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    Default Survivour series and the conspiracy. New NWO

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    Can you all smell it. I mean the conspiracy. There definitely is someone who doesn't want hhh to be the coo. That someone is not John Lauranitis who did tried to make hhh loose at night of champs. Didn't you all figured out he was on his phone texting someone all the time. This means there is someone else.Who he is working for. That someone else maybe from Macmahon family. It could be anyone.Who knows.

    And as far as the firing of Truth, Miz and Nash goes. Well its the formation of new NWO. They will return maybe in next episodes of raw and attack other wrestlers and escape. Or they might directly intefere a hell in a cell match in next PPV to get noticed. Forced by which wwe will have to make a elimination match at survivour series and if they win they will be rehired. And they will gather more wrestlers in NWO till survivour series.

    And who knows maybe the anonyomous raw gm is involved in the conspiracy?

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    Oh God... not another NWO era.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BarelyCreative View Post
    Oh God... not another NWO era.

    I think another NWO era will be awesome. I don't know much about the previous ones. But the first one involved Kevin nash and Hulk hogan. There has been about 8 Nwo eras. From wwe to TNA. Kevin Nash is envolved in all of them.

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    i hope it isnt stephanie lol why would she dont want her husband as COO

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    Who knows maybe it is stephnie.
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