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    Default Why is TNA so BORING????????????????????????

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    i mean yes the moves are great but where is the feeling of the drama i'm just not feeling it or maybe it's just me! TNA gets all these former wwe superstars thinkin that the show will be better but to me it has got worse and they are talking about competion with monday night raw????? i think they meant ROH not RAW and wat's up with this guy abyss? is he suppose to be an imitation kane? well he sucks no disrespect lol

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    TNA thought of going head to head with RAW, but moved back to Thursday Nights instead.
    If you want talent, watch TNA. If you want drama, go to RAW.
    I'd rather watch an hours worth of good, solid wrestling than Cena shooting the same promo week in, week out.
    And personally, with the current shattering of Team 3D, the upcoming ECW event, Kurt Angles run down of the top contenders and the creation of Fortune, I'm happy.
    Plus, TNA have the Motor City Machineguns. Enough said there.
    AND finally, if you listened to Tommy Dreamers speech at the end of the last TNA, you'll understand that WWE stars wanting to leave to go to TNA is actually not a bad idea.
    Many amazing superstars with tonnes of talent (cough, Shelton Benjamin, cough) have been released. Who's next?



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