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    Default Overview Of Informatica Data Director (Idd)

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    Last updated 4/2019
    MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
    Language: English | Size: 1.09 GB | Duration: 3h 20m

    Informatica Data Direction Application configuration & usage , Integration with Informatica Master Data Management (MDM)

    What you'll learn
    IDD Subject Area Basics
    Detailed view of IDD Configuration Manager
    Create Subject Area, Subject Area Child and Grand Child
    Detailed view of IDD Application
    Configure Internationalization
    Understanding Properties files
    Basic understanding of MDM Hub
    Understanding of Data Modeling concepts
    Installation of Chrome or IE and SQL developer
    Installation of Informatica MDM hub
    Optional - Core Java knowledge
    The overview of the Informatica Master Data Director course is for beginners who would like to start their career as MDM Developer or IDD Developer. The course focuses on various features of Informatica Data Director and how to configure it in simple steps.At the end of this course, you should be able to -Access Data Director Configuration Manager, IDD ApplicationUnderstand IDD Concepts - Subject Areas and Subject Area GroupsPerform ORS BindingConfigure Subject Areas and Subject GroupsConfigure children and Grand ChildrenConfigure Cleansing and ValidationsSearch records using IDD ApplicationCreate basic and advanced searchesCreate and Update EntitiesExport and Import IDD ApplicationUnderstand configuration files
    Section 1: Introduction
    Lecture 1 Overview of an Informatica Data Director
    Lecture 2 Prerequisites
    Section 2: IDD Basic Concepts
    Lecture 3 IDD Configuration Manager and IDD Application
    Lecture 4 Subject Areas and Subject Area Groups
    Lecture 5 IDD and MDM Hub
    Section 3: IDD Configuration
    Lecture 6 Understanding IDD Confugration Manager
    Lecture 7 Create and Bind an IDD Application
    Lecture 8 Configure Subject Area Group
    Lecture 9 Configure Subject Area
    Lecture 10 Subject Area Child Relationships
    Lecture 11 Configure Subject Area Children
    Lecture 12 Subject Area Grandchild Relationships
    Lecture 13 Configure Subject Area Grand Children
    Section 4: IDD Deployment
    Lecture 14 Save and Validate Application
    Lecture 15 Deployment States of an IDD Application
    Lecture 16 IDD Configuration Files
    Section 5: Overview of an IDD Application
    Lecture 17 Launching the IDD Application
    Lecture 18 Configure Basic Search
    Lecture 19 Configure Case Insensitive Search
    Lecture 20 Import and Export Queries
    Lecture 21 Export and Import IDD Configuration
    Section 6: Configuration of Features of an IDD Application
    Lecture 22 Configure Cleanse
    Lecture 23 Match and Duplicate Searches
    Section 7: IDD Application Overview
    Lecture 24 Search records
    Lecture 25 Add new record using IDD Application
    Lecture 26 Update existing record using IDD Application
    Lecture 27 Explore XREF, History and Match section
    Lecture 28 Merge Records
    Lecture 29 Unmerge
    Section 8: IDD Customization
    Lecture 30 Validation
    Lecture 31 Email and Web link configuration
    Lecture 32 Lookup Configuration
    Lecture 33 Data Masking
    Section 9: Manual IDD Configuration
    Lecture 34 Change Label Name
    Lecture 35 Checkbox configuration
    Lecture 36 Date Format Configuration
    Lecture 37 External Link configuration
    Section 10: Conclusion
    Lecture 38 Thank you!
    Anyone who would like to learn MDM applications and pursue career as MDM Developer

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    Default Psychology Based Branding

    Published 9/2022
    MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
    Language: English | Size: 901.65 MB | Duration: 1h 10m

    Branding Expert Debbie O'Connor looks at branding personalities, colours and shapes and the psychology attached to them.

    What you'll learn
    Three strategies to build a brand
    Understand customer psychology
    12 archetypes of branding personalities
    What colour subconsciously means
    How can we implement shapes into our brand
    No experience necessary
    Every brand has its own personality and when you can unlock your brands personality, you can reach extraordinary branding potential. We all love colour and shapes. But understanding the psychology of them can be incredibly helpful when developing a brand for your business. In this course, Branding Expert Debbie O'Connor looks at colours and the psychology attached to them, including the different meanings that these colours have in different cultures. For example, the colour blue is an appetite suppressant - so if you are in the catering, restaurant or cafe industry you don't want to use blue. Red can represent passion, but also Danger.... so how do you make the distinction when you are branding? Colour can be used deliberately once you know the psychology behind them. How do these colours reflect your brands personality? If you want to look further into how you can build a brand for your business, we have a full Brand Magic® Masterclass which gives you all the tools you need to build a personal or business brand.To learn more about branding you can sign up for the Brand Magic Masterclass online branding program that takes you step by step through building a brand for your business.
    Section 1: Introduction
    Lecture 1 Introduction
    Section 2: Branding Psychology of Personalities
    Lecture 2 What are Brand Personalities?
    Lecture 3 Who not what
    Lecture 4 Caregiver, Creative & Entertainer
    Lecture 5 Explorer, Innocent & Hero
    Lecture 6 Magician, Neighbour & Rebel
    Lecture 7 Ruler, Sage & Seducer
    Lecture 8 Top Tips
    Section 3: Branding Psychology of Colours
    Lecture 9 Psychology of Red
    Lecture 10 Psychology of Yellow
    Lecture 11 Psychology of Blue
    Lecture 12 Psychology of Green
    Lecture 13 Psychology of Orange
    Lecture 14 Psychology of Purple
    Lecture 15 Psychology of Pink
    Lecture 16 Psychology of Black
    Lecture 17 Psychology of White
    Section 4: Branding Psychology of Shapes
    Lecture 18 Meaning of Shapes
    Lecture 19 All of the Shapes
    Lecture 20 Squares and Rectangles
    Lecture 21 Triangles
    Marketing Coordinators,Home Business,Marketing Strategist,Branding Strategist

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    Default Qliksense Visualizations Masterclass

    Last updated 9/2021
    MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
    Language: English | Size: 1.87 GB | Duration: 5h 45m

