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    Default Triple H's Return and Batista's WWE Status

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    Triple H will return for the big WWE fan appreciation event in Hartford next month, just three days before the Connecticut Senate election. The return is being called a one night only event.

    This means he will be there for that one night, and then he will be gone again for a while. So no, he will not be at Bragging Rights or any other night soon.

    I would like to to also bring this up, as I have noticed multiple dR users asking if Batista will return soon.
    No he will not.

    Batista said in an interview that his main priority now is MMA, and the only way he'd return to pro wrestling is if WWE picks up and ditches the PG stuff. "There is nothing PG about me," Batista said.
    So until WWE ditches the PG crap, Batista will be focusing on his MMA career with Strikeforce.

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    thanks for the info bro

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