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    Default Collection eLearning Video , Business , Marketing, Sale ,SEO,Hypnosis, NLP, Copywriting Update Daily

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    Collection eLearning Video , Business , Marketing, Sale ,SEO,Hypnosis, NLP, Copywriting Update Daily

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    Meeting Women In Bars And Clubs

    Meeting Women In Bars And Clubs
    4xDVDRip | AVI/XviD, ~723 kb/s | 720x416 | Duration: 07:22:06 | English: MP3, 128 kb/s (2 ch) | 2,73 GB
    Genre: Dating, Relationships, Sex
    Learn How To Go Out Anywhere Anytime And Meet As Many Beautiful Women And Get As Many Dates, As You Want.
    Im going to reveal some simple secrets here, and if you learn them, youll be able to confidently go to a bar or club, approach the most attractive women, and walk out with more phone numbers and dates than you can handle. But first, let me describe 3 scenarios to see if you can identify with any of them:

    Scenario 1:
    Youre out having a drink, and notice an attractive woman. You make eye contact, and feel like you have a chance with her. But you dont know how to start the conversation. By the time you figure out what to say and work up the courage to talk to her, shes gone. Or talking to a different guy. Imagine if you had a lock and load system to start a conversation, create some chemistry, every time?

    Scenario 2:
    You know a guy. He might be a friend or a friend of a friend. Hes not rich, not handsome, not even particularly smart, but he makes up for all with his ability to meet women. Every time youve been out with him at a bar or club, he ALWAYS meets a girl. Somehow he just UNDERSTANDS the bar and club environment and how to meet women when hes there. Wouldnt it be great to know what hes doing, and be able to do it yourself?

    Scenario 3:
    You probably know this: Attractive women who obviously have NO problem getting attention from men carry themselves in a way that says, I am a powerful sexy woman, and this sexy face and body can get me anything I want. You know that they can have any guy they want. You know that every guy is looking at them and drooling. But you also know that shes just a woman. And you know that if you only knew HOW to do it, you could get her attention and connect with her. What would it be worth to you to know how to break through her beauty power barrier, start a conversation, and get a date with her?

    Now, as you were reading those scenarios you might have been wondering how I could describe situations youve been in so perfectly. The answer, of course, is that Ive lived those situations over and over and over


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    Default Depresculinity - Masculine Intelligence in Men's Depression

    Dr. Paul Dobransky: Depresculinity - Masculine Intelligence in Men's Depression
    12xDVDRip | AVI/DX50, ~1799 kb/s | 720x404 | Duration: 10:12:35 | English: MP3, 192 kb/s (2 ch) | 7.62 GB
    Genre: Psychology, Dating, Relationship, Sex
    The program addresses a core issue facing men in their dating lives, efforts to succeed in their careers, as well as having a fulfilling life.

    The concept and name Depresculinity is based on depression and masculinity. Instead of using medical treatments, the program works on developing a great relationship or dating life.

    Dr. Paul Dobransky is a licensed psychiatrist with 20 years experience treating patients in this area.


    Link Download:
    Download Via UploadGig Depresculinity.7.62GB.part01.rar Depresculinity.7.62GB.part02.rar Depresculinity.7.62GB.part03.rar Depresculinity.7.62GB.part04.rar Depresculinity.7.62GB.part05.rar Depresculinity.7.62GB.part06.rar Depresculinity.7.62GB.part07.rar Depresculinity.7.62GB.part08.rar Depresculinity.7.62GB.part09.rar

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    Default Vincent Dignan - Secret Sauce Growth Hacking

    Vincent Dignan - Secret Sauce Growth Hacking
    WEBRip | English | MP4 + PDF Guides | 1280 x 720 | AVC ~948 Kbps | 24 fps
    AAC | 126 Kbps | 44.1 KHz | 2 channels | 09:29:58 | 1.99 GB
    Genre: eLearning Video / Business
    I bought Secret Sauce thinking, 'Well if they pre-sold over $100,000 of a growth hacking book they must know what they're talking about.' I completely underestimated it. This is the single most helpful and actionable Internet marketing book ever written." - James Vincent

    Many of you are still looking for growth hacks to rapidly grow your company. If that's you, read this:
    (The $100 product which could change your life)
    I PROMISE this will be worth the three-minute read
    You'll be able to growth hack without having to learn to code or spend months trying different things.

    How would growth hacking the same way I have change the results of your company?
    One reason I don't talk about hacks for Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest etc. is I have the definitive guides for them in my book/video course,

    "Secret Sauce: A step-by-step guide to growth hacking".
    We wrote it (and created the video course) because there were no practical marketing guides for the web 3.0 age.
    We wish we had this guide when we were starting out- When I was on welfare and Austen was living in his car trying to get his startup off the ground this would've been amazing!

    Here's what we did wrong:
    1) We didn't know which channels to work on
    2) We didn't work out who our customers were fast enough
    3) We didn't understand the basics of growth hacking

    August 8th UPDATE:
    We are adding some special bonuses to the "Ultimate Growth hacking" bundle!
    1) THE PHYSICAL BOOK - We only have 50 available. Get them before we sell out!
    2) Four Free eBooks from Vin Clancy - The ONE secret to getting massive engagement on Facebook, The growth hackers' guide to productivity, 10 growth hacking articles that broke the Internet, and the "How to Special"
    3) The ultimate growth hacker's reading list (part one) from Vin Clancy
    4) 3,000+ Tech PR contacts - So you can reach the right person to get press for your startup even faster!

