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    Default Yeh Ishq Haaye 12th May 2011 Written Update

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    Ria gives Manjari her only suit since Manjari is uncomfortable in Ria's other clothing. Akshay and Manjari share an eyelock outside. She thanks Akshay and then Ria appears freaking out. And then AK appears. He apologizes for not texting Ria. The butler tells the kids that Mr. Rustogi is sick. Ria gets worried and she goes to meet him.

    Pooja hands the guy over money but the guy tells her that he wasn't going to let her go so easily. He demands for more money and Anu sees him as he walks away. She remembers bumping into him in the Office.

    Manjari makes Mr. Rustogi a home remedy medicine. He then thanks Manjari and tells them that last night, he heard some noise. He then asks where the girls were because he had went to their room. Ria tells her that they were in the kitchen getting Manjari hot milk and the boys were with them because AK was sick. Mr. Rustogi is impressed with Manjari and tells Manjari to look around Lonavla. Ria suggests that she go with Manjari and also suggests AK go with them to stay with them. Mr. Rustogi laughs it off and then tells them that Akshay should go, only then will the girls be allowed to go.

    At Mumbai in the office, the girls Priyanka and..the other one compliment him and also tell him that he's Ranbir's favourite now. They suggest he play the guitar in the cafe with them. Kabir warns them that if anybody comes in the way of him and Anu, they will regret.

    AK, and Ria wonder where Akshay is so they ask Manjari to go find him. Manjari agrees to go find him and convince him to come.

    Kabir tells Anu that he couldn't find the money. He tells her he checked everywhere. But Anu tells him that she left the money where it had been. Anu suspects Pooja.

    Manjari finds Akshay and he tells her he's really busy. He also tells her that he can't go yet. He has to work. She tells him that they can't go if he doesn't go but Akshay replies that she should just admit that she wants him to go. Manjari starts talking about AK and Ria and how they wouldn't be able to go either. Akshay agrees to go but on a condition. And the condition is that she has to say to him, sweetly that Manjari wants him to go with them.



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