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    Default Yeh Rishtha Kya Kehlata Hai - 30th March 09 Written update

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    The show starts at Naitik's house. Bhabhi Ma is getting all the preperations done for the tilak ceremony and managing people around. Naitik's mom comes. The maharaj jee comes. He goes on about something (what a character LOL). Maharaj jee congratulates them. He asks them about Akshara and Naitik's mom says that she is a good girl. (Oh okay Maharaj jee is the cook of the house) Bhabhi Ma tells Maharaj jee to help in the kitchen as he can do more work than half Naitik's mom can do. Maharaj jee is very excited and goes to the kitchen. Naitik's mom is about to say something to Bhabhi Ma but Bhabhi ma cuts in saying that she should get ready soon. Bhabhi ma notices that Naitik's mom looks worried and asks whats wrong. Before Naitik's mom can answer bhabhi ma cuts in again and says that everything should be done before Akshara's family comes as she knows Dadaji. Naitik's mom tells Bhabhi Ma that she told Akshara to come to the Tilak ceremony. Bhabhi ma is shocked. Bhabhi Ma says that surely Naitik told you too, he's a child but not you. She scolds Naitik's mom. She asks if Dadaji knows. Naitik's mom says no. They are worried. Naitik's mom asks what she should do now. Bhabhi Ma says that what can you do now, you should have thought of that before. Bhabhi Ma says that she doesn't know what to do, she leaves. Naitik's mom is worried.

    Everyone at Akshara's house is getting ready to go to Naitik's house. Dhaniya says that she has gotten everything packed into the cars. Badi Ma says good smiling. Badi Ma and Vish take blessings from Daadi as do Choti Ma and Vish. The phone rings. Vish says that he will get it. Badi Ma says to leave it, they are going to do a shubh thing and they shouldn't go back in. Vish says it might be something important. Daadi says she will get it, you guys leave. Everyone gets into the car. Daadi goes and is about to pick up the phone when it stops ringing.

    Akshara and Varsha reach collage. Akshara says that she is scared. Varsha says that getting nervous is normal. Bhola says that come out by 11:30, we have to get to Naitik's house at 12:00. Akshara says "an hour and a half?" Akshara and Varsha leave. Bhola calls out to them that he will be right there waiting.

    Bhabhi ma is instructing one of the servents where to put the mithais. Naitik's mom comes. Maharaj jee comes and he and Bhabhi ma talk about cooking (though maharaj jee seems to be the one doing the most talking lol). Maharaj jee leaves. Bhabhi ma goes to Naitik's mom. Bhabhi ma asks what happened. Naitik's mom says that no one is picking up the phone, looks like they left already. Bhabhi ma asks "what now? Dadaji will not like it if Akshara comes here, you have to let Akshara's parents know quick" Naitik's mom says that she doesn't have Vish's cell number. Bhabhi ma says that she will not go get Vish's number from Dadaji for her, he will get suspicious. She tells Naitik's mom to get the number from Naitik's dad. Naitik's mom says that he is sitting with Dadaji. Bhabhi ma scolds Naitik's mom again for calling Akshara. Bhabhi ma says that maybe Akshara's family will not bring Akshara themselves. She tells Naitik's mom to Pray.

    Naitik is looking for his favorite shirt. His clothes are lying everywhere on the floor while he's digging in is cupboard. Naitik's mom comes. She looks worried. Naitik asks what happened. Naitik's mom says that little time is up, they must be coming, she has called Akshara but she must not come. Naitik's mom says that you have asked bhabhi ma, what did she say? Naitik's mom says that she doesn't approve. What will dadaji think, what will Vish think? Though Dadaji won't say anything, he will feel hurt. Naitik says thats a problem and its because of me. Naitik's mom says no, its my fault. She says that she doesn't even have anyones cellphone number. something clicks in Naitik's head and he starts going through his books. Naitik's mom asks him what he's doing. Naitik tells her to hold on.

    Akshara and Varsha are in their class. The professor explains everything about the exam. The exam starts. Akshara starts writing. while Akshara is writing her pen runs out.she looks in her compass box but theirs no extra pen. Akshara tries to call Varsha. The professor asks whos talking and to stop as they will get their paper taken away. The guy behind Akshara sees that her pen ran out and hands her a pen. Akshara smiles and takes the pen. Akshara starts writing again.

    Naitik finds the phone number. He says hurry up and phone. Naitik's mom asks who. Naitik says Akshara's brother Shaurya he gave him his phone number. They call.

    Dhaniya is cleaning a room singing. Gopi Daadi comes and tells her that the fridge needs to be cleaned. Dhaniya says that she only has one hand... they hear a phone ringing. They check and find a phone. Shaurya left his phone. Dhaniya picks up. Naitik's mom asks if this is Shauryas phone. Dhaniya says yes but he left it at home. Naitik's mom asks about Akshara. Dhaniya says that Akshara went to collage, she asks if Akshara is not coming to the Tilak ceremony. Dhaniya says that she will go from collage. Naitik's mom puts down the phone. Dhaniya says that it ended. Gopi Daadi Asks who was it. Dhaniya says that she didn't ask. She gets a scolding from Gopi Daadi.

    Naitik tells his mom that leave it to me, get ready. I'll go fast and come back fast. Naitik's mom asks where?

    Akshara is writing her exam as is Varsha. The bell rings. The professor says that there is 45 mins left (I think) and its 11:30. Akshara and Varsha pick up their things and hand in their exams. The proffessor says that there is still time left and to finish their exams. Akshara looks worried.


    Varsha says there is someone at her in-laws place waiting for her. Akshara blushes.
    Naitik thinks to himself that he doesn't know Akshara's room number.



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