    Table of Contents
    1. The Thought Process: How to think like a Growth Hacker and hack every system you find.
    2. Instagram: Grow your Instagram following by thousands per day, and turn that into sales.
    3. The Perfect Landing Page: Based on millions of data points from thousands of companies.
    4. SEO in One Day: Exactly what you need to do find and rank for the best keywords. It works every time.
    5. Becoming an Authority Site: Hijack the discussion of the web and become the authority overnight.
    6. Getting Press: Exactly how to reach thousands of reporters per day with the perfect, personalized pitch.
    7. Twitter: If you don't get 50 highly targeted leads/signups per day using Twitter you're doing it wrong.
    8. Pinterest: They say it's the hardest social network to growth hack. It's among the easiest.
    9. YouTube: The YouTube ranking system is quite simple, and we can easily beat it.
    10. App Store Optimization: Steal downloads and customers from your competitors with barely any work.
    11. Paid Search Marketing: With focus on Facebook & Google, we beat their systems to get dirt cheap ads.
    12. How to Track Almost Anything: How to measure what works and what doesn't with precision.
    13. Content Marketing: Probably the reason you ended up reading this table of contents in the first place.
    14. Live Presentations & Sales: How to give rooms full of people your sales pitch for free, as often as you'd like.


    Link Download:
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    Default CopyHackers - Conversion Copywriting Course with Joanna Wiebe

    CopyHackers - Conversion Copywriting Workshop
    WEBRip | English | MP4 + PDF Guides | 960 x 540 | AVC ~701 Kbps | 23.976 fps
    AAC | 128 Kbps | 44.1 KHz | 2 channels | 04:36:13 | 2.76 GB
    Genre: eLearning Video / Business, Copywriting
    The Conversion Copywriting Course by Copy Hackers is the 10-week online program that will take you thru the 3-Phase Process we use to write high-converting, test- Trust our reputation. We only create the most useful, actionable and informed copywriting training for startups, marketers, designers and consultants. Youve got 30 days to see if the course wows you. If it doesnt, well refund every penny. All 10 videos, 3 bonus videos and Office Hours recordings are yours for good. Just sign in online, and watch (and rewatch) until youve got it down pat.

    Week1 phase I Hunt Down Raw Messages
    See exactly how to use Amazons plentiful reviews and how to audit your competitors sites to find YOUR messages, even if you have no customers.

    Week2 phase I Raw Messages, Part II
    If your websites up-and-running and youve got customers, youll learn what to do to pull your next big message outta them!

    Week3 phase I Organize All That Data!
    This week, were still finding your message but were taking the raw data youve collected and slotting it into a report you can use and reuse to make sense o yer messages

    Week4 phase I Features vs Benefits
    As we close off Phase I: Find Your Message, youll pin down your messages, figure out your layers of benefits and more!

    Week5 phase II Top Copy FAQs Answered
    Everything youve wanted to know from images vs copy to tapping into motivations is answered in this info-packed week!

    Week6 phase II Powerful Messages
    Promises, differentiators and your value prop these are some of the highest-impact phrases you can put on a page!

    Week7 phase II Reverse Engineering
    Youve got everything you need to rewrite a page so watch and see why I did what I did for the 51 lift case study.

    Week8 phase II Editing & Creative Direction
    Your messages have been shaped into a first-draft home page so lets amp it up with some serious polishing via editing.

    Week9 phase III A/B Testing Essentials
    Lance will cover the foundations of A/B testing. Great if youre brand new to testing or to fill in some gaps in how youve been testing.

    Week10 phase III Wrapping Up
    Youve found messages, organized them, wireframed a page, edited & polished it and split-test it. Now, see when to stop a test and what to do next!

    Price: 397 USD


    Link Download:
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    Default Photoshop CC 2017 : Premium training in Photoshop Editing

    Photoshop CC 2017 : Premium training in Photoshop Editing | 1.7 GB
    Duration 9h 30m MP4
    The latest Photoshop course on this site! Become a Photoshop expert; Check the reviews & watch the previews b4 buying
    THE LATEST PHOTOSHOP COURSE ON UDEMY - published April 2017 and will keep on updating every week!

    Here is my approach to learn anything! Not just this Photoshop CC course, but anything!
    YOU HAVE TO MASTER THE TOOLS FIRST! There is no way around it
    For example, lets say you want to drive a sports car. If you want to drive a sports car at top speed in a race, you cannot be at the start line, focusing on how to turn the wheel, how to shift the gears, and where the clutch is! You have to know all that like the back of your hand! You must have practised racing the car so much so that shifting the gears and turning the wheels come naturally to you. Only then will you be able to focus on the road in front of you!

    The same principle applies to learning and mastering Graphic Design and Photoshop CC
    If you want to learn and master Photoshop CC; and im talking about becoming a Photoshop CC god, you have to learn all the tools that Photoshop CC offers. You have to get that out of the way first, so that you know the following like the back of your hand:
    - What Photoshop CC tool to use and when?
    - What are the keyboard shortcuts to a particular Photoshop CC tool that you want to use.
    - In what order to use those tools so that you achieve the desired effect inside Photoshop CC.

    What Will I Learn?
    - At the end of this course, you will gain complete and comprehensive knowledge on the tools inside Photoshop CC! Dont Believe me? Take a look at the sample videos.
    - Learn Creative styles to apply to photos; Make them look Jaw-dropping awesome!
    - Cut a person away from the background. Place a person in front of a new background without it appearing fake. Make it look like youve visited all the Wonders of the World!
    - Remove objects and people from Photos.
    - People will scroll back up on their Facebook and Instagram timeline, to take a second look at the picture you just posted!
    - You will go from knowing nothing about Photoshop to having an intermediate level knowledge of Photoshop at the end of this course. By the time you finish the next course, you will be an expert in using Photoshop for practically any purpose!
    - You will learn how to photoshop your pictures, like an expert! You will learn how to take even the shabbiest looking drab photograph from your cellphone, and convert it into a head-turner.
    - You will learn about the difference between pixel based and vector graphics.
    - You will learn how to retouch, heal and apply filters to photographs!
    - You will learn how to use techniques that professional photographers use on Fashion models to make them look slimmer and more attractive!
    - You will learn Color Correction, Color Grading and several effects that you can apply to Photographs inside Photoshop
    - Over 110 lectures, explaining every single tool, tip and technique inside Photoshop, preparing you very well for any design challenge that you might encounter!
    - Learn to work with layers, layer masks, Quick Mask Mode and so on..
    - Amazing Photoshop tools like the healing tools, dodge and burn, sponge, Liquify, Blur and patch tools!
    - Watch or work along as we retouch a photo, and create a landscape composition from scratch!
    - So much more! It is incredible value at such a low price. You have Udemys money back guarantee. Try it and im sure you will love it.
    - New content added regularly, at least once a week! It is a 10.5 hour course right now, and in a month, it will be over 20 hours of pure creative content!

