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    Default Too Many C-O-N.... SPIRACIES!!

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    Is it just me or are THE 'E banking on this conspiracy theory shit way too much? It's almost like they're trying to get Jesse Ventura to investigate it. I bet he has "a raging clue" right now. I mean seriously, lets look at all this crap:

    CM Punk
    John Lauranitis
    Kevin Nash

    They're part of conspiracy #1. No one knows what to make of this situation. Technically, John Cena, Alberto Del Rio and Stephanie McMahon are on this list too but, I digress. It's like there's this web of WTF going on. Clearly the end result is to NOT HAVE CM PUNK AS WWE CHAMPION. That's it. It's probably going to be revealed that they're doing all of this because of what Punk did to the company and to VKM. Now technically there's a 2nd conspiracy here too...

    John Cena
    Triple H

    Now, at this point... it feels like Cena and Haitch have something going behind the backs of everyone. But then again, it could just be them "talking". Remember, there was a point when Cena said about "Triple H" and Haitch responded by saying "It's Mr. Helmsley From Now On". Weirdness abound with them two.

    Stephanie McMahon

    She seems to be the one pulling the strings. Triple H probably honestly has nothing to do with all the crap going on right now but it looks like he does. I believe Lauranitis, Stephanie and Nash all have something to do with each other. And it's going behind the back of Haitch.

    Alberto Del Rio

    Something still doesn't sit right with his title win. As everyone knows, the opponent has to be on BOTH FEET before the match can begin when cashing in MitB. It's been done that way for forever... but yet Del Rio cashes it in and wins while Punk is on his knees? That's no bueno. Like Punk said tonight, something is NOT right about it.

    The Miz

    Now, these guys have a conspiracy about the conspiracy. They're saying that Triple H is manipulating everyone and keeping them two away from the Championship and some other crazy shit. They're gonna make good nutjobs in the near future, they proved that tonight.

    Where do we go with all of this? What is the point? What will you consider to be "too much"? I mean, hopefully this all gets resolved soon, maybe by October. I'd love for it to be resolved sooner but, this is THE 'E after all. What does everyone else think about all of this?

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    For me too it has to be Stephanie who's pulling the string... I don't find it's too much conspiracy think, because right now it's kind of funny, and we don't know what to expect...
    It'll be too much for me if in a month there're still conspiracy's.

    I got another idea for who's pulling the strings. Maybe it's VKM, this would be awesome. He doesn't want Punk as the Champ 'cause he led him to be fire...



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