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    Default WWE House Show Results (1/8): San Angelo, TX, Y2J Appears

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    1st match- Beth Phoenix vs Eve Torres with special ref. Santino

    Bella Twins were at ringside distracted Santino and Beth got the W. Otunga came out told santino he needs to go back to wrestling school and decked him with a right hook.

    Mcguillicuty and some swedish guy vs A-Ry and Mason Ryan

    Went to concession stand and came back to see A-Ry and Ryan to get the W.

    Air Boom vs The Colons

    Air Boom with the W.

    Jack Swagger vs Zack Ryder

    Swagger dominated most of the match caught a boot to the face and Ryder put finisher and then Zack Ryder with the W.

    Lights go out. Loud BOOM!!! Jericho Music hits 2nd loudest POP of the night Y2J chants everywhere.

    No Promo from Jericho cut off by Otunga who told him to take off that "monstrausity of a jacket" Jericho removes jacket decks Otunga and puts him in walls of Jericho.

    Next up,

    John Cena vs Kane. Without a doubt loudest POP of the night went to Cena. BTW they were selling t shirts that look like his "Rise Above Hate" shirt, but instead it says "CENA SUCKS" I think that Cena is way too over to turn heel by Wrestlemania, if that's the plan for him to play the heel to The Rock's babyface.

    Kane gets disqualified for a chair to the midsection choke slam and then leaves. Cena selling the chokeslam is laying there and Kane returns to the ring to finish him. Cena playing possum hits the AA and Kane rolls out while Cena plays to the crowd.

    Main Event

    CM Punk vs The Miz

    Typical match everyone hits their signatures and CM Punk gets the W with a GTS.

    R Truth runs out from crowd attacks the miz and faces off with Punk. Punk extends handshake Truth excepts and he raises punk's hand.

    it's not spoiler, so i cant be banned its from House show in san angelo, Texas 01.08.2012

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    nice info............

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    Thanks. I wonder why wwe dosent air house shows. Some of them are better than the weekly RAW.

    It's Clobberin Time

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    I'm going to post all House show that raw / smackdown has every week

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    what is this "house show" you speak of? sounds deeeeeeeeeelightful. thanks for the info. you post, i'll watch

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    Quote Originally Posted by jakeinthedark View Post
    what is this "house show" you speak of? sounds deeeeeeeeeelightful. thanks for the info. you post, i'll watch
    i will post just the results



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