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    Thumbs up WWe Raw Roulette

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    is back this is a spin of a WHEEL FOR MATCHES IT IS GOING TO BE AWESOME

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    its going to be a let down like the 900th episode was,

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    nahh i thought roulette was pretty siik monday, and the best match of the 900th episode was the dark match.

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    It'd be good if they actually let the wheel decide, but it's obviously fake.
    Submission match for Daniel Bryan (who is known to be a submission specialist)?
    Body slam challenge just happening to have Mark Henry etc.?
    Call me back when they actually let the wheel decide.

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    well i was kinda good

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    What made the fakeness most obvious was the "trading places" match, in my mind. That was also the one I liked, opportunity for Regal to do something his role would otherwise never allow.

    But seriously, would you want it to be really random? Imagine Mark Henry vs Vladimir Kozlov in a pillow thanks

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    Psht, Regal gets to have lots of fun. In the house show I went to in Belfast, he talked for 15 minutes, being really funny etc.

    And that!



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