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    Default One Idea Vince Has for the WWE Network, Running Twitter Joke Backstage, More

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    - Vince McMahon is looking to brand the WWE Network with something along the lines of "The Most Interactive Network on TV." The idea is to have programming that keeps people in front of their computers, phones and other devices giving feedback. It was described by a source that Vince has an idea of making the network into a "constant Cyber Sunday" where fans can vote on various things.

    - There's a running joke going around WWE that having good matches, good interviews or getting over with the fans doesn't matter if you're a new guy because the way to get a push is to be entertaining on Twitter and hope Vince hears about it.

    - On a related note, Vince reportedly is wanting certain Superstars to change their Twitter usernames. Dolph Ziggler's name was mentioned because his name is @HEELZiggler and heel is apparently one of the terms Vince doesn't want there.



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