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    Default Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th August 2011 written update

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    art 1:
    The episode starts with G3 n BM in kitchen... both r discussing that they shouldn't say the news of akshara;s pregnancy to any one this time... they r also tensed about akshara's pregnancy... they decide to take more care of akshara... then all comes at the dining table... G3 gives halwa for akshara... akshara says that she is not feeling to eat sweet... she serves her aalu ki sabzi n says that last time also she thought of feeding akshara all this... all becomes sad hearing this... naitik diverts the topic by asking G3 to serve him too... RB remembers some childhood moments where naitik used to feel so jealous when G3 concentrates on...
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