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    Default Shawn Michaels Comments on the DX Reunion at SmackDown, Jericho's Show, Birthdays

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    Former WWE Superstar Rodney Mack turns 41 years old today while Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes turns 66 years old.

    Chris Jericho's "The Rock of Jericho" radio sow will make its return this Saturday, October 15th at 7pm EST on XM channel 164.

    Shawn Michaels wrote the following on Twitter last night regarding his off-camera DX reunion with Triple H before the SmackDown tapings in Dallas:

    "I've lost my voice. I can no longer yell for a promo & not lose my voice. The ol' yelling vocal cords are out of practice Happy

    Was great to see everybody at WWE & of course a big thank you to the folks of Dallas. As I've said before. I will not be on Smackdown. It was just DX doing their silly stuff for the live audience which requires screaming."

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