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    Default WWE Superstars Cancelled

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    Chad Ruffner sent an e-mail to WGN America concerning replays of WWE Superstars. The e-mail response noted the following:

    "Our final airing of 'WWE Superstars' is Thursday, April 7."

    According to sources, WGN America has confirmed that WWE Superstars has been canceled. Additional information was not provided.

    WWE Superstars debuted on April 16, 2009.
    My cable provider never had it until recently, but even now that I do I never really watched it despite having it on my DVR list. I use to be a huge Heat/Velocity fan too, but Superstars came across as too thrown together for my taste. That said, B-Shows like this are pretty essential considering how they use the majority of their RAW/SD time, it's not very good news for some of the lower guys who barely get on either. And post-WrestleMania season always looms the inevitable roster cuts.



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