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    Default More on Vince McMahon Being Upset at RAW, Meeting Held with Writers and Agents

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    As noted before, Vince McMahon was apparently upset at Monday's RAW because Alberto Del Rio mentioned his name on TV. The mood at this week's RAW was described by some as the most negative environment they could recall. Vince McMahon was said to be in the worst mood.

    Word is that Vince felt Del Rio gave away the end result of the Kevin Nash and John Laurinaitis storyline by mentioning him. Some say that Vince was in a bad mood before Del Rio name dropped him. It's said that Stephanie McMahon and Triple H both took more of the brunt from Vince this week than others, as did the agents, mainly Dean Malenko and Arn Anderson.

    The writers had to do the usual script changes this week but sources say it was worse this week than most others.

    Regarding the Mark Henry and Jerry Lawler angle, they went back and forth all day on whether or not to have Henry put Lawler trough the table. Shortly before RAW started, they made the decision to put him through it. The table was supposed to be gimmicked so it would break easier but because of the late decision, somehow the table wasn't gimmicked and Lawler was put through it the hard way.

    Both Henry and Lawler were upset about the angle but Vince himself was said to be furious about it. After RAW ended, Vince called the agents and writers in for a meeting. Sources say Vince went into a "full-on red faced promo" where everyone felt they were being warned.



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