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    Default The Rock and John Cena's War of Words on Twitter Continues

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    The Rock and John Cena's War of Words on Twitter Continues

    - The Rock plugged his February 27th return to WWE RAW on Twitter this weekend and took another shot at John Cena:

    "@JohnCena @WWE RAW 2/27. Portland, OR. The night The Rock slaps the feminine napkin out of John Cena. #UWhining*****"

    This will be The Rock's first visit to Portland as WWE did not tour the state of Oregon during Rock's previous runs because of sports commission regulations that have since been lifted.

    Rock also replied to Cena's comment from earlier in the weekend about getting Brian Gewirtz to write him better material. Rock wrote:

    "@JohnCena Settle down cowgirl. Your lemon panties are getting bunched up in your lady parts. #HustleLoyaltyVagisil"

    Cena responded to both tweets from The Rock with a series of messages:

    "In Wichita today. Maybe my buddy Dwayne from #Teamfilmit will be here...probably not. But maybe ill be lucky enuff to get a message about how he used to be in WWE and once went to Wichita, and how good it was...u know before he left...and the whatever came back...only to say he was home and never leaving....only to leave again. Being your boots movie star. Ill see u april 1st. Meanwhile ill do my job... One that I would never leave. The one I love. The one u left. #everyotherdaybesideswrestlemaina. That should hold #Teamfilmit over until the superbowl. But ill leave u with this..I speak fact, not politics. What is Dwayne gonna do....."

    "Once again outclassed by #thefakeone man it would be a shame if Dwayne got beat by a guy with a mangina. Hey hollywood what u doin april 9? I know where ill be. Have a nice day Dwayne."

    "Another classy response from my fav movie star. Just to make sure..ill pencil u in for RAW. Cause a lot of times u say you'll be there..but e all know how that one ends. And please..keep up the mangina talk..ill flip it into a Tampax deal have a nice night Dwayne."

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    Really war between cena and rock.........

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    ι уσυ נυ∂gє ρєσρℓє, уσυ нανє ησ тιмє тσ ℓσνє тнєм.

    "Time Can Make Us Move On.. But It Can't Fix A Broken Heart"..

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