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    Post WWE SummerSlam 2011 Results: Stephanie McMahon Returns, Is She the Raw GM?

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    Stephanie McMahon made her return to WWE television at SummerSlam. She first appeared in a backstage segment with CM Punk and later appeared exiting John Cena's locker room and talking backstage with her husband—the main event referee Triple H.

    It seems weird that Stephanie would appear out of nowhere simply because a few jokes were dropped about her in the past several weeks. Sure, if she had only appeared in the CM Punk segment, a one-time return might have made sense, but she was obviously playing a much bigger role than that at SummerSlam.

    One scenario that instantly comes to mind is the revealing of Stephanie as the mysterious Raw GM.

    Many of us have realized that the Raw GM has been silent for several weeks, which seems odd enough. However, the Raw GM's podium continues to be set up week after week, which doesn't make sense unless WWE plans on utilizing it again in the near future.

    With Triple H taking over the nightly operations on Raw and SmackDown, it seems like there is no longer a need for a GM. But what if the anonymous GM has only remained silent because Triple H was now in charge, and thus controlling Raw to the GMs desires.

    Many of us already know that Stephanie McMahon is the Executive Vice President of Creative at WWE, but to the viewers at home, she is still only the daughter of Vince and wife of Triple H. In the past she has taken the role of GM on both Raw and SmackDown, but as far as the storylines go, she has no other professional ties to the company. It's been hinted at, but nothing has been said outright.

    It also appeared on Sunday night that Stephanie wasn't pleased with the way that things were going. She looked like she was trying to work something out before the main event, which led viewers to think she has some interest in what was going on. Could she be acting just like her father—trying to do what she thinks is best for the show she is secretly running?

    Having Stephanie as the general manager would also open up all sorts of creative opportunities between her and Triple H. If it is revealed that she is the GM, she and her husband could rule together over Monday Night Raw. It could also create some potentially solid storylines if she and Triple H begin to butt heads on decisions, causing a "break up" of sorts and a weakness in leadership.

    This could then leave the door open for Mr. McMahon's return, as he comes rushing back for the rescue. The potential is endless.

    So what is the answer? Will Stephanie be revealed as the GM? Will she publicly announce that she is a vice president of the company? Will she show up on Raw or stay away from television for another year or so? I guess we'll have to watch Raw and find out.

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    I dont think so, as far as I remember the idea of anonymous RAW GM has been scrapped off. The laptop was not there in the last 2 RAW episodes so no she wont be the GM but I presume she will be accompanying Haitch in the programming and maybe they will start a corporation like dey did before.



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