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    Default Anthony Gomes - Peace, Love & Loud Guitars (2018/2019) [Hi-Res]

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    Artist: Anthony Gomes
    Title: Peace, Love & Loud Guitars
    Year Of Release: 2019
    Label: Up 2 Zero
    Genre: Blues Rock
    Quality: 24bit-44.1kHz FLAC (tracks)
    Total Time: 50:24
    Total Size: 610 MB
    1. Come Down (4:34)
    2. White Trash Princess (4:16)
    3. Blues in the First Degree (3:45)
    4. Nasty Good (3:41)
    5. The Whiskey Made Me Do It (3:01)
    6. You Are Amazing (5:42)
    7. Peace, Love & Loud Guitars (3:49)
    8. Stealin' from the Devil (4:17)
    9. Your Mama Wants to Do Me (and Your Daddy Wants to Do Me in) (3:17)
    10. The Only Woman I've Ever Loved (4:21)
    11. Hard Road Easy (4:07)
    12. Take Me Back Home (5:35)
    Blues rocker Anthony Gomes returns with Peace, Love, and Loud Guitars. In an interview with Blues Rock Review last year, Gomes told us he believed this would be his best album yet from the songs to the production, he wasn't lying. Peace, Love, and Loud Guitars is a celebration of blues rock from an artist who's not afraid to be who he is.
    The album kicks off with the first single, "Come Down," a tribute to BB King, who was a mentor and inspiration to Gomes. Anthony sings about how the world hasn't been the same since the loss of King and asks for the great bluesman to come down from heaven. The rocking "White Trash Princess" follows and then a rocking blues number with "Blues In the First Degree."
    On Peace, Love, and Loud Guitars, Gomes also shows us a side of his playing we haven't seen before. This is evident on the love ballad "Amazing," which is a co-write with Mark Selby. Gomes' guitar soars to the heavens which he asks B.B. King to come down from with an elegant, tender, and memorable solo. The title track is next and one of Gomes' best songs to date. "Peace, Love, and Loud Guitars" is an unapologetic rock and roll song featuring an AC/DC style guitar riff and an anthemic sing-along chorus. Gomes belts "Peace, Love, and Loud Guitars," which will be sure to get the audience going during a live set. "Stealin' From The Devil" was one of the other singles released, it's a great blues track and tribute to Robert Johnson.
    As was the case with Electric Field Holler it's easy for the listener to tell that Anthony is having a lot of fun on Peace, Love, and Loud Guitars. This is definitely on display with "Your Mama Wants To Do Me" (And Your Daddy Wants To Do Me In). There are also times where Anthony just straight up rocks out hard like on "Hard Road Easy." The album concludes with the beautiful "Take Me Back Home," a song about redemption where Anthony's guitar soars once again.
    Peace, Love, and Loud Guitars is without a doubt the best album of Anthony Gomes' career. Gomes has been around the block in the blues rock scene and just continues to get better and better. This is a statement album from an artist helping to keep real, genuine, blues and rock music alive.
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    First of all, I would like to say that it's a great job. I like this album so much that it inspires me to find my old guitar and start learning how to play it. I have done this before, but it didn't last long because I got bored quickly. My boyfriend wants me to play so much that he always gives me gifts related to the guitar, like accessories, cases, etc. I find this cute, but it puts so much pressure on me that I don't do it. Maybe I need to buy all the stuff myself, and it'll inspire me. Recently I saw those accessories from the Iron Age and really liked them. Hopefully, this time it will last longer, and I will be able to play something.



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