    The Qlik Sense Designer Boot camp

    What you'll learn
    Identify data types and suitable charts for accurate insights
    Build beautiful Qlik Sense apps from scratch using visualization best practices
    Learn how to use Master Items such as dimensions, measures and visualizations objects in the library
    Share Insights with bookmarks and data stories
    Learn Set Analysis to create advanced expressions
    Learn how to use expressions and functions to enhance user experience
    No prior knowledge or experience required
    Qlik Sense Desktop June 2018 or later release
    Welcome to Qlik Sense Data Visualizations Masterclass. In this course, you will master skill to design Qlik Sense apps from scratch.In this brand new Qlik Sense masterclass, you will learn step-by-step to build beautiful Qlik Sense apps from scratch with visualization best practices. You will also learn to share insights with others using bookmarks and stories.Throughout the course, with hands-on examples and challenges, you will master Qlik Sense designer skill to build insight driven, self-service applications for your enterprise.Qlik Sense Visualizations Master class topics include: Qlik Sense Key Concepts, Qlik Sense Data Model, Qlik Sense Charts, Qlik Sense Functions and Expressions, Set Analysis and Sharing Insights.Anyone can become awesome Qlik Sense designer from scratch with this course!
    Section 1: Introduction
    Lecture 1 Introduction
    Lecture 2 Curriculum
    Lecture 3 Qlik Sense Desktop Installation
    Lecture 4 Qlik Sense Desktop Installation - Part II
    Lecture 5 Sample Data and Folder structure
    Lecture 6 Course Approach
    Section 2: Qlik Sense Key Concepts
    Lecture 7 Introduction to Qlik Sense Hub
    Lecture 8 Associative Search
    Lecture 9 Smart Search
    Lecture 10 Challenge - Smart Search
    Lecture 11 Solution - Smart Search
    Section 3: Visualizations Key Concepts
    Lecture 12 Visualizations Basics
    Lecture 13 Visualization Best Practices
    Lecture 14 What Chart to Use?
    Lecture 15 Qlik Sense Chart Types
    Section 4: Qlik Sense Data Model
    Lecture 16 Build Data Model using Data Manager
    Lecture 17 Data Model Viewer
    Lecture 18 Dimensions and Measures
    Lecture 19 Master Items
    Section 5: Qlik Sense Visualizations - Part I
    Lecture 20 Bar Chart & Line Chart
    Lecture 21 Challenge - Combo Chart
    Lecture 22 Solution - Combo Chart
    Lecture 23 Pie Chart
    Lecture 24 Box Plot Chart
    Lecture 25 KPI Object
    Lecture 26 Challenge -KPI
    Lecture 27 Solution - KPI
    Lecture 28 Text Object
    Section 6: Qlik Sense Visualization - Part II
    Lecture 29 Pivot Table
    Lecture 30 Scatterplot Chart
    Lecture 31 Challenge - Comparative Analysis
    Lecture 32 Solution - Comparative Analysis
    Lecture 33 Filters
    Lecture 34 Class Function
    Lecture 35 Challenge - Pivot Table
    Lecture 36 Solution - Pivot Table
    Lecture 37 Treemap Chart
    Lecture 38 Challenge - Line Chart
    Lecture 39 Solution - Line Chart
    Lecture 40 Challenge - Scatter plot Chart
    Lecture 41 Solution - Scatter plot Chart
    Section 7: Visualization Functions and Expressions
    Lecture 42 Expressions
    Lecture 43 Color and Sorting Expressions
    Lecture 44 Challenge - Conditional Color Expression
    Lecture 45 Solution - Conditional Color Expression
    Lecture 46 Gauge Chart with dynamic title
    Lecture 47 Color Variable
    Lecture 48 Challenge - Create a Color Legend
    Lecture 49 Solution - Color Legend
    Lecture 50 Calculation Conditions
    Lecture 51 Expression with a Flag
    Section 8: Set Analysis
    Lecture 52 Fundamentals of Set Analysis
    Lecture 53 KPI with Set Modifier
    Lecture 54 Solution - Sub-KPI with Modifier
    Lecture 55 Comparative Analysis
    Lecture 56 Aggr() Function
    Lecture 57 FirstSortedValue() Function
    Lecture 58 FirstSortedValue() and Aggr() Functions
    Lecture 59 KPI using Aggr()
    Lecture 60 TOTAL qualifier
    Lecture 61 Challenge - TOTAL qualifier
    Lecture 62 Solution - TOTAL qualifier
    Lecture 63 Challenge - Aggr() Function
    Lecture 64 Solution - Aggr() Function
    Section 9: Sharing Insights
    Lecture 65 Bookmarks/Story telling
    Section 10: Tips & Tricks
    Lecture 66 Introduction
    Lecture 67 Linear Regression
    Lecture 68 Aggregation Functions
    Lecture 69 Subset Ratio
    Lecture 70 Qlik Sense Mashups - Useful Tips
    Lecture 71 Cyclic Dimensions in a Qlik Sense Mashup
    Lecture 72 Re-Use Master Items(Note)
    Lecture 73 Re-Use Master Items(For Qlik Sense November 2020 and prior version)
    Lecture 74 Drill-Down Maps
    Lecture 75 Slope Graph
    Lecture 76 Nested Parameterized Variables
    Lecture 77 Picassojs Visualizations
    Anyone who wants to become awesome Qlik Sense designer,Business Analysts,Project Managers,Data Analysts,Data Scientists,QlikView Designers,Any Business Intelligence Professional

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    Default Repair, Strengthening Of Buildings In English Alsakkar

    Last updated 8/2020
    MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
    Language: English | Size: 3.79 GB | Duration: 6h 39m

    Building Repair

    What you'll learn
    Learn how to repair, Strengthening and retrofit of Buildings.
    Learn how to design and construct different types of repair.
    Carbon Fiber design and Construction.
    Investigation of Structures.
    Understanding ACI562, ACI440.2R and ACI318.
    Solved Examples in Repair and Strengthening.
    Basic Knowledge of Civil Engineering
    If you need to :1- learn how to investigate any structure.2- Learn all types of Defects and Cracks Reasons.If you need to understand How to rehabilitate with :1- Concrete.2- Steel Sections3- Carbon Fiber4- External Post Tensioning.5- Span ShorteningSolved Examples in:1- Columns Jacketing with:A- ConcreteB- Steel.C- Carbon Fiber CFRP.2- Shear Links for:A- Compression.B- moment and Shear3- Carbon Fiber:A-Flexural.B- Shear.C- Confining4- Slabs Problems.A-Positive and Negative reinforcement.B Punch.C Deflection.The Course was designed to make you an expert in Rehabilitation of Structure.How to investigate.How to write the report.How to Propose solutions .How to design the solutions and How to construct it.How to use different Repair techniques like, Section Enlargement by Concrete and special mortar, using Structural Steel, Carbon Fiber, External Post Tension and Span Shortening.The Course was designed to make you an expert in Rehabilitation of Structure.How to investigate.How to write the report.How to Propose solutions .How to design the solutions and How to construct it.How to use different Repair techniques like, Section Enlargement by Concrete and special mortar, using Structural Steel, Carbon Fiber, External Post Tension and Span Shortening.The Course was designed to make you an expert in Rehabilitation of Structure.How to investigate.How to write the report.How to Propose solutions .How to design the solutions and How to construct it.How to use different Repair techniques like, Section Enlargement by Concrete and special mortar, using Structural Steel, Carbon Fiber, External Post Tension and Span Shortening.
    Section 1: Promo
    Lecture 1 Promo
    Section 2: 01 Introduction E
    Lecture 2 01 Introduction E
    Section 3: Concrete Defects
    Lecture 3 Concrete Defects
    Section 4: Crack Reasons
    Lecture 4 03 Temp Shrinkage and Obstructed Settlement cracks E
    Lecture 5 04 Corrosion Cracks and Mechanism E
    Lecture 6 05 Chemical E
    Lecture 7 06 Structural Cracking E
    Section 5: Investigation Method
    Lecture 8 07 Visual Inspection to Core Test E
    Lecture 9 08 Carbonation Depth E
    Lecture 10 09 UPV and Impact-Echo E
    Lecture 11 10 GPR to Pull-off test E
    Section 6: Interpertation and Pre-remedial
    Lecture 12 11 Interpertation and Pre-remedial E
    Section 7: Non Structural Cracks
    Lecture 13 12 Rust Removal E
    Lecture 14 13 Chemical Protection of Rebar
    Lecture 15 14 Cathodic Protection of Rebar
    Section 8: Composite Action Effect
    Lecture 16 15 Inertia Connection
    Section 9: Rehabilitation by Concrete
    Lecture 17 16 By Concrete General
    Lecture 18 17 Column RC Repair
    Lecture 19 18 Beam RC Repair
    Lecture 20 19 Slab RC Repair
    Lecture 21 20 Foundation RC Repair
    Lecture 22 21 Seismic RC Retrofit
    Section 10: Rehabilitation by Structural Steel
    Lecture 23 22 Column and Beams Steel Repair
    Lecture 24 23 Slabs and Seismic Retrofit Steel Repair
    Section 11: Rehabilitation by CFRP
    Lecture 25 24 CFRP General E
    Lecture 26 25 CFRP Installation for Beams and Slabs E
    Lecture 27 26 Flexural Design of FRP Plates E
    Lecture 28 27 Flexural Design of FRP NSM E
    Lecture 29 28 Shear Design of FRP E
    Lecture 30 29 Column Confinement with FRP E
    Lecture 31 30 Column Confinement with FRP Stress Strain Curve E
    Lecture 32 31 Column Confinement with FRP ECP E
    Lecture 33 32 Seismic and QC of FRPE
    Section 12: Rehabilitation by External Post Tensionening
    Lecture 34 33 PT Concept E
    Lecture 35 34 Beam with New Internal and External PT E
    Lecture 36 35 Slab with External PT E
    Section 13: Span Shortening
    Lecture 37 36 Span Shortening E
    Section 14: Solved Example
    Lecture 38 37 Column Jacketing E
    Lecture 39 38 Column Jacketing Shear Reinforcement E
    Lecture 40 39 Column Steel Jacketing E
    Lecture 41 40 Column CFRP Wrapping E
    Lecture 42 41 b Beam Shear Links 2 E
    Lecture 43 42 CFRP Flexural E
    Lecture 44 43 CFRP for Shear E
    Lecture 45 44 Excercise E
    Structural Engineers,Civil Engineering Students,Contractors Consultants

