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    Post HHH Speaks on Whether SD! Will Move to Tuesday Nights

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    In a new interview conducted for The Miami Herald, WWE star Triple H had the following to say concerning a possible move to Tuesday nights for Smackdown:

    "Iím sure if you ask Syfy, they would say, ĎYes.' I think thatís certainly on the board. The beautiful thing about WWE is we truly are a fluid product, because weíre live, and we can do it from just about anywhere. We can moves things around and switch things around, and itís what makes us such a valuable partner to people and networks like USA and Syfy.

    If USA or somebody needs a number to help them get over the hump in the ratings war, we can do a special and put them over the top. We can do a Tuesday live show and give somebody a kick. We can do all these different things, and thatís a very valuable commodity. Iím sure theyíre looking, as well as everybody else is looking, to use that commodity in the best possible way they can." You can check out the entire interview by clicking on the above link.



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