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    Exclamation Updates (TNA and WWE)

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    • Sting returned on 3/3/11 to beat Jeff Hardy for the TNA Championship.
    • Hernandez has been using Homicide's entrance theme, possibly leading to an LAX reunion.
    • MVP has been wrestling in Japan lately, after leaving the WWE.
    • WWE has apparently signed Dolph Ziggler's brother Ryan Nemeth, who is currently working in Ohio Valley Wrestling.
    • Edge is expected to be using his submission (the Edgecator, a cloverleaf variation) more, due to wrestling Alberto del Rio, whose finisher is also a submission.
    • Stone Cold Steve Austin, who will be working with Tough Enough, is going to be making an appearance on upcoming RAW events and Wrestlemania.
    • Johnny Curtis won NXT Season 4, giving him and his pro R-Truth a shot at the tag team titles.
    • WWE has signed luchador Mistico under the new name Sin Cara. It is expected he will work an angle with other Mexican stars (such as del Rio and Mysterio) but nothing has been set in stone.

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