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    Default Spec Scripts What Directors Expect From Screenwriters

    Published 9/2022
    MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
    Language: English | Size: 721.21 MB | Duration: 0h 35m

    Learn how to write a Spec Script that Directors want to read (and how to avoid rookie errors)

    Learn the differences between a Spec Script and a Shooting Script
    Find out what Directors expect from Screenwriters
    Discover how to formulate conceptual ideas that consider Directors wants/needs
    Best practices for Screenwriters who offer a Spec Script to Directors
    Screenplay formatting techniques that give Directors an easier read
    There are no prerequisites for this course. If you have an open mind and a willingness to nurture your writing skills, you are ready to get started.
    If you are trying to make sense of what a screenwriter's job is in relation to a director, and why there are so many scripts online that are formatted inconsistently, then this informative class is for you!Regardless of which stage you're at in your writer's journey, the lessons within this screenwriting course will help you connect with who YOU are as a writer and identify your authentic voice. It will help you formulate your conceptual ideas in such a way that you will not put a director off their screenplay reading experience.There are certain elements within the "spec script" screenplay style that you need to consider before offering it to agents, producers, directors, funding bodies and so forth.In this course you will learn:The difference between a "spec script" (speculative screenplay) and a "shooting script"The role of a director in relation to a spec scriptBest practices for screenwriters who offer a spec script to a director to readTechniques that many Directors would appreciate in screenplay formatting for an easier readBy the end of this course:You will find a suitable way to express your screenplay vision without crossing the lineYou will use the "show don't tell" principle to strengthen the writer and reader relationshipParticipating in this course and its exercises is important for any individual who is struggling to best practices in their spec screenplay style.These classes are designed to support students of all levels in a safe place to fly their freak flag, away from the clinical conventions of traditional film schools and misinformation online.These classes offer insights into current industry practices in a rapidly changing film industry that is hungry for fresh, impactful content that is relatable to hungrier target audiences.This is a crucial screenwriting foundation course helping students streamline their writing style to build stronger narratives that are FELT; not just seen and heard, by industry decision makers.Students will arm themselves with more confidence, and the commitment to apply these skills in a way that helps establish an honest connection with their intended audiences.As a qualified and respected film and screenwriting lecturer who taught at an international film school, I prioritised my student's education and collected a mountain of feedback forms. My goal is simple, I want my students to learn beyond the rigidity of traditional film schools and ENJOY the freedom of self-actualization.I have other film currency too and have helped many private clients garner success with filming assignments via our business, Gothic Zen® Studios, plus worked with community art groups to share the love of creative expression.The design of this course is purposely reflecting a classroom/studio situation in a fun and informal way, as if you are on campus with your peers. The course is aimed at individuals who know they can offer value to readers or audiences, but just need a little direction to get on with their business.These classes offer guidance, instead of hard rules that only benefit institutional learning. It doesn't matter if you're a first-time author or a seasoned filmmaker, this course is designed to complement your storytelling ambitions and fine-tune your writer's voice.All you need to have when you attend class is a sense of self, some kind of recording equipment such as pen, paper, voice recorder or whatever tools you prefer to keep a record on, plus be open to both fun and serious discussions.**Stay tuned! My follow-up "Screenwriting Formatting Essentials Course" is coming soon.
    Section 1: Introduction To Spec (Speculative) Scripts
    Lecture 1 Spec Scripts - What Directors Expect From Screenwriters
    Lecture 2 What You'll Learn In This Course
    Section 2: Spec Scripts 101
    Lecture 3 Don't Tell The Director What To Do
    Lecture 4 Avoiding Spec Script Rookie Errors
    Lecture 5 A Spec Script Scene WITHOUT Directing (Real World Example) - Part 1
    Lecture 6 A Spec Script Scene WITHOUT Directing (Real World Example) - Part 2
    Section 3: Final Thoughts
    Lecture 7 Words of Encouragement
    Screenwriters who want reputable Directors to read their scripts,Filmmakers who want a more wholistic understanding of the screenwriting process,Screenwriters who are confused about the best way to formulate and format a spec script for (Directors)

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    Default Stop Eating Compulsively And Learn To Budget For Food

    Published 9/2022
    MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
    Language: English | Size: 657.81 MB | Duration: 0h 30m

    Break your dependence on food, and learn how to eat and budget correctly

    What you'll learn
    The origins of food addiction
    The psychology behind stopping to eat excessive food
    How to cut your food budget
    Practical advice on how to shop for groceries
    Cutting off the bad habits that keep you into a perpetual state of anxiety
    Open mind and readiness to learn and apply
    No prior knowledge on the subject is required
    Many people today, eat compulsively, because of the high levels of stress from work, family, friends and the ever more fast pacing world, that companies and advertising have created. We keep eating larger and larger amounts of processed food, which causes us to gain unnecessary weight, lose excess amounts of money, and destroy our health. Some people however, don't need to eat so much even today. That's why it is possible to stop eating compulsively and become like them, and still live our lives as if nothing bad is going on. And the reality is we don't really need that excess food, and by practicing the teachings in this course we can eliminate the need to spend so much money on food, alcohol and cigarettes. This will help us pay off debt faster, it will help us save more money for our kids college, or even retire early if we want to. In the same time we will also lose unnecessary weight and live better, more fulfilling lives. This course will help you get into a conversation with yourself and ask yourself exactly the right questions. That way you will reach a level of independence, far greater than now. The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step so let us make it.
    Section 1: The psychology behind normal eating and budgeting for food
    Lecture 1 Introduction
    Lecture 2 Origins of the disease
    Lecture 3 Breakdown of expenses for food
    Lecture 4 Being non-reactive to the opinions of other people
    Lecture 5 Building a habit
    Lecture 6 Dealing with the withdrawal symptoms
    Lecture 7 Finding better attention points
    Lecture 8 Dealing with junk food, binge eating, quitting alcohol and cigarettes
    Section 2: Practical advice
    Lecture 9 Budgeting and planning your meals
    Lecture 10 Staying prepared
    Lecture 11 Conclusion
    People with compulsive eating issues,People who are overweight,Therapists,People who don't want to waste money on expensive nutrition gurus or programs, but rather want advice that is clear and to the point

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    Default Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification Guide

    Last updated 5/2019
    MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
    Language: English | Size: 2.63 GB | Duration: 3h 46m

    Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification Exam Subjects Covered in Detail! + Real World Case Study & 2 Practice Tests

