Identify how to grow your freelance writing business
    Have an understanding about online gig economy
    Freelance writers have more opportunities than ever before. Working remotely as an independent contractor freelance writer, you can sell blog and website content, among many other types of content, to clients all over the world. With the boom in digital marketing, you can work with clients to help improve their search engine ranking, brand visibility, and conversions with their clients by writing solid content and copy. Whether you're looking to write copy, SEO content/blogs, articles, or entire books, you can find and run your own business from home. In this course, you'll learn from veteran freelance writer Laura Briggs, who launched her at-home writing career with no advanced training or certifications (or even a degree in English!) You'll learn the ropes of what it takes to work as a freelance content writer, where to find clients, and how to work with clients. You will also learn: Where to find clients and how to pitch them effectively The truth about what it takes to succeed as a freelance writer and common myths Popular niches for freelance writers What to know about setting rates for freelance writing work The best tips for getting your freelance writing business of the ground quickly How to protect yourself in conversations with freelance writing clients, including how to handle edits/revisions A deep dive into cold pitching and how to reach out to prospective clients over email This course is right for: Someone who is brand new to freelancing writingTeachers and other professionals who want to establish a freelance writing side hustleAn aspiring freelance writer who isn't yet sure what kind of content they want to write and sell Authors, virtual assistants, and proofreaders who want to step into freelance writing for money
    Section 1: Establishing Yourself as a Writer and Kinds of Content
    Lecture 1 Intro to the Course
    Lecture 2 The Most Important Thing to Consider with Everything You Write
    Lecture 3 What Kind of Writer Will You Be?
    Lecture 4 Content Walkthrough: SEO Article
    Lecture 5 Content Walkthrough: Academic Work
    Lecture 6 Content Walkthrough: Whitepaper
    Lecture 7 Content Walkthough: Sales Copy
    Lecture 8 Content Walkthough: Newsletter
    Lecture 9 Your Writing Persona and Communication
    Section 2: Setting Your Income and Time Goals
    Lecture 10 How to Make $100/Day as an SEO Blog Writer
    Lecture 11 Introduction to Rate Setting
    Lecture 12 Why Writers Struggle with Rates and What to Consider Before You Create Them
    Lecture 13 Why Working with a Minimum Order Amount- and the Right Client Type- Makes a Diff
    Lecture 14 Great Tool for Determining Your Ideal Hourly Rate
    Lecture 15 Final Thoughts on Setting Rates
    Section 3: Marketing Basics
    Lecture 16 Marketing 101
    Lecture 17 Quick Note: Why I Don't Cover Upwork in This Course
    Lecture 18 Writing Samples
    Lecture 19 Websites 101
    Lecture 20 Inside WordPress
    Lecture 21 Inside Squarespace
    Section 4: How to Cold Pitch Freelance Clients
    Lecture 22 What is Cold Pitching?
    Lecture 23 What Are the Challenges with Cold Pitching?
    Lecture 24 The Cold Pitching Process
    Lecture 25 What Goes Into a Cold Pitch?
    Lecture 26 Example and Analysis: Cold Pitch
    Lecture 27 Staying Organized While Sending Cold Pitches
    Lecture 28 How to Research Companies
    Lecture 29 Tips for Emailing Companies Your Pitch
    Lecture 30 Writing Great Subject Lines and Tips for Connecting with Your Reader
    Lecture 31 Tracking Your Follow Ups
    Section 5: Sales Calls with Clients: What to Know
    Lecture 32 What You'll Learn in This Section
    Lecture 33 Why You Should Care About Calls
    Lecture 34 What to Do Before You Get on a Call with a Client
    Lecture 35 Prepping for Your Sales Call
    Lecture 36 How to Start Your Sales Call
    Lecture 37 Questions to Ask on a Sales Call
    Lecture 38 Helping a Client Who Doesn't Know What They Want
    Lecture 39 What to Do with a Client Who Doesn't Show Up
    Lecture 40 Handling Clients Who Are Not a Fit
    Lecture 41 How to Handle Client Objections
    Lecture 42 What to Do If The Client Brings Up Costs on the Call
    Lecture 43 How to End the Call and Prepare for Next Steps
    Lecture 44 Other Call Issues
    Section 6: Working with Clients Successfully
    Lecture 45 Onboarding Clients Successfully
    Lecture 46 Submitting Work to Clients
    Section 7: Growing Your Freelance Writing Business
    Lecture 47 Finding Your Sweet Spot
    Lecture 48 Ongoing Marketing
    Lecture 49 Course Recap
    Freelance writers who are interested in growing their business.

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    Default Writing Your Dissertation

    Last updated 1/2016
    MP4 | Video: h264, 1920x1080 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
    Language: English | Size: 347.87 MB | Duration: 1h 27m

    Tips and strategies for enjoying the process!

    What you'll learn
    Explain different formats for writing a dissertation
    Identify at least four ways they can engage with the writing process efficiently
    Explain how to make the best use of their time during the data collection process that will serve the writing phase.
    You should have a general idea of what the dissertation process looks like.
    This course will provide you with tips and strategies to successfully write your dissertation. Ideally, you should view this course before you have completed your dissertation proposal. A good portion of the advice provided in this course will tell you what to do during the proposal writing process and the data collection process that will make your writing go smoother.You will learn about alternative formats for writing your dissertation and how you can use analytic memos during the data collection phase to help you finish in a timely manner. When it comes to writing your dissertation, you will learn how to make a timeline, create a plan for getting your writing done, and learn how to get feedback from others in ways that will support (and not confuse) you. Finally, you will think a bit about where to publish your work and consider some outlets for your work beyond a traditional manuscript.
    Section 1: Course Introduction
    Lecture 1 Welcome!
    Lecture 2 Meet Your Instructor
    Lecture 3 How to Take This Course
    Section 2: A Good Proposal
    Lecture 4 What's the Purpose of the Proposal?
    Lecture 5 What's in a Proposal?
    Lecture 6 How to Structure the Proposal
    Section 3: What To Do When Doing Your Research
    Lecture 7 Make Time to Read Research
    Lecture 8 Make Analytic Memos Along the Way
    Lecture 9 Do Basic Analysis
    Section 4: Writing Your Dissertation
    Lecture 10 Select a Format
    Lecture 11 Make a Timeline
    Lecture 12 Make Time to Write
    Lecture 13 Get Selective Feedback
    Section 5: Share Your Work
    Lecture 14 Thinking About Publications
    Lecture 15 New Ways to Share Your Work
    You will get the most out of this course if you are a doctoral student in a social science field and you have not defended a proposal yet.

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