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    shawn rebecca

    Default WWE Superstars Feb 09 2012 StreamRip 720p

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    WWE Superstars Feb 09 2012 StreamRip

    WE Superstars from Untouched audio and video, only re-muxed to mp4
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    Sorry, but that is not 720p. It is far from being high definition. It's even worse than standard definition.

    These days Youtube speaks about Youtube HD, which is nothing but less than standard definition.
    The same applies to the so-called 720p webrip.
    Now we have 720p stream rip which is even worse.
    All of this is NOT high definition. You could call that overselling. If you offer standard definition simply call it standard definition. Sticking to the truth is not such a bad thing.

    In short: If you search these days for high definition you simple get lost in all that marketing-driven crap nobody wants to see.



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