    What you'll learn
    Connecting to Data in Tableau
    Preparing Data in Tableau
    Joins, Unions & Data Blending
    Analyzing Data in Tableau
    Basic Visualizations
    Customizing Visualizations
    Managing Data Properties
    Combined vs. Dual Axis Bar Chart
    Stacked Bar Chart
    Histogram & Bins
    Groups vs. Sets
    Trend Lines
    Tableau Calculations
    Sharing Insights
    Building Dashboards
    Building Stories
    Creating Interactive Dashboards
    Dimensions vs. Measures
    Continuous vs. Discrete
    Using Tableau in a Time Effective Manner
    Exam Walkthrough
    Bonus: How to grow your analytics career advice
    Have computer compatible with Tableau
    Are you planning on taking the Desktop Specialist Certification Exam soon?In this course we will work through all the concepts covered in the Desktop Specialist Certification Exam plus we will apply these concepts to a case study. By the end of the course you will be taught each concept and also tested as there are quizzes after each section and a practice test modeled after the real exam. Applying the concepts in a case study will really hammer home the concepts. It's much easier to remember something you've done than something you've just passively watched someone else do!Use Tableau to Analyze and Visualize Sales Data To Develop Actionable InsightsVisualizing current and historical sales data can result in huge insights that aren'treadily apparent in the day to day grind. The right visualizations help quickly identify trends andoutliers (positive or negative), which help to adjust course for more profitable sales & marketingas well as a more efficient and informed supply chain.Contents and OverviewThroughout this course we will work through a sample consulting engagement where the client wants us to conduct a data discovery on their sales data. They need help planning for the upcoming year both in their marketing department and also their supply chain. We will use their raw sales data to come up with insights for both teams.This project will focus our approach to Tableau forcing us to learn the basics while solving a real world business problem. My hope is that you'll feel like you're learning a new problem solving tool not just a series of functions in a software interface. The course structure is modeled after the Tableau Certification Exam Guide and broken down into the following sections:IntroductionConnecting To & Preparing DataExploring & Analyzing DataUnderstanding Tableau ConceptsConclusion
    Section 1: Introduction
    Lecture 1 Welcome!
    Lecture 2 Introduction to the Exam Guide
    Lecture 3 Tableau Desktop vs. Tableau Public
    Lecture 4 Tutorial Data Source
    Lecture 5 Download Tableau Public
    Lecture 6 Update on Udemy Review
    Lecture 7 Case Study Data Source
    Lecture 8 Setting the Expectation
    Lecture 9 Additional Free Tableau Related Content
    Section 2: Connecting to & Preparing Data
    Lecture 10 Section Introduction
    Lecture 11 Connection Screen
    Lecture 12 Extract vs. Live Connection (Desktop Only)
    Lecture 13 Join, Union & Data Blending
    Lecture 14 Manage Data Properties
    Lecture 15 Case Study Part 1
    Section 3: Exploring & Analyzing Data
    Lecture 16 Section Introduction
    Lecture 17 Basic Visualizations
    Lecture 18 Customizing Visualizations (Featuring a Scatter Plot)
    Lecture 19 Combined vs. Dual Axis Chart
    Lecture 20 Stacked Bar Chart
    Lecture 21 Cross and Highlight Tables
    Lecture 22 Groups vs. Sets
    Lecture 23 Filters Walkthrough, Context Filters & Data Filters
    Lecture 24 Manual and Computed Sorts
    Lecture 25 Trend Lines
    Lecture 26 Table Calculations
    Lecture 27 Histogram and Bins
    Lecture 28 Calculated Fields
    Lecture 29 Parameters
    Lecture 30 Case Study Part 2
    Section 4: Sharing Insights
    Lecture 31 Section Introduction
    Lecture 32 Formatting
    Lecture 33 Creating a Dashboard
    Lecture 34 Actions
    Lecture 35 Creating a Story
    Lecture 36 Save a twbx File (Tableau Desktop Only)
    Lecture 37 Case Study Part 3
    Section 5: Understanding Tableau Concepts
    Lecture 38 Section Introduction
    Lecture 39 Measure vs. Dimension
    Lecture 40 Continuous vs. Discrete
    Lecture 41 Aggregation
    Lecture 42 Timeliness + Quiz Data Sources
    Lecture 43 Timeliness Quiz Answers
    Section 6: Conclusion
    Lecture 44 Section Introduction + Practice Exam Data Sources
    Lecture 45 Tactical Advice for Exam Day
    Lecture 46 Bonus Material: How to Land a Tableau Job
    Lecture 47 Bonus Material: Interview with a Tableau Expert
    Lecture 48 Bonus Material: Interview with the Founders of #SportVizSunday
    Those who plan on taking the Desktop Specialist Certification Exam soon

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    Default Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification Prep

    Last updated 3/2022
    MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
    Language: English | Size: 1.22 GB | Duration: 3h 0m

    Includes videos covering all exam guide topics, downloadable study guide, and THREE full-length practice exams!

    What you'll learn
    Prepare to pass the Tableau Specialist exam with the two included full-length practice tests!
    Create live data connections and data extracts. Combine data sources with joins, blends, and unions.
    Visualize with charts, charts, maps, and text tables. Combine views in interactive dashboards and stories.
    Organize your data with filters, sorts, hierarchies, groups, and sets.
    Understand difference between dimensions and measures, discrete fields and continuous fields, table calculations and aggregate calculations.
    Answer knowledge based theoretical questions and hands-on questions on the Tableau Specialist curriculum topics.
    You'll need a Windows or Mac computer where you can install a free copy of Tableau Public
    This course has just one goal: to prepare you to pass the Tableau Specialist exam. In August 2021 Tableau did a major update to the exam. The exam is now administered by Pearson. The first exam has been updated to correspond to the new format and we are in the process of updating the other two exams.The course includesA downloadable study guide with notes and linksInformation about taking the Specialist exam at home with a remote proctorVideos covering the Specialist topic areas:Connecting to & PreparingExploring & Analyzing DataSharing InsightsUnderstanding Tableau ConceptsThree self-scoring full-length practice exams with solution guideAn instructor ready to answer your questions!Research demonstrates and top students know that the best way to prepare for a test is to take high quality practice tests. Prepare well and pass on the first try. Listen to my students:Joana wrote, "I wanted to thank you and congratulate you on this course. I ultimately purchased it for the exams, which I thought were the perfect way to practice, but the whole course is put together really nicely, the videos are great and they touch on all the important subjects, and the study guide was super useful. I passed the Specialist exam this Monday with 92%. Thanks again!"And Kalyani wrote, "I just Completed your Tableau Desktop Specialist prep course on Udemy, Loved the way you teach and course structure. It helped me get certified."
    Section 1: Introduction
    Lecture 1 Introduction
    Lecture 2 Installing Tableau Public
    Lecture 3 About the Tableau Specialist Exam
    Lecture 4 Tableau Updates the Specialist Exam - August 2021
    Section 2: Essential Downloads: Study Guide & Data Used in the Course
    Lecture 5 Download the Study Guide & Data
    Section 3: Getting Started with Tableau
    Lecture 6 Getting Started with Tableau
    Section 4: Connecting to & Preparing Data
    Lecture 7 1.1.1 Create a live connection to a data source
    Lecture 8 1.1.2 Explain the differences between using live connections versus extracts
    Lecture 9 1.1.3 Create an Extract
    Lecture 10 1.1.4 Save metadata properties in a tds
    Lecture 11 1.1.5 Create a data source that uses multiple connections
    Lecture 12 1.2.1 Add relationships to a data source
    Lecture 13 1.2.2 Add joins
    Lecture 14 Add a Blend
    Lecture 15 FAQ on Blends vs. Joins
    Lecture 16 1.2.2 Add a Union
    Lecture 17 1.2.3 Explain when to use a join versus a relationship
    Lecture 18 Manage data properties
    Lecture 19 Solutions for Hands-on Questions
    Lecture 20 Additional Questions for Connecting to & Preparing Data
    Section 5: Exploring & Analyzing Data
    Lecture 21 Create basic charts: Bar, Stacked Bar, Line & Scatter
    Lecture 22 Create Basic Charts - Dual & Combined Axis
    Lecture 23 Create Basic Charts - Crosstab & Highlight Table
    Lecture 24 Create a map using geographic data
    Lecture 25 Groups, Sets, & Hierarchies
    Lecture 26 Filters, Context Filters & Date Filters
    Lecture 27 Sorting
    Lecture 28 Solutions for First Set of Hands-on Questions for Exploring & Analyzing Data
    Lecture 29 Reference Lines
    Lecture 30 Trend Lines
    Lecture 31 Table Calculations
    Lecture 32 Bins & Histograms
    Lecture 33 Create a calculated field
    Lecture 34 Solutions for Second Set of Hands-on Questions for Exploring & Analyzing Data
    Lecture 35 Add a parameter
    Lecture 36 Additional Questions for Exploring & Analyzing Data
    Section 6: Sharing Insights
    Lecture 37 Format view for presentation
    Lecture 38 Viz Animations
    Lecture 39 Create and modify a dashboard - Part 1
    Lecture 40 Create and modify a dashboard - Part 2
    Lecture 41 Create and modify a dashboard - Part 3
    Lecture 42 Additional Questions for Sharing Insights
    Section 7: Understanding Tableau Concepts
    Lecture 43 Dimensions and measures
    Lecture 44 Discrete and continuous fields
    Lecture 45 Aggregation
    Lecture 46 Additional Questions for Understanding Tableau Concepts
    Section 8: Tableau Specialist Practice Exam 1
    Lecture 47 Tableau Specialist Practice Exam 1
    Section 9: Tableau Specialist Practice Exam 2
    Lecture 48 Tableau Specialist Practice Exam 2
    Section 10: Tableau Specialist Practice Exam 3
    Lecture 49 Tableau Specialist Practice Exam 3
    Section 11: Section 9 - Conclusion
    Lecture 50 Certificate of Completion
    Lecture 51 CLAIM YOUR BONUS
    Beginner data analytics students and professionals

