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    Post Unifying WWE/World Title?, Batista/Jericho WWE Return?

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    The following are highlights from the latest online blog by WWE Hall Of Fame announcer Jim Ross:

    JR on a unified WWE champion: "No , I never see one, major champion in WWE meaning that I don't think that the WWE/World Heavyweight titles will ever be united which essentially means that I don't see the brand split going away any time soon."

    JR on Batista and Chris Jericho: "Will Batista and/or Chris Jericho ever return to WWE? Again, I have no info on such but my guess is that yes they will at some point in the future and likely for a limited time engagement. Perhaps that's just my wishful thinking and I could be dead wrong. Both would help score a bigger Wrestlemania 28 number of PPV buys, IMO."

    JR on Brock Lesnar's UFC return in December: "My instinct says it may be too early. I'm surprised that Brock is returning to headline a UFC PPV so soon after surgery and especially against an opponent like Overeem who is a world class striker. I'm a Lesnar fan without question and hope that he can take Overeem down and avoid a knockout."



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