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    Default Ventura's TSA Case Thrown Out, McMahon Endorses Romney

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    Ventura's TSA Case Gets Thrown Out

    WWE Hall of Famer Jesse Ventura recently had his case against the TSA thrown out, as the court claimed it had no jurisdiction over a constitutional question. For those unaware, Ventura recently filed a lawsuit against the Transportation Security Administration, as he felt his fourth amendment rights were violated when he was overly groped by security at an airport.
    In a speech posted over at, Vetura had the following comments to make:
    "I know have been stripped of my patriotism."
    "Clearly the government doesn't want this to go before the citizens because obviously they would lose."
    "We are guilty now, until proven innocent," said Ventura.
    Ventura said he will no longer call this country the United States of America, "I will refer to it as the Fascistic States of America."
    McMahon Endorses Romney is reporting that Linda McMahon has endorsed Mitt Romney for the Presidential election of 2012.



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