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    Default Why Sin Cara Attacked Daniel Bryan

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    For those who missed it, following their match on Smackdown Tuesday night, Sin Cara kicked Daniel Bryan in the back of the head in what appeared to be a heel-turn like maneuver. is reporting that the reason why Cara did this is because WWE is setting up a feud between Hunico, the wrestler currently portraying Sin Cara, and Mistico, the wrestler who originated the Sin Cara character.

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    oh my goodness ... crazy storyline

    Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara Angle Scheduled
    Tuesday night on SuperSmackDown, Sin Cara (portrayed by WWE developmental wrestler Hunico) blasted Daniel Bryan with a kick to the head following his victory over the former ROH World Champion. This was done because creative was told that the original Sin Cara, Luis Ignascio Urive Alvirde, is returning to feud with his imposter.



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