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    Post Wrestling’s Top 5 Actors

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    Wrestling’s Top 5 Actors
    If you don’t already know from the big title, this is the top 5 people who have had a wrestling career and a solid acting career. I’m basing this list in order strictly by their acting I’ve seen them in. I’m not expecting everyone to agree with me on this one. Everyone has their own top 5 favorites for their own reasons.

    5. Triple H
    When I saw his debut movie: Blade Trinity, I was not impressed with Triple H’s acting skills. Then again, the movie itself sucked, and they did give him a small part. Then I watched The Chaperone, and was equally unimpressed. All the quick humor in the movie that was pushing the movie to be a comedy was in the commercials. The young girl carried the rest of the movie I thought.

    I have yet to watch Inside Out, and I have heard mixed reviews about it. From what I’ve seen from the commercials, and from what I’ve been told, it looks like an adult version of The Chaperone. I’m not rushing out to rent it, perhaps when it comes on Hulu I’ll check it out.

    Overall I can say I’m not too crazy with Triple H’s acting career. Some would say he had bum luck with crappy scripts, I say he’s just a crappy actor. He might have a better luck with doing a voice over.

    Now a lot of people who are reading this probably are wondering “If you think Triple sucks as an actor why put him in the top 5?” Good question. I could have put Hogan who has done everything under the sun in acting, in ANY of the other 4 spots. This #5 spot is booby prize spot. Either Hunter or Batista was getting this spot. Batista’s role in his one and only movie was terrible, but he was sitting next to a hot topless chick, so I gave him a few points. Call me a pig if you will.

    4. Jesse “The Body” Ventura
    Many say Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson opened the doors for wrestlers when he started acting. I feel that’s a load of crap considering there were a handful of great wrestlers, who started acting LONG before The Rock even set foot into the ring. A couple of name aside from Jesse Ventura are: Hulk Hogan, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. Now I know it’s been decades since Ventura has been in the ring, however, he was still a wrestler, and that’s what counts in my book.

    I think Jesse Ventura’s greatest movie was his debut movie, the 1987 sci-fi smash hit: Predator, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. For those of you who have never seen the movie, Predator is about a group of Special Forces that is secretly being hunted by an alien from another planet, with hi-tech weapons and gadgets. In my personal pick, this Ventura’s best movie!
    Some of other Ventura’s movies are The Running Man, Ricochet, and Batman & Robin. Ventura has several other cameos such as Major League II, and a voice over in The Ringer. Even the small roles Ventura tends to play, he always picks a role that fits him, (or his voice) well. Ventura’s latest movie was a comedy called Woodshop. The movie was released in 2010, where he plays none other than, a wood-shop teacher in high school.

    3. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin
    Steve Austin is another fine example, where an excellent wrestler transitioned into a fine actor. His first shot at acting was in 1999 in the police series Nash Bridges, where he played on the show for 6 episodes as Det. Jake Cage. At the time there was some talk about making his character a solid character on the show. However, at the time there were rumors saying that Austin could not take the part due to his WWE obligations.

    As the years went on and Austin’s WWE career began to wind down, that’s when his acting career started to pick up. In 2005 he was in an all-star cast in the 1974 football comedy remake: The Longest Yard starring Adam Sandler. Sandler plays a former NFL player who was sent to prison, and was being blackmailed by the warden to help his guards form a football team. Austin played as the head guard. Although he didn’t say much, he played a formidable role.

    Then in 2007 he stepped up his game by taking on a lead role in WWE Films: Condemned. In this movie he played an opposite role of a prison guard. This time he played an inmate on death row. However this movie had a bit of a twist. His character: Jack Conrad was purchased by a greedy television producer along with 9 other death row inmates. He transports these 10 men to a deserted island deep in the south pacific, and they each have a live bomb attached to their foot. To make this movie more sadistic this movie is being played live over the internet, and the only way to survive, is to set off the other 9 bombs before the 30 minutes are up. Although this was not the most original idea of a movie, I still enjoyed it, and thought Austin did one hell of a job.

    My only issue with Austin with acting is that he appears too content on doing B rated movies far too often. I think he’s an excellent actor, but considering he has been in the business for over 7 years, and only 3 of his movies have hit the theaters says something.

