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    Post WWE SummerSlam: [Spoiler, Cena vs Punk Result]

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    I am officialy shocked after what just went down live on SummerSlam. C.M. Punk was named the Undisputed Champion after pinning John Cena despite Cena's foot being on the bottom rope.

    Triple H raised C.M. Punk's hand in victory and the Straight Edge Superstar celebrated his victory until Big Sexy Kevin Nash joined the party and delivered a Jackknife Powerbomb to the newly crowned WWE Champion.

    The new champion was down and out for the count and it seemed all too predictable as Alberto Del Rio's music hit the airwaves. The Mexican Aristorcrat hit a simple enzuguri and pinned C.M. Punk to become the true undisputed WWE Champion.

    I am shocked because C.M Punk was screwed after such a massive build and the IWC doesn't know what to do because Cena can't be blamed.

    WWE creative has a lot to explain now within the next few weeks.

    Question 1- Why did Kevin Nash get involved ?

    Kevin Nash signed a Legends contract with WWE and hadn't appeared in a ring since the Royal Rumble. This was one of the biggest shockers of the night. This puts a huge spin on things since Kevin Nash has known to be in the thick on controversy.

    Question 2- Why was John Cena legally pinned?

    This seems to obvious to miss as Triple H was checking all the surrounding areas on every other pinfall during the main event. This sets up a potential reason for Cena to get a rematch.

    Cena was screwed and was a pawn in a larger plan by creative.

    Question 3- Who gets the first shot at ADR?

    Rey Mysterio is set to battle for the WWE Title tomorrow night on Monday Night Raw. C.M. Punk is owed a championship rematch and John Cena was screwed.

    There is a lot going on right now as we try to digest the events that just went down. This booking came all the way out of left field and Monday Night Raw just got very interesting for tomorrow night.

    The biggest block party of the summer did not fail to impress. It has a lot of fans complaining though about the outcome of the main event.

    What do you want to see happen resulting the outcome of the main event?

    Who would you like to see C.M. Punk feud with next?

    Tommorrow night, Monday Night Raw will be very interesting as Kevin Nash and C.M. Punk are linked now in this controversy. John Cena will want answers, and the pompous arrogant Del Rio will just gloat and smile with every ounce of his being.

    I am very excited for Raw tomorrow and I would love to know what your thinking right now.

    Wrestling is for the fans and we have a voice. We want wrestling and I feel this is a great way to air out some ideas.



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