    Download link

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    Default Tableau For Business Analytics And Marketing

    Last updated 9/2022
    MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
    Language: English | Size: 1.08 GB | Duration: 2h 50m

    Visualize marketing data with Tableau. Take your business to the next level with data driven decisions.

    What you'll learn
    How to leverage Tableau to solve real world problems
    Build a data driven buyer persona using Tableau
    Analyze Email Marketing data with Tableau
    Quantify the Impact of a Marketing Campaign with Tableau
    What KPIs are important in the marketing space
    How to create a demographic dashboard
    Windows or Mac with internet connection
    Do you have the desire to analyze marketing data?Visualizing marketing data through Tableau can be a game changer. It can be the skill to take your career to the next level.In this course you will learn:What KPIs are important in the marketing spaceHow to visualize these KPIsHow to create a demographic dashboardHow analyze email marketing dataHow to quantify the impact of an ad campaignUse Tableau to Analyze Marketing DataThe three case studies in the course areata Informed Buyer PersonaEmail Marketing AnalysisPromotion Impact AnalysisIn these three case studies we will build out data visualizations that will uncover the key trends that matter.Content and OverviewIn this course we will delve into how Tableau can be applied to marketing data. There are vast amounts of data sources in the marketing space and being able to combine these data sources will give you a leg up on your competition.The case studies will provide you with a real world business setting to learn about Tableau and how data visualization can be a potent tool for unlocking useful insights. I feel that it is important for me not to only explain the theory but also create an environment for my students to apply the theories they are learning.By the time you finish this course, you will have the ability to study marketing data and uncover interesting trends. Uncovering these trends are the first step towards creating a "Data Informed" marketing team. The next step is to apply the insights gleaned from these trends to build better marketing campaigns.What You Will Learn-How to leverage Tableau to solve real world problems-Build a data driven buyer persona using Tableau-Analyze Email Marketing data with Tableau-Quantify the Impact of a Marketing Campaign with Tableau
    Section 1: Introduction
    Lecture 1 Introduction
    Lecture 2 BONUS: Learning Paths
    Lecture 3 Why?
    Lecture 4 Beginner vs. Advanced Tableau User Course Path
    Lecture 5 3 Quick Ways to Apply Tableau to Increase Marketing ROI
    Lecture 6 Student Testimonial
    Lecture 7 Get the materials
    Section 2: Buyer Persona Case Study
    Lecture 8 Update on Udemy Reviews
    Lecture 9 What is a buyer persona?
    Lecture 10 Demographics Dashboard Overview
    Lecture 11 Types of Marketing Data Sources
    Lecture 12 Data Source Download
    Lecture 13 Connecting to the Data Source
    Lecture 14 Building KPI Indicators
    Lecture 15 Sales Analysis Visualizations
    Lecture 16 Visualizing Demographics
    Lecture 17 Building the Dashboard
    Lecture 18 Environmental Initiative Use Case
    Lecture 19 Connecting to Survey Data
    Lecture 20 Working with Survey Data
    Lecture 21 Survey Analysis Recommendation
    Section 3: Email Marketing Analysis
    Lecture 22 Email Marketing Dashboard Introduction
    Lecture 23 Data Source Download
    Lecture 24 KPI Indicators
    Lecture 25 Treemap
    Lecture 26 Click Through Rate Bar Chart
    Lecture 27 Time and Day Heatmap
    Lecture 28 Building the Email Marketing Dashboard
    Lecture 29 Investigating the Master Email List
    Lecture 30 Potential Reasons for Low Click Through Rate
    Lecture 31 Digging into the Data
    Section 4: Marketing Impact Analysis
    Lecture 32 Introduction to the Promotion Impact Dashboard
    Lecture 33 Data Source Download
    Lecture 34 Exploring & Connecting To the Data
    Lecture 35 Sales Visualizations
    Lecture 36 Promotional Calendar
    Lecture 37 Building the Promotional Dashboard
    Section 5: Tableau 101
    Lecture 38 Section Introduction
    Lecture 39 Download Tableau Public(For Free!)
    Lecture 40 Tableau Desktop vs. Tableau Public
    Lecture 41 Data Connection Screen
    Lecture 42 Dimensions vs. Measures
    Lecture 43 Show Me Tab
    Lecture 44 More Content Coming 5/2019
    Section 6: Bonus Lectures
    Lecture 45 ***YOUR SPECIAL BONUS***
    Marketing specialists who want to improve their analytical skills,Marketing specialists who want learn new analytical techniques,Managers who want to take better Decisions using Data,Anyone who wants to learn how to leverage Data for boost the Business

    Download link

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    Default The Simplest Guide To Clinical Trials Data Analysis With Sas

    Last updated 7/2022
    MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
    Language: English | Size: 669.27 MB | Duration: 2h 3m

    Step into the world of Pharmaceutical industry |Clinical Trials |Clinical Research |Biostatistics |Data Management| SAS

