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    Default Ultimate Warrior Sends A Video Message To Undisclosed Hard Rock Bands

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    Ultimate Warrior has teamed up with Sumerian Records to produce a new reality television series. Sumerian Records released a video message from Warrior regarding the project, which includes the following statement:

    The Ultimate Warrior was recently sighted in Los Angeles initiating recruits for the One Warrior Nation. As of now, we've been told that these new recruits are influential and controversial artists from today's hard rock scene. These new recruits have had the courage and intensity to sign away all liability rights for injuries, paralyzations and even death as a result from enlisting.

    Nova Entertainment, a professional film/tv crew, caught all of these extreme mind/body/soul training sessions on camera. Civilian witnesses on set have been seen on social networking sites referring to the sessions as "epic life changing events that the word intensity doesn't begin to describe." We have been told...The O.W.N. Revolution will be televised.

    The following message from Warrior was reportedly sent to the rock targets prior to his arrival in Los Angeles...



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