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    Default WWE: Help Save RAW and SmackDown, Bring Back the Cruiserweight Title

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    It may seem a little odd, but I would like to suggest that Triple H takes a page from his adversaries over at TNA and the once-great WCW and bring back the cruiserweight title.

    There, I said it. This may not be a popular choice on my part with the B/R Nation, but there is some merit to this in a push to help the WWE find its footing after SummerSlam.

    While the event was monstrous and gave us the fans and the IWC more to digest, it also created some log jams that need to be freed in order for both RAW and SmackDown to continue to develop new angles.

    Here, let me explain.

    There are so many things going on right now in the WWE universe, that some needs to take the reins and pull back a bit before everything jumps off track. There is a great new feel on RAW with CM Punk and Kevin Nash jawing at each other and John Cena appearing to be on edge. And it looks like Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler are headed for a feud.

    John Morrison and R-Truth are beating the hell out of each other and The Miz is waiting for Rey Mysterio to be healthy enough to beat him all over the ring.

    On SmackDown, Randy Orton will feud with Mark Henry, Christian may tangle with Daniel Bryan and Cody Rhodes has plenty of suitors for the Intercontinental title, maybe even his “partner” Ted DiBiase.

    There are problems with a lack of tag teams, a women’s division that is weak at best and a lack of direction.

    A spark is needed. An infusion of creativity (listen to this, Triple H) and a new oxygen tank so we all can breathe in the new euphoria that I am about to spew.

    Bring in the cruiserweight division and create some more excitement. There are eight names off the top of my head I can think of that would make fans stand up and take notice. Daniel Bryan, Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara, Justin Gabriel, Zack Ryder, Kofi Kingston, Evan Bourne and Heath Slater. It reminds me of the WCW cruiserweights that made the show no pun, “fly.”

    Chris Jericho, Dean Malenko, Rey Mysterio, Justin Liger, Psychosis and Billy Kidman.

    If the cruiserweight title can back into play and it was successful, then think of how the development of the tag team division could work and be successful. The WWF was so heavy on tag teams and used them to balance their talent. That is not being done now. TNA is working on doing that. WCW did that and the NWA thrived on it.

    Take a hint, Mr. COO.

    Something got lost in the shuffle a while ago with creative teams on both brands. There was a loss of vision. There was a loss of sight in what the fans liked to see. Everyone battles everyone. There are too many contenders. There are too many big men and there are too many smaller wrestlers who are battling with men they look mismatched with.

    Yes, Rey Mysterio has beaten men twice his size, but in another division he looks like a giant and the main attraction.

    It is something that could be revolutionary. It is something that could bring the WWE back to its roots.

    It is something that could again make the fans take notice that the more things change, the more they can stay the same

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    yup i agreed bro this has to done

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    already thought about how great it would be too ... but well i doubt it would happen

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    Well .......I Too Want That

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    dude you gave out a spoiler in your post. But i dont think bringin back cruiser weight title now is gonna help because u see the 2nd division titles which they have right now (I.C. and US) dey arent having ny dtoryline at all. The writers only concentrate on the two main titles. SO first dey need to bring up the value of I.C. and US titles and den u can consider of putting up the cruiserweight titles.

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    why bother unless the WWE wants to start a lucha libre division there not much incentive to rehash something that didn't work the first time
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