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    Default The Rock Returns .....!!!!

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    The Rock Welcomes Chris Jericho Back

    The Rock wrote to Chris Jericho on Twitter last night after his return on RAW and hinted that the two may be working together soon. He wrote:

    “@IAmJericho Helluva kick ass return. Welcome back my friend. Look forward to having some fun w you. #MongooseVs****FaceJones”

    What Happened After Last Night’s WWE RAW Supershow in Memphis

    - After tonight’s WWE RAW Supershow in Memphis, Kane came back from underneath the ring and fought with John Cena. Cena knocked him out of the ring and announced a Memphis Street Fight.

    The dark main event saw Jerry Lawler defeat Michael Cole in the Street Fight. Cole tried to leave but Daniel Bryan came down and brought him back to Lawler. Lawler pulled Cole’s pants off and beat him around the ring before hitting a piledriver and fist drop for the win

    A Fan Takes a Jab At Jericho and WWE

    - The official WWE Twitter re-tweeted a comment from a fan last night knocking Chris Jericho’s WWE return:

    “Wow. Really, @WWE? Not a word from him? Not a single word? Way to waste a moment with #Y2J on #RAW.”

    - Chris Jericho has not commented since returning on RAW last night but did re-tweet several comments from fans about about how he was trending worldwide and how he didn’t have to speak to get there.

    The Rock Scheduled for WWE Appearance, WWE on Jericho’s Return, Trends

    - WWE’s website wrote the following about Chris Jericho’s return last night, giving a look at where they may be headed with the storyline:

    “After weeks of cryptic “1-2-12” videos on Raw SuperShow, Chris Jericho made a shocking return and was warmly welcomed by the WWE Universe, greeting some with high-fives at ringside. As he urged them for more cheers, “#Y2J” instantly became the No. 1 worldwide trend on Twitter. But as the Superstar – who was dressed in a dazzling, light-up, blinged out jacket – prolonged his homecoming, the WWE Universe’s chants of “welcome back” soon turned to boos. A smiling Jericho exited without addressing the Memphis crowd, leaving the irritated WWE Universe wondering why he’s back.”

    - A few of the WWE terms trending worldwide on Twitter last night were Brodus Clay, Undertaker, Chris Jericho, “Happy New Year Miz” and Hornswoggle during the final segment with Kane coming from under the ring.

    - The Rock is scheduled to make another WWE TV appearance some time in the next few weeks. Rock has spent the past week in New Orleans filming his next movie Snitch. Rock will spend most of February promoting Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, which hits theaters on February 10th Poster..


    WWE Teaser on Chris Jericho’s Cryptic Videos

    - WWE’s website has a new article up looking at how Chris Jericho has used viral videos over the years. They’re also teasing more to Jericho’s WWE return than we saw on RAW last night:

    “Still, there are plenty of questions left unanswered between the videos and Jericho’s shocking appearance on Raw SuperShow. For example, the fourth video refers to a mysterious “she.” According to the clip, “she” holds the answers to the return of Chris Jericho, and that when he calls her, he will begin to reclaim what is rightfully his.

    What does all this mean for the WWE? No one but Chris Jericho knows, and until he decides to let the rest of the world in on his ultimate goals, all the WWE Universe can do is conjecture. Certainly, Jericho has left us plenty of material to do precisely that.”

    There were a lot of people within WWE scratching their heads at how the company had Chris Jericho fly into a major airport like Nashville this weekend. WWE has taken extra measures in the past when it came to returning talents’ travel but we don’t know why they didn’t take those extra steps with Jericho.
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