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    Default Results: 2011 WWE Draft

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    The WWE Draft continues today and as I've kept up with draft related news here for the past week, I will continue to bring you the latest developments.

    Last night the WWE Draft began, and we got our first look at who was going where. But it doesn't end there as the draft has continued today, and more names are being shuffled around. Here is a complete updated list of who is going where.

    1.- 8. John Cena to SmackDown Later on the show drafted back to RAW
    2. Rey Myetrio to RAW
    3. Randy Orton to SmackDown
    4. Sin Cara to SmackDown
    5. Mark Henry to SmackDown
    6. Big Show to RAW
    7. Alberto Del Rio to RAW
    9. Daniel Bryan to SmackDown
    10. Jack Swagger to RAW
    11. The Great Khali to SmackDown
    12. Jimmy Uso to SmackDown
    13. Kelly Kelly to RAW
    14. JTG to RAW
    15. Alicia Fox to SmackDown
    16. William Regal to SmackDown
    17. Yoshi Tatsu to SmackDown
    18. Drew McIntyre to RAW
    19. Natalya to SmackDown
    20. Curt Hawkins to RAW
    21. Chris Maters to RAW
    22. Jay Uso to SmackDown
    23. Kofi Kingston to RAW
    24. Ted DiBiasie to SmackDown
    25. Tyson Kidd to SmackDown
    26. Tamina to SmackDown
    27. Tyler Reks to RAW
    28. Alex Riley to SmackDown
    29. Beth Phoenix to RAW
    30. Sheamus to SmackDown

    According to this is the end of the 2011 WWE Draft.

    Also scheduled to be in Greensboro N.C. tonight is John Cena, the email was sent out days ago to ticket-holders. Could this have been a hasty assumption based on draft speculation leading to Monday night? Or does this imply the draft will continue, With Miz and John Cena both on RAW, it doesn't make much sense to shcedule John Cena on tonight's taping of SmackDown. However it is the final WWE episode to air prior to WWE Extreme Rules this Sunday....It could simply be a final push in their rivalry before the PPV. If the draft does in fact continue I will update the list tonight.

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