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    Post WWE Seeking Cruiserweights, Triple H Movie Site Launched

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    WWE Seeking Cruiserweights is reporting that although the idea of reviving the cruiserweight division has not been confirmed, WWE is looking to sign cruiserweight talent that can work with names like Evan Bourne and Sin Cara.

    The feeling is that by adding cruiserweights to the roster, the quality of the resulting wrestling matches will help strengthen WWE's undercard.

    Triple H Movie Site Launched
    A website has been launched for WWE Studios upcoming crime drama film Inside Out, which will premiere in select theaters on September 9th. The movie features WWE star Triple H and actors Parker Posey, Michael Rapaport, Julie White and Bruce Dern. You can visit to view the trailer.

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    If anyone WWE (and Hunter too) should focus on Seth Rollins (Tyler Black on ROH.) in my opinion. After all, he is signed to a contract with WWE at the moment, where he competes in their developmental territory Florida Championship Wrestling.

    This guy is so phenomenal. Too amazing beyond description.
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