    - You should be able to use a computer, but you dont have to have any experience in Photoshop. You will learn everything here.
    - You will need a recent version of Photoshop. At least Photoshop CS4. CS6 or CC is recommended.
    - A decently fast Internet connection to view the Photoshop lectures in good quality. No prior experience required.
    - A notepad to note down the keyboard shortcuts and minor tips that you think are relevant.

    Link Download:
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    Default Learning SpeedGrade and Premiere Pro Color Correction by Jeff Sengstack

    O'Reilly - SpeedGrade and Premiere Pro Master Video Color Correction | 1.31 GB
    Duration 7h With Project Files MP4
    Color manipulation with Premiere Pro and SpeedGrade - Learn how to correct color and add color based effects to video.

    This Color Correction with SpeedGrade and Premiere Pro training course Infinite Skills teaches you various color correction tools and techniques in Premiere Pro and SpeedGrade.

    You will start out by learning to work with color correction tools in Premiere Pro. Jeff will teach you how to analyze tonality and adjust it with the Luma curve video effect and numeric controls. You will also learn how to adjust color with the fast color corrector, RGB curves, and create a film-like appearance with Lumetri looks. This video tutorial also shows you how to use secondary color correction techniques in Premiere Pro, including adding vignettes, changing and leaving a single color, and using secondary correction controls within effects. Once you've covered the color correction tools in Premiere Pro, you will learn about SpeedGrade and how the two are connected. Finally, Jeff will teach you concepts in SpeedGrade that include performing primary and secondary tonality and color correction, using SpeedGrade effects, and animating effects and color grading.

    Link Download:
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    Default Security Penetration Testing (The Art of Hacking Series) LiveLessons

    Security Penetration Testing (The Art of Hacking Series) LiveLessons
    by Chris McCoy, Ron Taylor, Jon Sternstein, Omar Santos
    MP4 | Video: AVC 1280x720 | Audio: AAC 44KHz 2ch | Duration: 4.5 Hours | 6.54 GB
    Genre: eLearning | Language: English
    This course is a complete guide to help you get up and running with your cybersecurity career. You will learn the key tenets and basics of ethical hacking and security penetration testing techniques. You will also explore professional networking and security topics, including an introduction to the world of white hat hacking, reconnaissance, Kali Linux, and exploitation. This course provides step-by-step real-life scenarios. You will see first hand how an ethical hacker performs initial reconnaissance of a victim and how to assess systems and network security controls security posture.

    With over 10 hours of training that includes live discussions, demos, whiteboard instruction and screencasts, Security Penetration Testing Live Lessons provides expert insights of the methodologies used to assess and compromise a network. It covers the legal aspects of ethical hacking and the associated risks. This course additionally reviews many different tools that can be used to penetrate a wired and wireless network and the systems within that network. The title also covers numerous types of attacks, along with security evasion and post exploitation techniques. You will additionally learn the art of social engineering, with special coverage of tools like the social engineering tool kit (SET), Metasploit, Maltego, and many more. After that youll take a look at guidelines for how to write a penetration testing report, with instructions for how to plan and organize those reports examples of reports including several best practices.

    This course provides supplemental material to reinforce some of the critical concepts and techniques that the reader has learned and provides practice questions to assess their understanding of the topics. This material can be found at

    While there are a variety of ethical hacking and cybersecurity certifications out there, this course is meant to introduce people to the concepts behind ethical hacking and penetration testing and is certification agnostic.

    Topics include:
    Lesson 1: Overview of Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing
    Lesson 2: Kali Linux
    Lesson 3: Passive Reconnaissance
    Lesson 4: Active Reconnaissance
    Lesson 5: Hacking Web Applications
    Lesson 6: Hacking User Credentials
    Lesson 7; Hacking Databases
    Lesson 8: Hacking Networking Devices
    Lesson 9: Fundamentals of Wireless Hacking
    Lesson 10: Buffer Overflows
    Lesson 11: Powershell Attacks
    Lesson 12: Evasion and Post Exploitation Techniques
    Lesson 13: Social Engineering
    Lesson 14: Maintaining Persistence, Pivoting, and Data Exfiltration
    Lesson 15: Writing Penetration Testing Reports


    Link Download:
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    Default Gry Garness - Professional Retouching Photoshop Training DVD

    Gry Garness - Professional Retouching Photoshop Training DVD
    format MOV | 1280x800 | Duration: N/A | English: AAC LC, 44.1 kHz, 96.0 kb/s | 6.81 Gb
    Genre: Video Training
    This retouching DVD is geared towards professional photographers and intermediate-advanced retouchers working in editorial, advertising and social photography.

    Gry Garness is an experienced Photoshop trainer. In the video she demonstrates a range of beauty retouching techniques methods, through a variety of images, from images with professional models, artistes and non-models.

    Its suited to all types of people-retouching, offering solutions for all kinds of images.

