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    Recently, TNA Founder Jeff Jarrett was in meetings in Mexico discussing the future of TNA.
    It seems that in the coming months, TNA may be partnering up with AAA (a Mexican wrestling company) to introduce new stars to the company.
    It is believed that TNA are interested in Jack Evans and Extreme Tiger, whereas AAA are looking at the Motor City Machine Guns.

    It also seems that TNA has hired Mexican wrestler "Zorro", who will most likely be debuting at 7/10/10's iMPACT or 10/10/10's Bound For Glory.

    I for one look forward to seeing TNA and AAA work together, as I'm a big fan of lucha libre wrestling, and I believe that these stars would have something new to bring to TNA.

    A look at Jack Evans.

    Extreme Tiger hits a beautiful 450...

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    This is reallt good stuff thanks for the info

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    So long as NATURE BOY is always on T.V i dont mind



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