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    Default Updates on tonight's RAW 07/25/2011

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    WWE will tape the Raw portion of this week's WWE Superstars and tonight's WWE Raw from the Hampton Coliseum in Hampton, Virginia. The following is advertised for tonight's WWE Raw:

    * The Miz vs. Rey Mysterio for the WWE Championship
    * The beginning of the "Triple H Era"
    * It's also worth noting that CM Punk is advertised in the updated local information packet.

    - From WNW

    So hopefully, we may get to see/hear about CM Punk on this night's Raw!

    BTW, i have noticed that all the three house shows this weekend had following matches with same results:

    1. Rey Mysterio defeated The Miz

    2. John Cena defeated Alberto Del Rio via disqualification. The match stipulation was if Cena won, he got the Money in the Bank briefcase but if he lost, he would go to Smackdown.

    Normally, the matches at house shows are considered as practice matches for the main shows Raw & Smackdown. Since the above two matches happened at all three house shows with similar results, there are chances (and i'm saying again, chances) that we may get to see it on Raw tonight. What do you guys think about it? Do you think the Joh Cena- ADR storyline for the briefcase will be a good one?

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    the miz will win
    and john cena will win

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    We want punk..........We want punk..........We want punk..........

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    rey new champ cena new mr money in the bank omg

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    Cena want to win the briefcase for free? he should go in the ladder match & win it.......the other wrestlers bust there ass off to win it



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