    DVD Contents:
    Essential Skills
    Assessing Input Quality
    Setting up the Preferences
    Customizing the UI
    Raw Processing Essentials
    Raw Processing in CS5
    The Layers Workflow
    Brushwork & Presets
    Selections Using Tools
    Selections Without Tools
    Pen Tools Paths
    Masking Concepts
    Refine Edge for Cutouts
    Refine Selections in Quickmask

    Color Retouching
    Managing Color
    The Colors of Skin
    New & Legacy Color
    Selective Color Adjustments
    Gradient on Masks
    Contrast with Gradient Map

    Skin Retouching
    Cloning & Healing
    Dodge & Burn Concepts
    Minimizing Pores
    Minimizing Lines & Wrinkles
    Retouching Under-eye Bags
    Arm Hairs Quick Conceal
    Face Shading
    Simple Skin Smoothing
    Light-reflecting Digital Powder
    Pop the Highlights

    Facial Features
    Reshaping Features
    Eye Retouching
    Refining Eyebrows
    Maximizing Lashes
    Retouching the Lips

    Cleaning up the Hair
    Making Hair Shine
    Hair Cutout Using Layers
    Changing the Hair Color

    Figure and Fashion
    Remodeling the Figure
    Changing Color of Clothing
    Reducing Moire
    Eliminating Crumples

    The Full Picture
    Backgrounds Work
    Content Aware Scaling
    Straightening Background
    Resizing Images
    General Sharpening
    Sharpening Thresholds
    Making Noise
    Setting a Minimum Dot
    Delivering Files to Client


    Link Download:
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    Default The Complete Six Pack Abs Course

    The Complete Six Pack Abs Course
    MP4 | Video: AVC 1280x720 | Audio: AAC 44KHz 2ch | Duration: 2 Hours | Lec: 13 | 1.11 GB
    Genre: eLearning | Language: English
    Learn the strategies to build impressive abs
    I designed this course out of frustration. As a fitness model competitor that is marked on my six pack, I am sick of hearing and reading the following myths about what it takes to get a six pack:

    That you need to eat special types of food
    You need to take special supplements to melt away your body fat
    That you need to do special exercises, routines, or body hacks
    That abs are made in the kitchen (I wish)
    For years, I was frustrated at all of the BS. After years and years of trying different diets, programs, and following stupid BS ideas I figured it out. Achieved the six pack and I am now a fitness model competitor.

    By the end of taking this course, you will be able to apply the precise nutrition and training strategies necessary, to get the six pack that most people are chasing- without all the BS associated with it.

    Ill give you sample exercises
    Ill demonstrate how to perform those exercises
    Ill teach you how to track your body fat percentage
    Ill give you realistic time frames and expectations (world first!)
    And a whole lot more!


    Link Download:
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    Default Call to Action by Ramit Sethi

    Ramit Sethi - Call to Action (2016)
    WEBRip | English | MP4 + PDF Guides + work files | 640 x 360 | AVC ~800 kbps | 23.976 fps
    AAC | 128 Kbps | 44.1 KHz | 2 channels | ~21 hours | 4.37 GB
    Genre: eLearning Video / Small Business, Entrepreneurs
    In this email, Im using a strategy thats explosively grown my business. It Works Even if youre not a natural writer Even if you dont have a huge email list Even if youre stretched thin with a million to-dos

    Heres a sales report from 5 years later:
    Same email. Same copy
    The millions weve earned from that one email has allowed me to aggressively invest in myself and my business. I used that money to train with the best mentors I could find. I hired the best designers, the best project managers, the best support team. That money allows me to advertise and acquire even more customers, and build even better products. This is what business people call a virtuous cycle.
    Id like to show you how to build that virtuous cycle into your business so you stand out, get more customers, and generate more revenuefor the exact same work.
    Revenue Growth

    The power of great copy: IWT Revenue Growth 2009-2014
    Along the way, Im going to challenge the way you think about growing your business. Hint: So many people think about getting new customers and building products, but completely neglect

    Theres a highly overlooked strategy to grow your businessone that most business owners overlook.
    Every day, you and I have a million different options on how we can grow our businesses:

    Find more traffic
    Convert more customers
    Build more products
    Redesign our website
    Split-test our confirmation page

    I believe if youre going to learn about growing your business with copywriting, you should learn from someone whos seen it all - someone whos written copy that consistently generates millions of dollars, year after year, for multiple products in different areas. Experience matters.
    Ive written copy for over 18+ products. Not just 10 ebooks or make money online products, either - these products include a New York Times bestselling book, a high-end career program, psychology courses, and an advanced business strategy course. The result: millions and millions of dollars from happy customers and repeated coverage in places like Forbes and Fortune Magazine.

    I want to share some of this experience with you. As I wrote all of this copy, I learned a number of surprising things. Here are 3 of my favorite lessons:

    INSIGHT 1:
    The best copy is authentic,
    not salesy
    I dont know about you, but Im tired of the same old copywriting online. You see the same overblown promises. The same formulaic sales pages. The same words - SUCCESS STRATEGY! FAST FRAMEWORK FORMULA! - which make me want to die. (Why do all womens life coaches sound sassy?)
    Your copy should not sound like mine. My copy does not sound like a life coachs. And none of our copy should sound like the copywriting that Verizon, the wireless telecommunications company, uses.

    INSIGHT 2:
    Get good enough - move on
    and reap the rewards
    for years to come
    This one was really hard for me. Im a perfectionist, so as I got better at copywriting, I realized how much more there was to learn. I started diving into increasingly esoteric copywriting books and testing newer and newer concepts.

    INSIGHT 3:
    The best copy tells an irresistible story
    There are thousands of books on personal finance. Yet I Will Teach You To Be Rich became a New York Times bestseller.
    Whatever your business is, there will be other competitors. The key is to stand out and demonstrate why youre different. Show, not just tell.
    Lets take a look at what I mean. I just googled train your ferret to walk on a leash and got over 67,000 results.

