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    Some of our forum members seem to have allot of questions regarding some supperstars.
    I took the liberty to handle some of the questions and recap them here because there are to many posts made with somewhat the same question.

    Triple H
    Quote Originally Posted by Is Triple H the new GM of Raw?
    No Triple H is not the new GM of Raw. He is still injured and is currently working on a WWE Film project called "The Chaperone".
    Quote Originally Posted by When does Triple H come back?
    Though Triple H's current absence from television is in due part to filming the upcoming WWE
    Films project The Chaperone, the word is that he is more hurt than first thought. The extent to which the injuries will delay his planned return to the squared circle are unclear, but sources indicate a rumored SummerSlam feud between him and Edge has been scrapped.
    This meaning there is a big chance that Triple H is not returning at SummerSlam seeing that script was thrown away and no new script that with Triple H hasn't been written yet.
    Shawn Michaels

    Quote Originally Posted by Is Shawn Michaels coming back to WWE?
    Shawn Michaels’ future after Wrestlemania XXVI has been a serious concern of the HBK lovers. Initially, many of the wrestling enthusiasts thought it was nothing but a gimmick; but after his match against The Undertaker, they realized it is truly the time to say HBK goodbye. Shawn Michaels’ future plans do not include wrestling for sure as the retirement decision didn’t come out of the blue. Shawn had been thinking about it seriously since last two years. In fact, after last year’s Wrestlemania, Shawn revealed to his close friends that he is actually considering retirement as an option. There have been a lot of speculations about why Shawn decided to call it a day; particularly after Vince’s deliberate decision of not using Jim Ross in Wrestlemania XXVI.

    It seems Shawn had two important reasons to retire.
    Firstly, his 44 year old body perhaps could not take any more.
    In 1998, Shawn met a career ending back injury that forced him to stay out of wrestling for more than four years. Though he made a gala come back in 2002, Shawn knew more than anybody else that he is not the same; another injury in the same place could even paralyze him. But Shawn, being the fighter he is, presented WWE Universe some memorable matches in spite of these risk factors. But along with time, the 44 year old with an old injury realized he should be more cautious and careful about his physical condition now and hence the decision.

    Another probable reason may be the hectic schedule of the WWE. The business is now a global one with regular shows in Japan, UK and many other countries in Europe. A wrestler has to stay away from home and family for months; something that Shawn wanted to avoid now. He has a 9 year old son Cameron Kade and a 5 year old daughter Cheyenne Michelle.
    Shawn, at this stage of his life, wanted to spend more time with them and his wife Rebecca, a former Nitro Girl with the stage name of ‘Whisper’. The fans need not worry much; with wife and kids, Shawn Michaels’ future is surely looking good!
    Ezikiel Jackson

    Quote Originally Posted by Where is Ezikiel Jackson
    Some where in April Ezekiel Jackson said on Twitter that he will be out of action for three to six months.
    He suffered an injury during a match with Kane over the weekend at a WWE house show in Glasgow, Scotland.

    Jackson did not go into specifics about the injury, although is reporting that it is a torn quadriceps.
    The Undertaker
    Quote Originally Posted by When is The Undertaker coming back?
    Undertaker is NOT comming back at SummerSlam, The Undertaker sais he would be part of the build to Survivor Series. Obviously he could return sooner but it does not look like he is going to work SummerSlam.
    Quote Originally Posted by Who is responsible for Undertaker's vegetative state
    Although it is still a rumor it seems Kane is responsible for Undertaker's so called "vegetative" state and a CASKET MATCH is in the making between Kane and Undertaker. Again i would like to stress that this is currently a RUMOR and it isn't confirmed by any source. However Undertaker is not really in a vegetative state. It was concluded after a match between Rey Mysterio and The Undertaker were The Undertaker suffered a broken nose and bone on May 25th 2010. Well we can't wait to see how The Undertaker is going to hell with this one.
    Quote Originally Posted by Does Kane have 2 different eyes?
    Kane has been wearing a colored contact lens as part of his gimmick since he debuted as the masked Kane at the Bad Blood PPV in 1997.
    Kane's Wiki Page
    The nexus
    Quote Originally Posted by Will The Nexus be history at SummerSlam?
    If you ask, Will they be beaten and will Jhon Cena's (Or Chris Jericho"s) Team Win? then i have to say lets wait till SummerSlam and we'll know then. If the Question is will The Nexus be removed from the show or stop terrorising the Superstars then i have some bad news and that is NO.
    The Nexus grew out of the new show called NXT, because ECW didn't produce the money that is needed to keep it alive and didn't even came close to the number of viewers WWE decided to cancel the show and find something new. They came up with NXT and merged them with RAW to produce something... This is where everything is just rumours and speculations.
    Some say The nexus is working on a take over of WWE (RAW or UNIVERSE) But in 2001 WWE also had an Invasion storyline
    Quote Originally Posted by Invasion storyline
    Refers to wrestling storylines in which a group of wrestlers come into a promotion and seem to be trying to take it over. One such angle was in 2001 from WrestleMania X-Seven to the Survivor Series relating to the World Wrestling Federation’s purchase of World Championship Wrestling (WCW). It involved the WCW wrestlers “invading” WWF television in an attempt to “take over” the WWF. In June 2001, the angle grew in intensity as the WWF storylines somewhat abated to make room for the central Invasion storyline. WCW and Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) merged to form The Alliance and challenged the WWF’s control over the wrestling industry.
    So Looking at what happened then and what is going on with The Nexus now i have to say The Nexus is a JOKE, really Biggest JOKE EVER and a BAD JOKE if you ask me... Every week we see the same thing... 7 punks walk towards the ring and beat up somebody... Most of the times its John Cena but John Cena returns every week and has a laugh with the Nexus, pulls out some low humour filled jokes that at some level aren't even funny and the script writer should be shot on the spot for it. The Nexus have made 0 impact what so ever and are just showing off. Lets think about it for a moment 7 rookies (rookies being new people who had training for a few months) and John Cena who had training for years now and we are supposed to believe that John Cena can't beat any of these punks? If you ask me WWE UNIVERSE made WWE NXT until they found a beter way to use the Air Time on Syfy and maybe some of The Nexus might have a chance on a spot on the new show that will be aired on Syfy once WWE Universe realises that WWE NXT is not an improvement compaired to ECW. At least at ECW we had some serious fights and the viewers had a good reason to watch the show if they enjoyed wrestling at a light extreme way. So if you ask me The Nexus wont be history at SummerSlam but once WWE Universe bosses realise that he fans are sick of these 7 then they will be scrapped from the show. Hopefully as soon as possible so the script writers can write some entertainment again
    We this was my contribution to some of the questions posted here. I hope you enjoyed it and hopefully i can answer some of your questions again or feel free to send me a message and ill collect the answers and post them every week or every few weeks if that's al right with that moderators off course

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    thanks for all those info

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    i think that it was the nxt rookies attack the undertaker

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    lad i think undertaker suffer a bone injury on may 28

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    Quote Originally Posted by kevjahson View Post
    i think that it was the nxt rookies attack the undertaker
    I doubt this, otherwise Kane would have went after them from the beginning. Not only this, but the Undertaker storyline has been kept to Smackdown. Nexus have yet to show themselves on any show other than RAW and NXT.

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    Undetaker had his honeymoon!



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