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    shawn rebecca

    Default WWE Raw 20th June 2011 720p x264 DigitalDelboy

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    WWE Raw 20th June 2011 720p x264 DigitalDelboy

    Capper and 720p Encoding : DigitalDelboy
    Show Name : WWE Raw
    Source Format : High Definition 18mbps 1080i TS
    Encoded Format : 3.3mbps x264 720p 2pass MP4
    Audio : AAC 160khz Stereo
    Best Viewed on PC Via : Any media player with FFDShow codec
    Best Viewed on TV Via : MP4 compatible streamers using TVersity,
    PS3 Media Server, Networked Media Tank
    Usenet Newsgroups : a.b.custard and
    XBOX 360 Compatible : Yes
    PS3 Compatible : Yes
    Popcorn Hour Compatible : Yes
    Redistribution Info : Free to upload elsewhere,
    just please leave NFO intact, thanks
    Thanks to everyone who contributes to wrestling media online
    Be it via NNTP, P2P, FTP, or HTTP



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