    I want to be clear: Call to Action is not like most copywriting courses. Were not trying to turn you into a master copywriter. Were not going to waste time with the theory of direct response, or studying sales letters that worked in 1932. Instead were going to hand you the proven tools that work today. Everything you need to double, or even triple the size of your business in the next 18 months. So please read the following carefully to make sure this program is right for you:

    You dont have a business yet. This is for business owners, entrepreneurs, and consultants who already have something to sell, whether its physical products, information, your own personal skills, or anything else.
    You dont have any customers and expect to make a fortune in the next month. Get-rich-quick schemers, please leave.
    Youre looking specifically to get traffic and new leads. This course will teach you the copy that helps with lead generation, but Call to Action isnt about lead or traffic-generating tactics.
    Youre simply looking for templates. Weve included many templates in Call to Action from our extensive testing vault, and were happy to share them. But this course is not merely a series of templates and scripts. Youll learn how to write copy on your own. This can be challenging and takes work. Be prepared.
    You have credit card debt. Sorry, your first duty is to pay it off. You will not be allowed in until you do, and if I find out you joined with CC debt, I will ban you from ever purchasing any of my products again. This rule has cost me millions of dollars, but its the right thing to do. Im not interested in opening this course to everyone - just the right people.

    You have a quality product youre proud of. I only work with people who know that providing value is the only way to be successful.
    You have a product or service and you want to promote it online - through your website, email, blog posts, sales pages, or social media.
    Youre patient, deliberate, and methodical. Youre committed to spending the time to learn how to create copy the right way, and you know this will not happen overnight. You know that if you put in a few hours a week and do the heavy lifting up front, you can enjoy the rewards for years to come.


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    Default Million Clicks Blueprint by Justin Brooke

    Justin Brooke - Million Clicks Blueprint | 20 GB
    Blog posts, Facebook Pages, Twitter Accounts, Paid ads.. ever feel like you have all of these things but they don't cohesively work together to send you mass traffic everyone says you should get with them?

    With Million Clicks Blueprint you get a blueprint for leveraging multiple streams of traffic that combine to make one large raging river of website visitors. The frameworks taught inside this course work for all niche markets and all types of business models.

    It is ideal for someone with a business that is more than a year old, has their own product or service, and a monthly marketing budget of at least $1,000 or more.

    If you have someone on your team who handles the blog publishing but isn't really attracting readers, the this is perfect as a training tool. You can have confidence in knowing that they will have a cohesive plan for promoting your blog and more importantly, increasing conversions.

    Link Download:
    Download Via UploadGig

    Download Via Nitroflare

    Download Via Rapidgator - Premium
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    Default Video Marketing Mastery by Justin Sardi

    Justin Sardi - Video Marketing Mastery
    WEBRip | English | MP4 | 1920 x 1080 | AVC ~4209 kbps | 29.970 fps
    AAC | 256 Kbps | 48.0 KHz | 2 channels | ~15 hours | 2.55 GB
    Genre: eLearning Video / Business, Sales, Marketing
    Video Marketing Mastery System: 4 modules of the most up to date training on YouTube Marketing. We will cover everything from Strategy to Channel Build out to Video Promotion! After going through this system you will have all the know how to set up your own video marketing sales machine that will provide you with a steady stream of leads and sales for your business.

    Module 1: Overall Strategy
    In this module we will cover the big picture and fill you in on everything you need to know before getting started. Learn the right way to plan out your campaign by understanding the fundamental strategies that provide results time after time.

    Module 2: YouTube Channel and Content Creation
    This module covers all the initial setup of your YouTube Channel. Believe it or not, there is a right way to set things up for great results. We cover everything from channel setup to what kind of content to put on the channel.

    Module 3: Video SEO
    In this module you will learn the right way to optimize your videos so that you can get the most free traffic possible. By optimizing your videos the right way the first time you will be able to outrank your competition and get a steady flow of organic search traffic.

    Module 4: Video Ads (Adwords for Video)
    This module covers EVERYTHING you need to know about Adwords for Video. There were some major updates to the platform recently which are all covered as well. Here you will learn everything from scripting your first video ad to tracking conversions. You will learn when to use which type of ad and the right way to direct the traffic you will be getting from these videos! Nothing is left out.
    When you pick up Video Marketing Mastery today,

    you will also get these bonuses:
    TubeSift Lite: This piece of software will allow you to effortlessly find video placements for your ad campaigns. Eliminate the need to manually pull urls of videos for you to place your ads in front of by simply typing in your keyword!
    - Quickly find targeted placements for your video ads.
    - Extract the links of video search results in one click.
    - Search videos by keyword, channel or video relation.
    - Get 20 results per search with your free lite account.
    - Save time by crunching hours of work into minutes.
    - Reach ultra-targeted audiences and boost your ROI.

    Video Ads Local Edition: This training will fill you in on everything you need to know to offer this as a service to other businesses! Learn everything from local ad scripting to setup to reporting. I even reveal my contracts, proposals, and pricing strategies. It is all covered in this special live training.
    Group Coaching Session: In addition to the members area and all the bonuses I will be holding a special live call where you will have the opportunity to have all your questions answered. On the call we will discuss advanced strategies too.


    Link Download:
    Extract files with WinRar Latest !

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    Default Digital Marketing Mastery by Ryan Deiss

    Ryan Deiss - Digital Marketing Mastery
    WEBRip | English | MP4 + PDF Guides + work files | 640 x 360 | AVC ~388 kbps | 14.985 fps
    AAC | 74.9 Kbps | 22.05 KHz | 2 channel | ~50 hours | 8.61 GB
    Genre: eLearning Video / Business, Sales, Marketing
    Become a Highly Paid, Highly Sought-After Marketing ProfessionalIn Only 10 Weeks Marketing Has Changed. Once upon a time, businesses could rely on their local Yellow Page, newspaper, or radio ad rep to drive new leads and clients through their doors. And if they offered a valuable product or service and treated their customers with respect, their business would grow. Those days are long gone.

    Each week for 10 weeks you will master a new digital marketing discipline. Along the way youll complete Mini-Projects, get instructor feedback and receive Specialist Certifications after successful completion of each unit exam. Heres how each week will break down.

