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    In the last few month, several Superstars and Divas have been removed from the WWE.
    These include:
    Matt Hardy
    Shad Gaspard (ex Cryme Tyme)
    Luke Gallows (of the Straight Edge Society)
    Vance Archer
    Caylen Croft (of The Dudebusters)
    Tiffany (ex ECW General Manager)
    Jillian Hall

    WWE Creative Writer Christopher DeJoseph has also parted ways with the company.


    Matt Hardy will be appearing at the indy wrestling event "K S Wrestlefest" on December 11th from Essington, PA. Other stars include Perry Saturn, Sean Waltman (X-Pac) and Jushin Liger (famous Japanese wrestler).

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    strange how caylen croft is gone but trent buretta isnt... and i liked luke gallows after they shafted him with the role of festus i felt they owed him something.... alex riley is gone soon too

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    Yeah, they need to do something with Riley quick, because he IS talented.
    Apparently Gallows was in talks with creative about a new face gimmick, and everyone seemed up for it.
    Next thing he knew, he was released.
    And I'm not sure on Trent Baretta yet, but the dirt-sheets and WWE Inside only mentioned Caylen.
    Maybe he broke some code/wellness policy or something.

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    god dam the wwe why do they want to release all the good wretlers hbk john cena matt hardy and many more soon there ratting are gonna drop and then they will be sry

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    wow thanks mika

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    To get rid of luke gallows and not JTG WTF???????????



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