    What you'll learn
    Get introduced to the Life Science/ Pharmaceutical industry in simple, visual pictures
    Learn the fundamental concepts of Clinical Drug Development / Clinical Trials processes
    Understand the various Phases of Clinical Trials in the context of SAS programming
    Get introduced to the various clinical study documents like Protocol, Statistical Analysis Plan etc.
    Understand raw data and how it is collected, stored, analysed and reported
    Work hands-on with sample study data that you will import, prepare, restructure and visualize
    Generate an actual Clinical Study Reports from the derived data you will create
    See for yourself how SAS programming is an integral part of putting a drug into the market
    A guide to the SAS Certified Clinical Trials Programmer Using SAS®9 Certification Exam
    Basic SAS Programming
    No prior Pharmaceutical experience is necessary
    Internet connectivity for working in the SAS Studio Edition using SAS OnDemand (no installation necessary)
    This course gives an introduction to the Pharmaceutical/ Life Science industry in a simple and visual style that is easy to understand. It shows how SAS is used as a tool to work with the vast amount of clinical data within this industry. The course takes you through an example clinical study sample data, and generate various Clinical Study Reports that are submitted to the FDA (in the US) or other regulatory authorities in other countries. You will not only hone your SAS programming skills but will also learn essential concepts needed to work in the Pharma industry in the areas of Biostatistics and Clinical Data Management.After the introduction to the pharma industry and learning relevant concepts about Clinical Trials, the course takes you through a hands-on training exercise to build the very important and fundamental Clinical Study Report called the Demographics Table. You will begin with a sample clinical study data in an Excel sheet, then you will import it into SAS, derive all necessary variables as shown in the mock table, and finally generate a clinical study report. All this will be done using guided SAS Programming steps with detailed explanations at every step of programming. At the end of this course, you will have learnt to work with Clinical Study Data, generate a real Clinical Study Report, and extend those steps to build other reports that constitute Clinical Trial submissions to the regulatory bodies.Prerequisites: You will need basic SAS programming knowledge to work with code discussed in this course. You can take my course on SAS programming ("The Simplest Guide to SAS Programming") available on Udemy. A guide to the following SAS certification examAS Certified Clinical Trials Programmer Using SAS®9
    Section 1: Introduction
    Lecture 1 Course Overview
    Lecture 2 Components of the Pharma/ Life Science Industry
    Lecture 3 Phases of Clinical Trials
    Lecture 4 Data and Reports in Clinical Trials
    Lecture 5 Types of data in Clinical Trials
    Lecture 6 Section Conclusion
    Section 2: Get to know the Clinical Study Documents
    Lecture 7 Get to know the Clinical Study Documents - Section Overview
    Lecture 8 Study Documents - The Clinical Study Protocol
    Lecture 9 The Informed Consent
    Lecture 10 The Inclusion- Exclusion Criteria
    Lecture 11 The Statistical Analysis Plan (SAP), mock shells, and Case Report Forms (CRFs)
    Lecture 12 Get to know Clinical Study Documents - Section Conclusion
    Section 3: Building the Clinical Study Reports (CSR)
    Lecture 13 Building the CSRs - Section Overview
    Lecture 14 SAS OnDemand Registration
    Lecture 15 Logging-in to SAS after registration
    Lecture 16 General SAS Programming Steps for building any CSRs
    Lecture 17 Understanding the Demographics Case Report Form (CRF)
    Lecture 18 Understanding the Demographics Table
    Lecture 19 Planning to program the Demographics Table
    Lecture 20 Importing raw Demographics data into SAS
    Lecture 21 Deciding which PROCs to use
    Lecture 22 Deriving the AGE variable
    Lecture 23 Obtaining Summary Statistics for AGE
    Lecture 24 Adding the 3rd Treatment Group using Explicit Output
    Lecture 25 Deriving the SEX variable
    Lecture 26 Obtaining Summary Statistics for SEX
    Lecture 27 Concatenating the COUNT and PERCENT variables
    Lecture 28 Deriving the RACE variable
    Lecture 29 Obtaining Summary Statistics for RACE
    Lecture 30 Stacking all 3 Summary Statistics together
    Lecture 31 Fixing the precision points
    Lecture 32 Transposing data
    Lecture 33 Fixing the order of statistical parameters
    Lecture 34 Building the final report
    Lecture 35 Putting the final touches to the report
    Lecture 36 Building the CSRs - Section Conclusion
    Section 4: Final Project
    Anyone wanting to get into the Life Science / Pharmaceutical industry and looking to work in this field,Want to take up a job as a Clinical SAS Programmer in a Pharma company or a CRO (Contract Research Org.),Want to just play with data using the SAS Programming concepts

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    Default The Ultimate Property Investing Masterclass For Beginners

    Published 9/2022
    MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
    Language: English | Size: 3.58 GB | Duration: 2h 55m

    Transforming You into a Successful Property Investor!