    UNIT 1: Introduction To Digital Marketing Strategy
    Before you can begin promoting any business, there are important questions that need to be answered, namely: Who is my customer? Whats the value we bring? And, whats the best way to reach them? In this opening unit, well answer all three of these questions, and outline the Customer Journey so you can articulate the role your brand plays in it. Well also determine which of the 3 available marketing goals your brand will pursue FIRST, so you can deploy a FOCUSES marketing strategy the right way, the first time.

    UNIT 2: Conversion Funnels and Customer Value Optimization
    Most businesses have some sort of funnel for generating leads and converting those leads into paying customers, but very few have a truly OPTIMIZED funnel that maximizes immediate average order value while simultaneously reducing overall acquisition costs. Thats where you come in. In this unit, youll learn how to architect a conversion funnel that gives businesses exactly what they want:
    MORE customers, that are MORE valuable, all while spending LESS to acquire them.

    UNIT 3: Content Marketing Mastery
    Content marketing isnt an optional extra. Its an essential aspect of any modern digital marketing strategy. In this unit, youll learn our Value First content plan that transforms ice cold prospects at the top of the funnel (TOFU) into loyal buyers of even
    your most expensive products and services at the bottom of the funnel (BOFU). Youll also learn how to leverage other peoples content to generate free, organic leads while simultaneously building your brands value and authority.

    UNIT 4: Paid Traffic and Customer Acquisition Mastery
    Companies today must have scalable traffic campaigns that produce new, qualified customers from scratch if they want consistent growth. In this unit, youll gain the skills you need to help brands and businesses leverage paid traffic channels such Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other demand-gen platforms to grow their customer base without breaking the bank.

    UNIT 5: Email Marketing and List-Building Mastery
    Email marketing consistently generates highest ROI of any marketing activity, but sadly most businesses are doing it wrong (or ignoring it completely). In this unit youll learn the three types of email campaigns and how and WHEN to use them. Youll also learn how to architect the perfect promotional calendar, and how to use automated email marketing to literally sell while you sleep. By the time you finish this unit, youll be able to effectively monetize any email list list, while simultaneously increasing engagement with your subscribers.

    UNIT 6: Social and Community Management
    Thanks to an ever-changing social landscape, consumers have altered the way they voice criticism and praise, find and consume information, and, most importantly, they have changed the way they buy. Successful brands must learn to adapt to these changes, and put plans and processes in place to listen, influence, network and sell in this environment. In this unit, youll learn to assess business goals and employ sound social media marketing practices to meet those goals. Youll also be trained on the most up-to-date social media marketing practices that work TODAY, and will continue to work TOMORROW.

    UNIT 7: Search Marketing Mastery
    With all the noise in the world today, its critical that brands and business get found when a customer or prospect is looking for them. Its also critical that your brand is shown in a positive light when the right person is looking for a solution that YOU
    provide. And thats exactly what youll learn how to do in this unit. Youll learn how to leverage search channels such as Google, Amazon and even local channels such as Yelp to ensure that your brand gets found.and that when its found the message your prospects see is a positive one.

    UNIT 8: Marketing Analytics and Data Science
    Are your decisions driven by data or hunches? Logic.or fear? In this unit, youll learn how to setup a basic analytics plan, and determine the key metrics that your brand needs to track on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Youll also learn how to setup simple dashboards that alert your brand to potential problems and opportunities BEFORE its too late.

    UNIT 9: Testing and Conversion Optimization
    Conversion Rate Optimization and Split Testing are two of the most identifiable marketing tactics in the industry today. Unfortunately most marketers claim to be doing CRO, but are merely relying on hacks and tricks. In this unit, youll learn a
    repeatable process that increases converting actions from the traffic you already have by leveraging assets youve already created. In short, youll be able to produce immediate results.making you immediately valuable to any business or brand.

    UNIT 10: Final Project (OPTIONAL)
    Congrats.youre done! Or are you? This is the week where you get to decide to go for your CDMP (Certified Digital Marketing Professional) designation. Youll be assigned a simple, but appropriately-difficult project with a one-week deadline. Your assignment: Build a complete digital marketing plan for a mock brand. Your project will be reviewed and graded by your instructors, and upon successful completion you will be awarded with the Certified Digital Marketing Professional designation

    Price: 2995 USD


    Link Download:
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    Default Marketing for Product People by Justin Jackson

    Justin Jackson - Marketing for Product People (2016)
    WEBRip | English | MP4 + MP3 + PDF Guides | 1900 x 1200 | AVC ~1291 kbps | 30 fps
    AAC | 249 Kbps | 44.1 KHz | 2 channels | 12:31:17 | 7.72 GB
    Genre: eLearning Video / Business, Sales, Marketing
    Using step-by-step instructions, youll learn market research tactics that help surface solid product ideas. Armed with this research, youll be able to create your product with confidence, knowing that youre meeting a legitimate need. No more guessing!

    Its will teach you everything you need to get started:
    How to build something people want
    How to set up your website and analytics
    How to build momentum before you launch
    A launch plan and checklist
    How to get more leads after you launch

    Youll also learn how to grow a launch list from the moment you start building your product. Dont worry about launching to crickets. This time youll have people waiting to purchase your product on day one.

    Tutorial Videos + Interview Videos + eBook + Special Bonuses
    The Full eBook- PDF, ePub, Mobi versions
    Audio Interview Videos - 10 videos
    Tutorial Videos - 10 screencasts
    Bonuses - Templates, Handbooks, Worksheets


    Link Download:
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    Default Straight Line Marketing by Jordan Belfort

    Jordan Belfort - Straight Line Marketing (2016)
    WEBRip | English | MP4 + PDF Guides | 1280 x 720 | AVC ~307 kbps | 25 fps
    AAC | 160 Kbps | 48.0 KHz | 2 channels | 13:55:35 | 2.72 GB
    Genre: eLearning Video / Business, Sales, Marketing
    Increase your sales by up to 320% in 30 days! The worlds 1 Sales Trainer has finally adopted his life changing sales system to the online world. The results are staggering!