    2. John Cena
    When I first did my list I had John Cena as my #1 Actor/Wrestler. Why? Because he is one of the few full-time wrestlers who go on to make good movies. Then I went and looked at his filmography, and realized I was dead wrong. John Cena has only made 4 feature films (The Reunion will not release till later this month).

    Out of the 3 movies I did see I can only say I really cared for 2: 12 Rounds, and surprisingly, The Marine. The Marine was Cena’s “big movie debut”. Some people could get picky and say Ready to Rumble was his first movie, but considering he was an extra in the film, I don’t think that counts for much for what I’m talking about here.

    In The Marine Jon Cena a plays U.S. Marie John Triton, was recently honorably discharged. His wife played by Kelly Clarkson was taken by jewel thieves on the run, and Triton isn’t sitting around for the local policed to bring her back home. When I first saw The Marine on DVD, I wasn’t too impressed with the movie. It came at me as the run of the mill “Hot wife/girlfriend gets kidnapped; Super-Cop goes through everybody/anything to find her”. Then as I watched it a few times over the years, the movie did tend to grow on me. I wouldn’t say it’s his best, but it’s not his worst.
    I think Cena’s best movie was 12 Rounds. While on the outside it had similar stereo-types, as The Marine plot, action, and all around execution of the movie was just excellent! This is a movie I can continue to watch, and rarely get sick of.

    Cena plays Officer Danny Fisher, as he is trying to bust Miles Jackson (Played by Aiden Gillen); one of the most notorious arms dealers. During a sting operation, Fisher get Miles at the cost of several lives, including Miles beloved brother. One year later Miles breaks free from prison, kidnaps Fisher’s girlfriend Molly(played by Ashley Scott), and the game of 12 Rounds begin! In order to keep Molly alive, and for Miles sick amusement Fisher mush do 12 different tasks that Miles gives him. If you have not seen this movie you are truly missing an action-packed classic!

    Cena’s movie career is very short at the moment due to his busy WWE career. However when he decides to move out of the ring and in front of the camera full time, I can only imagine some of the great movies he will put out.

    1. The Rock
    No one can deny The Rock’s success in the movie business. While I myself have over looked most of his Disney movies, almost every other one of his films has been incredible! While he was in a very small segment of The Mummy Returns, it was a great setup for the spin-off movie The Scorpion King. This movie takes place 500 years before the first Mummy, and Rock plays a mercenary where he is suppose to kill a beautiful sorcerer with prophetic powers.

    With the exception of the Documentary: Beyond the Mat, The Rock has starred or featured in over 20 movies in 12 years. Some of his better movies (That I’ve seen) have been The Rundown, Gridiron Gang, Faster, and Fast Five. I saw Walking Tall, which was an ok movie; however I thought the movie itself was way too short. Walking tall was a remake of the 1973 film. Rock plays a Special Arms sergeant, who comes home to find things aren’t the same. A casino has been built where an old mill was built, and all sorts of crime were spurting up. After he runs into some trouble himself, he vows to clean up the town one way…or another.

    In the past, I have bashed The Rock for using the WWE a media ***** to promote his movie reading this blog who has half a brain, knows he’ll be gone after WrestleMania 28. As a wrestler I have lost a quite a bit of respect for The Rock (Or Dwayne as I would call him). However at the end of the day if you tally up all of his movies that he has done, plus his career in the ring, there is no other person to put at the #1 spot than The Rock.

    Well that’s it for now Splashers. I hoped most of you enjoyed my top 5 actors/wrestlers. Please feel free to leave any comments. Until next time, see you, when I see you.

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    Nice post.
    I agree with you.

    Sorry About Your Damn LUCK!

    Watch your money!
    And your alcohol!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Axl View Post
    Nice post.
    I agree with you. much,,,axl..for rep...

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    "Many say Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson opened the doors for wrestlers when he started acting. I feel that’s a load of crap considering there were a handful of great wrestlers, who started acting LONG before The Rock even set foot into the ring."

    Mr. Moose, your are this awesome after that comment you made.

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    Hmm... I think Stone Cold and John Cena should change places.. 2nd for Stone and 3rd for Cena

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    Thanks and i agree with you



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