    What you'll learn
    Which type of Property is both the most Lucrative and has the Least Risk - even in market downturns!
    How to significantly improve your Return on Investment (to >50%) with a simple, counter-intuitive approach.
    How to recoup your initial investment in Real Estate Tax Free!
    The pros and cons of the various Legal Structures and our recommended route.
    Our POWERFUL INVESTMENT STRATEGY crafted over 20 years which has been a catalyst in allowing us to leave our full time jobs to pursue Investing full time!
    Powerful Investment Return Calculations to effectively analyse the quality of a Deal.
    How to harness Capital Growth in your Property portfolio and use it to purchase more Properties!
    Get insight into the Bank's Loan Origination considerations to maximise your chances of qualifying for a Mortgage!
    How to effectively prepare your finances in anticipation of a Property purchase.
    Benefit from an analysis of the various Investment Strategies available e.g Student accommodation, Holiday rentals, Land development etc.
    6 Unique reasons why property is a Superior Investment to other Traditional Asset classes.
    How to leverage the Banks money & Other People's Time to grow your Wealth!
    The Role Players involved in a Property Transaction & how to benefit the most from their services.
    How to perform effective Market Research including what sites to use, advice on avoiding problem areas and how to get the most out of your Estate Agent.
    How to source a quality tenant and effectively screen them to reduce your risk.
    How to source a good Rental Agent, manage them effectively and negotiate lower management fees.
    Discover vital Risk Management techniques to protect cashflow and guard against business risk from tenants and other parties.
    Guidance on what Risk cover products are necessary in the Property Investment space.
    An introduction to basic Bookkeeping and Tax principles that will save you time and protect you from falling foul of SARS's rules.
    Discover exactly what expenses you can claim from SARS to maximise your Tax Deductions and reduce your Tax payable.
    No Investing experience is required.
    No Real Estate background is required.
    A computer or smart phone and internet connection are required to complete the course.
    Welcome to the Ultimate Property Investing Masterclass for Beginners - our powerful course on how to invest in Residential Property in South Africa.This value packed course consists of real estate investing principles pitched at the beginner to intermediate level. And as it's based on 20 years of Property Investing experience, this course is what we wish we'd had access to at the start of our investing careers!The content of this course has successfully guided students from complete novices without any investment knowledge, to experienced Investors, with multiple properties in their portfolios.Whilst some of the content of this course applies specifically to the South African market, a big portion of the strategy, practical application and theory of our investment approach have a universal application.Whether you are a first-time home buyer, a foreigner looking to invest in South Africa or a beginner investor who has been out of the market for a while and wants a refresher, this course is full of invaluable information that will save you time and, if you apply the principles diligently, money!INSIDE, YOU'LL FIND A BRIEF ANALYSIS OF THE FOLLOWING INVESTMENT STRATEGIESpeculation / FlippingHoliday / Airbnb accommodationStudent accommodationCashflow positive Flats (specifically those in the lower end of the market)Full-title properties with an edgeLand developmentWith greater detail on Our Powerful Investment Strategy!HOW DO YOU KNOW IF THIS COURSE IS RIGHT FOR YOU?Well, have you ever wanted to:Generate Passive income which will provide financial security as you get older?Mitigate the political & economic risk with a proven asset class?Improve your financial situation in a sustainable manner?Feel positive about the future because you know you've taken steps to provide for your family's future.Have access to step-by-step guidance on exactly how to achieve your investment goals?Benefit from a holistic approach to financial wellness?Use your Investing Business to access Tax Refunds from SARS which previously weren't available to you?Learn from fellow investors with a proven track record who can accelerate your learning experience?Get huge ADDITIONAL VALUE such as a Business Start-Up Guideo Powerful Investment Guideo Will Templateo Income Strategy Toolkito Savings Guide specific to your Mortgage Bondo Residential Lease Agreement Templateo Shareholder Agreement Templateo and much more.If you answered YES to any of the above, then this course is definitely for you!WANT TO KNOW WHAT PROPERTY INVESTMENT IS REALLY ALL ABOUT?Tired of endless get-rich-quick schemes and promises of instant wealth from self-proclaimed real estate gurus that leave you with no actionable step-by-step plan to start and grow your Investment Portfolio sustainably?We feel your frustration as we too experienced these empty promises along our journey to financial independence. This course was developed to deliver practical, actionable value to people starting their Property Investment journey so you can avoid the many pitfalls we were subject to at the start of our investing careers.We can't promise that you'll get rich enough to buy your own Chateau in France, but our Property Investment Strategy was the catalyst that enabled us to build capital, seize lucrative investment opportunities and ultimately leave our day jobs and focus on Investing full time in our early thirties. We'd love to share what we've learnt with you!If you want to learn the fundamentals of real estate investing, and do it in a manner that is sustainable, enjoyable and achievable on a part time basis while coping with the demands of a full-time job, this is the course for you!While getting our Chartered Accountant and Business degrees, we coincidentally both started our property investing journeys independently at age 23. Since then, we've literally spent hundreds of hours on research, thousands of hours on practical application and have mentored many along the way.We've packed this course full of value, so you can access a wealth of knowledge that took us many years to accumulate and thereby accelerate your progress as a Property Investor!FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS1. I don't live in South Africa, is the material still relevant to me?Yes! Whilst some of the content of this course applies specifically to the South African market, a big part of the strategy, practical application and theory of our investment approach have a universal application.2. What if I don't have any real estate or investing background?No problem! The course was created with you in mind! There are no investment or real estate knowledge prerequisites! We literally guide you step-by-step through the entire Property Purchase Process all the way through to the management of your Investment Portfolio.3. I have some basic real estate background already, what could I learn from your course?Awesome! We've packed the course full of value, with many powerful concepts and tips that we've acquired over the last 20 years. You're bound to learn something new. However, navigate through the deliverables listed above, and if you're still uncertain, take the plunge any way. There is no risk to you as Udemy has a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and you can get a refund if you're not 100% satisfied. We hope you enjoy the course.4. Do you offer any refunds or guarantees?Absolutely! We are confident that if you fully-commit yourself to the study material, you will see real RESULTS! So much so that we will accept a request from you for a full refund within 30-Days if you aren't satisfied.5. How long do I have access to this course for?FOREVER! Yes, you heard correctly. When you register for this invaluable course, you will have lifetime access including all future updates to the course, at no additional cost!6. Could I just find this information for free online?It's true that you can find just about anything online these days. But with the vast sea of information out there, can you afford to waste time trying to piece together mountains of content which is disjointed, confusing and contradictory?We've done the hard work for you! Our proven Investment Strategy delivers results! We've curated the content to be laser-focused to give you everything you need in one place.You don't need to do it the long way and get a 7-year financial degree and cumulatively 20 years of investment experience. Simply take this course to benefit from our experience and avoid costly mistakes.AFTER TAKING OUR COURSE, YOU WILL:Understand why property is a Superior Investment compared to other Traditional Asset classes.Have a good understanding of the various Investment Strategies available and which one is right for you.Understand our POWERFUL INVESTMENT STRATEGY and have actionable steps to build and grow your Property Portfolio!Know who the Role Players involved in a Property Transaction are & how to benefit from their services.Understand the pros and cons of Legal Structures and our recommended route.Be able to perform effective Market Research.Know what documentation to request and where to access information that will give you the upper hand in price negotiations, such as what the Seller paid for their property!Know how to perform Investment Return calculations to effectively analyse the quality of a Deal.Have access to a downloadable Viewing Template which prompts all questions to be asked and data to be gathered when viewing potential properties for the first time.Have access to a detailed downloadable Property Evaluation Checklist to help assess the Interior and Exterior condition of a property.Be able to shortlist the best Property Deal based on the data gathered to date.Have access to a Detailed downloadable Cheatsheet of every cost involved in a Property transaction for both the buyer and seller.Know exactly which service providers you can get massive discounts from (we've achieved up to 50% discounts).Know effective Price Negotiation Techniques that leverage information gathered to date to achieve a preferential purchase price.Understand the Offer to Purchase in detail including how to save costs, how to reduce your risk and importantly, how to sway the terms in your favour with powerful suspensive conditions.Understand how to effectively prepare your finances in anticipation of a Property purchase.Know how to improve your chances of qualifying for finance by understanding the Bank's loan origination policies.Be able to significantly improve your Return on Investment (to >50%) with a simple, counter-intuitive approach.Understand the entire Property Transfer process intimately including the duration as well as which third party is responsible for each step of the process.Be able to confidently purchase a quality Investment Property.Under the PROPERTY MANAGEMENT topic, you will:Be able to source a quality tenant and effectively screen them.Know what measures to implement to avoid disputes with tenants and what actions to take if you can't find a tenant.Know how to source a good Rental Agent, manage them effectively and negotiate lower management fees.Be empowered with vital Risk Management techniques to protect cashflow and guard against business risk from tenants and other stakeholders.Understand what Risk cover products are necessary in the Property Investment space.Have a basic understanding of Bookkeeping and Tax principles that will save you time and money.Know exactly what expenses you can claim from SARS to maximise your Tax Deductions. (Our Investment Strategy ensures you do not pay taxes in the first few years of property investing!)Know how to leverage your property's Capital Growth to access more financing!Know how to recoup your initial investment in Real Estate Tax Free!WHAT'S HOLDING YOU BACK?- Are you afraid this course won't work?We assure you it will if you diligently apply the principles learnt.- Are you afraid this course will work and you'll actually have to step out of your comfort zone and start investing?We can totally relate. Doing something you're uncertain or perhaps somewhat anxious about can be really unnerving. But as they say, Discomfort is a catalyst for Growth. Doing the things that scare you are often the most rewarding.A good tip would be to find your "why", your reason for needing to invest, whether it's your children, your retirement, dreams of travel etc. This will motivate you to do what is necessary to achieve your financial goals. You've got this!- Are you afraid it will take time and effort?It will. Real estate investing requires dedication, but that is why the returns are so rewarding compared to other asset classes! If it was uber easy, everyone would do it and returns would be way lower.Our Property Investment Strategy however, is designed to require minimal management because we put systems in place to reduce our involvement in the investment. Having had full time jobs for the majority of our Investing career, we needed flexibility and therefore designed our Strategy to optimise for "part time management". After all, if you aren't enjoying the investing experience, you can be driven to quit the journey prematurely.Best of all, there is absolutely ZERO risk. Udemy gives you a 30-day money back guarantee to ensure you get what you pay for.So go ahead, sign up and let's start this profound journey of financial self-discovery together!
    Section 1: Introduction
    Lecture 1 Welcome to your Property Investment Journey!
    Lecture 2 Introduction & Course Overview
    Lecture 3 What makes Property a Superior Investment? (Part 1)
    Lecture 4 What makes Property a Superior Investment? (Part 2)
    Section 2: Part 1 - Property Investing Bootcamp for beginners
    Lecture 5 Introduction
    Lecture 6 Who are the role-players involved in a property purchase?
    Lecture 7 What costs are involved in buying a property?
    Lecture 8 How to effectively prepare your Finances for a Property Purchase
    Lecture 9 Exploring the Pros & Cons of the various Types of Property
    Lecture 10 What Investment Strategy is the Right One for You?
    Lecture 11 Investment Structures - Understanding the Basics
    Section 3: Part 2 - Market Research: The Tools You Need to Find the Right Property
    Lecture 12 Introduction
    Lecture 13 Step 1: How to Identify Good Investment Locations
    Lecture 14 Step 2: Online Research: Understanding the Property Market in your ideal area
    Lecture 15 Step 3: The Benefits of a Good Estate Agent
    Lecture 16 Step 4: Learn how to use Return Calculations to identify Great Deals!
    Section 4: Part 3 - Buying your First Investment Property!
    Lecture 17 Introduction
    Lecture 18 Step 5: What to look out for when viewing Prospective Investment Properties
    Lecture 19 Step 6: How to Evaluate Investment Property like a Seasoned Professional
    Lecture 20 Step 7: The Offer to Purchase: Sway the terms in your Favour & get the Best Deal
    Lecture 21 Step 8: Concluding the Deal: The Property Transfer Process explained
    Section 5: Part 4 - How to Successfully Manage your Investment Property Business!
    Lecture 22 Introduction
    Lecture 23 How to source, screen and place the Ideal Tenant
    Lecture 24 How to partner with & leverage the skills of a Good Rental Agent
    Lecture 25 How to simply & effectively mitigate Risk in your Property Portfolio
    Lecture 26 Tax & Bookkeeping Considerations - The Basics
    Lecture 27 Closing Thoughts...
    Aspiring Real Estate Investors with little or no experience.,Real Estate Agents wanting a glimpse into the world of a Property Investor to learn how to better serve their investment needs.,People wanting to invest in Residential Property and earn good returns while retaining full time careers.,Suitable for the solo investor or a collaborative investment endeavour.,People in the early to late stages of their working careers who want to build passive income.,People who want to pivot away from employment towards full time investing.,People desperately trying to escape the Rat Race.,People wanting to provide a prosperous life for their children and spouse.,People who value a future with unlimited quality time with their family.,People who want the financial means to follow their desired pursuits!,People who crave a better future with less financial anxiety, greater opportunity and more freedom.