    - The FOUR core elements of the inner game of sales. (These four elements are absolutely essential to your success. If you lack even one of them, you will end up actually sabotaging your own success!)
    - How to get into instant rapport with your prospects and how to use that rapport to gather massive intelligence. (Your prospects will be predisposed to trusting you, so theyll tell you what their highest values are and where their pain lies.)
    - The art and science of Straight Line prospecting. (Youll learn how to develop a multimillion-dollar sales pipeline free of tire-kickers, so never waste time again.)
    - The four key elements to creating ethical presentations that actually close the deal. (To be blunt, most sales presentations are totally misguided and actually stop you from closing the deal.)
    - How to instantly squash objections and limiting buying beliefs, turning skeptics into buyers. (This proprietary belief-busting technique is the secret sauce of the Straight Line System, and will empower your clients to make positive buying decisions)
    - The secret to closing calmly and consistently every single time without even the slightest bit of high pressure. (Its elegant, its classy, and its ridiculously effective.)
    - The ten-step formula for building a never-ending stream of customer referrals and creating customers for life. (Youll make your life a thousand times easier with this proven, paint-by-numbers formula)
    - How to raise money through Venture Capital and Angel Investors, so you can start using Other Peoples Money to fund your ideas and grow your business
    - The step-by-step process of Straight Line Negotiating, including the seven magic words that allow you to get the lowest price every time)
    - And, again, this is just the beginning. Once youve been through Jordans Straight Line Persuasion training, you will be literally unstoppable!

    Module 1: SLP Fundamentals
    Module 2: SLM Online Fundamentals
    Module 3: SLM Copywriting
    Module 4: Straight Line Customer Funnel
    Module 5: Secrets to Massive Traffic
    Module 6: Advanced SLM Email Marketing
    Module 7: Straight Line Looping Online
    Module 8: Ethically Spying on Your Competitors
    Module 9: SLM Beyond the Internet
    Module 10: Straight Line Marketing Rapid Fire Recap

    Price: 1497 USD
    More Info:

    Link Download:
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    Default Travis Petelle - Mother of All E-Commerce Walkthroughs (2017)

    Travis Petelle - Mother of All E-Commerce Walkthroughs (2017)
    WEBRip | English | MP4 | 1280 x 720 | AVC ~568 Kbps | 30 fps
    AAC | 144 Kbps | 44.1 KHz | 2 channels | 03:34:37 | 12.94 GB
    Genre: eLearning Video / Business, E-Commerce
    Im going to start a brand new Shopify store next week. Im going to dedicate 1 hour per day to this store Monday-Friday to hopefully build a super successful brand.

    Im going to make this 1 hour each day open to you through a webinar link where youll be able to watch me LIVE every day as I do all the work building and maintaining what I can in that time frame.
    This walk through will go at least 30 days. My goal is to do $30k in 30 days plus accomplish all the important systems needed to maintain a storefront. If I dont hit it in 30 days, I may push the walkthrough longer until I do hit it with consistency.

    Price: 997 USD


    Link Download:
    Download Via UploadGig

    Download Via Nitroflare

    Download Via Rapidgator - Premium
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    Default Local SEO with Brad Batesole (updated Aug 30, 2017)

    Local SEO with Brad Batesole (updated Aug 30, 2017)
    Size: 575 MB | Duration: 2h 31m | Video: AVC (.mp4) 1280x720 15&30fps | Audio: AAC 48KHz 2ch
    Genre: eLearning | Level: Intermediate | Language: English
    Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial to the success of every business. But local SEO is particularly important to brick and mortar stores and services.

    Customers dont rely on the yellow pages anymore. They turn to Google instead. This course will help businesses of all sizes achieve maximum visibility on search engines, and drive more traffic (web traffic and foot traffic!) to their sites and stores. First, get an overview of the local SEO landscape, tips for evaluating and optimizing your site, and advice on conducting keyword research. Author Brad Batesole also shows how to optimize your site structure and on-page content, acquire local citations, and make sure your name, address, and phone (NAP) information is consistent across the web. Want to appear in Google Maps and local search results? Find out how to make sure your listing shows up by setting up your Google My Business page, and learn how to incorporate links and reviews. Finally, discover how to secure backlinks from reputable sources and handle SEO for a business that has multiple locations. If you want to boost your ranking, understand the competition, or just understand how search engines like Google operate at a local level, this is the course for you.

    Topics include:
    - What is local SEO?
    - Understanding local ranking factors
    - Identifying your top keywords
    - Researching the competition
    - Optimizing your site structure
    - Using and testing structured data
    - Creating localized content
    - Optimizing on-page elements
    - Tracking results
    - Acquiring local citations
    - Creating a Google My Business page
    - Securing backlinks
    - Collecting reviews
    - Handling multiple locations


    Link Download:
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    Default The Four Gates to Lasting Change by Brendon Burchard

    Brendon Burchard - The Four Gates to Lasting Change (2016)
    WEBRip | English | MP4 + MP3 + PDF Guides | 1920 x 1080 | AVC ~3750 kbps | 23.976 fps
    AAC | 128 Kbps | 44.1 KHz | 2 channels | 01:03:34 | 1.84 GB
    Genre: eLearning Video / Business, Mindset, Achievement
    Our community has been so incredible to me this year. Per our annual tradition, heres the full 2016 rundown on how far youve helped share my message of motivation and high performance:

