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    Default Wade Barrett Storyline Comments, New Theme for a SmackDown Star, Zeke & Khali

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    Wade Barrett posted a storyline tweet last night after SmackDown where he refused to perform against a local wrestler:

    "After the dregs that WWE management gave me on Smackdown tonight, they can kiss my English arse from now on. #twofingeredsalute"

    Celtic punk band Flatfoot 56 from Chicago noted on Twitter that they just recorded a new theme song for SmackDown Superstar Johnny Curtis and indicated that it would debut on RAW soon. Flatfoot 56 also recorded the theme song for Sheamus.

    Ezekiel Jackson and The Great Khali were trending on Twitter last night after Zeke managed to get Khali up in the torture rack on WWE SmackDown.

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    Thanks for the news.



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