    Download link

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    Default Unreal Engine for FilmMakers - Advanced Course

    .ts | Video: h264, yuv420p, 1920x1080 | Audio: aac, 48000 Hz | 4h 56m | 3.71 GB
    Genre: eLearning | Language: English

    This course will guide you through the creation of an entire scene primarily in Unreal Engine 4.27, with several lessons in Unreal Engine 5 and steps that transfer between both versions. Lessons range from setting up a landscape, using blend materials and vertex painting, all the way through building your scene, lighting it, adding volumetrics, compositing inside of Unreal Engine, and setting up your final render. For the full syllabus, scroll to the bottom of the page. Each lesson is listed for you.

    The course is designed for anyone with basic knowledge of Unreal Engine to be able to pick it up and create a stunning scene using industry standard techniques. Given the instructor's background in film, the course is geared toward filmmakers and walks through the entire process of creating a scene from scratch and integrating with live action footage.

    Download link

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    Default Usui Reiki Level 2 - Certification

    Published 9/2022
    MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
    Language: English | Size: 1.01 GB | Duration: 2h 0m

    Learn how to heal from a distance

    What you'll learn
    Learning and practicing the Long-Distance Reiki Technique
    Learning and practicing the Power Technique
    Learning and practicing the Mental/Emotional Technique
    Deepening your Chakra Knowledge
    How to perform Reiki for animals
    Reiki Level 1 Certification
    In this course, you will review the level 1 material. You will be given extensive techniques on how to send healing from a distance and how best to use the distance healing symbol. Learn about the Chakras and learn how they affect healing in extensive detail. This course prepares you for the Master Practitioner Certification.Once you take the class, you will be able to:Conduct a stronger form of mental, emotional, and spiritual healing.Easily access your intuition so you can make choices and decisions supported by your own inner wisdom and connect better to people.Use long-distance Reiki to help friends, family, and pets no matter where they are.Use a new powerful tool to protect your energy, so you don't pick up negative energy from others.Understand The 7 Main Energy Sources in the body called ChakrasOur Reiki Level 2 Certification Training Is A 6-Hour Class That Will Allow You To Deepen Your Relationship With Reiki And Your Healing Abilities.You will learn three powerful techniques that will add structure and focus to your use of Reiki:The Power Technique - allows you to make the energy flow stronger when needed.The Mental/Emotional Technique - allows you to tap into the cause rather than just the symptom of any situation.The Long-Distance Reiki Technique - allows you to send Reiki to people and situations when they are not present.Enjoy our hands-on approach to teaching, as we guide you through a complete treatment. You will leave this training with the confidence to share Reiki with the world. Your Reiki journey started with the Level 1 Class and will deepen with our Level 2 Class. You will be a lot more confident in your Reiki skills after this class and will be able to achieve greater results.Our Level 2 Training Is Open To Reiki Students Who Have Taken A Level 1 Class.Class Includes:Level 2 Attunement which allows you to tap into higher energetic vibrationRefresh of Level 1 ReikiLearning and practicing the Power TechniqueLearning and practicing the Mental/Emotional TechniqueLearning and practicing the Long-Distance Reiki TechniqueMind Body Soul Healings Level 2 Manual Personally AuthoredDeepening your Chakra KnowledgeDeveloping your own personalized Reiki Practice so you can keep benefiting from Reiki dailyA Unique Chakra Assessment to allow your clients, family & friends to see what their Chakras are at and track progressLink to a private Mind Body Soul Healings Life Long Reiki Student Group
    Section 1: Reiki Level 2
    Lecture 1 Introduction
    Lecture 2 Three Pillars of Reiki
    Lecture 3 The Founders of Reiki
    Lecture 4 The Reiki Principles
    Lecture 5 Cho Ku Rei
    Lecture 6 Seh Hei Ki
    Lecture 7 Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen
    Lecture 8 Methods For Distance Healing
    Lecture 9 What Are Chakras?
    Lecture 10 The 7 Main Chakras
    Lecture 11 Chakra Cheat Sheet
    Lecture 12 When The Chakras Need Work
    Lecture 13 Affirmations To Balance The Chakras
    Lecture 14 Pet Chakra
    Section 2: Additional Resources
    Lecture 15 Chakra Meditation
    People looking to deepen their healing abilities,People wanting to advance their spiritual awakening,People wanting to open their spiritual abilities

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    Default Watercolor Fundamentals

    MP4 | Video: h264, yuv420p, 1920x1080 | Audio: aac, 44100 Hz | Duration: 3h 12m | 7.69 GB
    Genre: eLearning | Language: English

    "One of the beautiful things about watercolor is the unexpected accidents that happen during the painting process. Even the original artist can't reproduce the same accident twice." - Gonzalo Carcamo

    Through decades of persistence, practice, and his love of art, specifically watercolor, Carcamo's work has gained the attention of the art community. Many call him the Avatar Waterbender for his incredible knowledge and master control of this chaotic medium. Through this course, Carcamo will share with you a step-by-step process of how to approach watercolor and how to plan out a piece. He'll also be giving you instructions and exercises to fully absorb his techniques, starting from the beginning of how to set up your materials and what types of brushes to use, and then walking you through the fundamental skills of creating seemingless blending practices. From there, you will be taught how to paint monochromatic and full color scenes, as well as tackling the challenge of painting people. Carcamo has been teaching in Sao Paulo, Brazil for over a decade now but this is his very first class online and in English. We are very excited and honoured to bring to you Watercolor Fundamentals with a true master, Carcamo.

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