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    Default "The Informer" Dishes on Chris Jericho, Sin Cara, the Rhodes Family and Kelly Kelly

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    - "The Informer" is back with a new column on WWE's website. Here are some highlights from this entry:

    * One WWE Superstar was conspicuous in his absence from WWE’s recent European tour due to issues with his travel visa. (Let’s hope he gets it sorted out before WWE’s trip to Japan in December.)

    * Which WWE Diva has recently become a really big hockey fan? (It may explain her new explosive temper and penchant for fisticuffs.)

    * There’s sibling rivalry, but this is taking things to an extreme. One WWE Legend wants to return at WrestleMania to face his brother in the ring! (It’s gonna be an interesting Thanksgiving in that family’s household!)

    * A former WWE Champion tweeted this week that he would “never wrestle for WWE again." (You knew I had to shamelessly work Twitter into my column this week after Monday’s Raw.)

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