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    Default Quarter hours for Impact Wrestling 10/6/11:

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    First Hour Break Down:

    Q1: Impact opened with a 1.02 rating for the Beer Money promo exchange and one commercial break. It was the highest-rated segment of the first hour and third-highest of the show.

    Q2: Impact dipped to a 0.95 rating for Gunner vs. Kazarian, one commercial break, and the start of the Mr. Anderson-Bully Ray promo exchange.

    Q3: Impact bottomed out with a 0.89 rating for the second-half of the Ray-Anderson promo exchange, one commercial, backstage segments, ring intros for the Knockouts match, and another commercial break. Two commercial breaks hurt this segment.

    Q4: Impact increased to a 0.95 rating - the same as Q2 - for the Knockouts tag match, one commercial, backstage segments, and the start of Bischoff-Hardy.

    Second Hour Break Down:

    Q5: Impact peaked with a 1.13 rating for the Bischoff-Hardy exchange, one commercial, another Hogan flashback, and Samoa Joe vs. Crimson.

    Q6: Impact dipped to the show's average of a 1.00 rating for Bully Ray backstage, one commercial, more backstage items, and a hype video on Robert Roode.

    Q7: Impact dipped below the show's average to a 0.98 rating for Robert Roode vs. James Storm and one full commercial break.

    Q8: Impact increased to a 1.07 rating for one full commercial break leading into Hulk Hogan's fake retirement speech with Sting's interruption.

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