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    Post Roddy Piper Teases a Return to Wrestling

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    Roddy Piper is teasing a return to wrestling on his Twitter. He wrote last night:

    “If I went back. I would say,”there’s not a Wrestler alive that can beat me in 5 minuets or less. But there’s a chance, I will beat u in 5.

    To much milk and toast!! Need rebels that do the right thing, not what is dictated. I’m the H.O.F. with the most respect. I need FREEDOM!

    I getting pissed at pro wrestling these days. Time to take a stand!!!

    I getting pissed at pro wrestling these days. Thinking of getting radical!! Takes alot to get me in motion, close.

    I getting pissed at the World of Pro Wrestling!! Thinking of going back and stir things up Big Time. Tiered of milk toast wrestling..”



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