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    After The Last Raw Beftore Summer Slam, Criss jerico and Edge again participate in john cena's Team.However Great khali is kick out of the team. to fil his space what are the wrestler you think faught against Nexus?
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    Miz is gonna take that spot thats the bottom line Solution24 said so lol

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    may be triple H or The undertaker would placed on for great khali cuz they are 100% fit and having a chance of come back

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    Y!Right. Bcoz this was last raw before summerslam and no one is announce to participate from raw.

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    It wouldn't be the Undertaker. He's on Smackdown. He'll be busy with Kane anyway.
    Triple H is a posibility, though he isn't expected to be returning til later this year.
    Miz is the best bet, though I can see him refusing to help. You'll just have to wait and see!
    Maybe Vince will return and send someone to help?



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