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    Default Big Show and Booker T Discuss WCW's Halloween Havoc Pay-Per-View

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    - Happy Halloween from everybody here at LOP. WWE's website features an article with former WCW stars Big Show and Booker T recalling the Halloween Havoc pay-per-view. Here's a few highlights:

    Booker T:
    "Halloween Havoc was a time when you got to see stuff you wouldnít see during the regular events of the year. From that standpoint, it was definitely like SummerSlam, all the big stars of that time in WCW were always there. Havoc was definitely one of our biggest events of the year, so the competitors wanted to lay everything on the line."

    Big Show, who defeated Hulk Hogan in 1995:
    "Hogan congratulated me and told me I had to wear the title in the airport on the way to Nitro. I was the new guy in WCW, so I didnít realize it was a big joke. So Iím walking through the airport proud to be the champion, but people are looking at me like Iím crazy. Iíll always remember Havoc for that ó my first match, my first title and defeating a legend like Hulk Hogan was a once-in-a-lifetime experience."

    Big Show on the Monster Truck Challenge with Hogan:
    "Believe it or not, that Monster Truck Challenge was a lot of fun for me. I remember being on the roof of that arena, it was freezing cold and wet, I could barely feel my fingers, then I fell off the side of the building and I just remember thinking Ďwhat have I gotten myself into?'"



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