    1. This year, we crossed 50,000,000 views on my YouTube channel. Overall, across all my sites, weve now had over 100MM video views and people have consumed over 9,000,000 HOURS of my training online now. OMG OMG.
    2. Were just about to pass 5,000,000 fans on my Facebook page! On average, 25MM people see my posts each week across my pages. And yes, I still personally post every single thing you see from me on IG and FB. (Oh yeah, so I started on Instagram).
    3. You kept my iTunes podcast in the top 10 self-help for the entire year - now two years in a row! (Android users can now listen on Stitcher Radio). Thats sort of huge for a show without guests or sponsors. I just dont want those lame podcast ads blasting in your ear! We turned down four seven-figure sponsors this year because I think you deserve to hear positive education without ads. I self-fund everything, so I can only maintain this because of your support of my books and courses - thank you again!
    4. As you know, I dont do traditional media. But I did do two this year: Oprah interviewed me for her O Magazine last January and Success Magazine ranked me in the Top 25 Most Influential in Personal Development. These opportunities and rankings happen because of very public results and reach meaning YOU! With the release of my next book in 2017, Ill finally do a media tour. Ill focus online mostly, but yeah, Ill be out there. Ill probably be in a city near you in the Fall. Ill announce dates in Spring 2017.
    5. You made the anniversary edition of Lifes Golden Ticket a 1 bestseller. This is the book most near and dear to my heart. Theres lots of talk about making it a movie, so fingers crossed. Its the perfect Christmas gift so go grab it today.
    6. You packed the rooms at High Performance Academy seminars. Next one is in San Diego, March 9-12th! Get tickets here! Im excited to share HPA is now the first empirically proven personal and professional development seminar to significantly increase high performance scores. I believe the results it gets has a lot to do with YOU - our amazing audience that shows up and levels up everyone else. 1000-plus people will be there. Hope youll join us and kick off the new year in stride and strength.
    7. Every book I recommended in 2015-2016 hit the New York Times bestseller list. You guys love books! My friend Paulo Coelho has a new book out that I didnt get a full promotion out for, but its the latest recco: The Spy.
    8. Over 1,225,000 of you have now completed a video series or online course from me. You love learning online! Ill be creating 4 new courses for you in 2017!
    9. YOU succeeded, you grew, you shared your stories with me and all over the web. Im honored to have such a thoughtful, inspired high performance audience. I love how you honor the struggle, strive to live your best life, proudly share your voice, care about inspiring others. Ultimately, hearing your stories is the only thing that matters to me on this list. I love and appreciate each of you, and I think of you daily when I write my posts and dream big things.
    10. You implemented. The number of our students achieving remarkable things continues to wow us. Love to hear your success story here.

    Having the opportunity to write and train for you every day is a great blessing.
    I take it seriously and Im deeply grateful for your support.
    There was a time, many Christmases ago, when I was a struggling writer and trainer.

    I never gave up because I just felt called to do this work. I guess I had a mission - and it turns out that mission was you.
    Every day, I wake up and ask how I can help you improve your lives and achieve your goals.
    Thank you for being part of my mornings, all year long.
    On behalf of my family and team, I thank you for your support.
    Wishing you and your family a warm and happy holiday season,


    Link Download:
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    Default Your Next Bold Move by Brendon Burchard

    Brendon Burchard - Your Next Bold Move
    WEBRip | English | MP4 + MP3 + PDF Guides | 1280 x 720 | AVC ~999 kbps | 29.970 fps
    AAC | 126 Kbps | 44.1 KHz | 2 channels | ~4 hours | 1.63 GB
    Genre: eLearning Video / Business, Mindset, Achievement
    FIND YOUR PURPOSE & MAKE 2016 YOUR BEST YEAR Brendon Burchard is a 1 New York Times best-selling author, highly sought after success expert and performance trainer. After surviving a life-threatening car accident, he began to ask himself important life questions like Did I live?, Did I love?, Did I matter? and has dedicated his life to helping others find their purpose.

    In this exclusive four-lesson online course, hell teach you the habits, tools and strategies needed to become your best self, overcome fear and achieve your goals.

    Target Where to Improve Your Life
    Brendons Life Area Assessment will help you take a closer look at all areas of your life and help you focus on what might be out of balance. Youll feel like youre finally being honest about where you are and where you really want to go. The results will open your eyes to what youre neglecting and give you an action plan for how you can immediately balance and change your life. Youll say, Oh! Now I know whats been missing!

    Identify and Claim Your Best Self
    Sometimes we get trapped in old beliefs about who we are and what were capable of-limiting our self-expression, joy and success. Brendon will teach you The Clarity Chart, a process for uncovering who you really are, how you want to interact with others, and which habits can help you become your best self. This entire activity will leave you feeling more clear and confident.

    Take Control of Your Thoughts with The 4Cs
    Have you ever wondered why you sometimes feel so stressed, distracted or frustrated? Brendon explains its because your thoughts are driven by the 4Cs (social cues, conditioning, consequences and choice). Master these 4Cs and youll feel more in control of your mind. Youll be able to actively manage difficult thoughts and keep a more positive mindset on the road ahead.

    Master Your Feelings and Behaviors
    If youve ever had difficulty understanding WHY you behave the way you do, youll love this section. Brendon will teach you The Ladder of Perception, a transformative look into how you create your emotions and choose your actions. Youll feel back in charge of how you react to the world because youll understand how you interpret and internalize events. You will also feel more conscious of how you experience the world and be more intentional in shaping yours.

    Prime Your Day for Focus and Positivity
    Brendon discovered that simple morning habits and routines can improve your focus and productivity by 30. Try just a few of these habits and youll feel so much better throughout your day. Youll learn:

    - 3 things you should always do in the first hour of your day
    - 1 thing you should never do
    - How to keep track of your projects, inbox and priorities
    - Questions to ask yourself to improve your mood

    Make Great Decisions for You and Your Family
    What does it take to make a great decision, and actually stick to it? Youll learn the 10 reasons you often set goals but dont complete them-and how to use those same 10 reasons to make better decisions and commitments. Brendon will also teach you the Life Decisions Chart, which will show you how to choose between opportunities in life (move or dont move? quit or stay with the job? start that new passion or wait?). Finally, youll learn how to set boundaries, say no, and stick to your passions.

    Conquer Fear and Gain Massive Momentum
    Now its time to create great leaps in life and maintain your momentum. These sessions will help you understand how to overcome fear and deal with any disappointments as you take action. Brendon will also teach you to implement five habits that will keep you on track and always ready to make your next bold move.

    More Info:

    Link Download:
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