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    Default RAW Stars Regularly Appearing on Fridays?, More on Plans for HHH-Nash-Punk

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    Regarding RAW stars appearing on SmackDown now that the RAW Supershows have been announced, it's believed that they won't be on every Friday episode because of the extra day of travel that would be added to their schedules.

    The decision to put CM Punk vs. Triple H on Night of Champions was actually made over the weekend. The match had been penciled in for the Survivor Series pay-per-view.

    There's still no official word yet on what is keeping Kevin Nash from working a full-fledged match but most feel that it will be resolved soon.

    The Nash vs. Punk feud was going to lead into the Punk vs. Triple H match but now the plan is to do Triple H vs. Punk first and then Nash vs. Punk. Original plans had Nash putting Punk over.



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