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    Lightbulb NXT Season 4 Thoughts

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    On the second episode of Season 3 NXT, Cole says "You know, if the Bellas and Vickie Guerrero are pros, maybe next season WE should be pros!"
    Matthews replies, "Yeah, but my guys would be better."
    Eventually Cole gets to "But remember, my one match in WWE was for the tag team championship."

    Listening to this small piece of conversation, I have a good feeling that Season 4 of NXT will be Tag Teams.

    Which is good, because WWE only have two solid teams at the moment, which are the Hart Dynasty and the Usos (who barely exist anymore).
    I don't count Morrison and Truth, because they're just a random pairing.

    So what do you think!?

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    is this a topic of discussion

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    Then feel free to move it to the general section of Wrestling.
    This covers the lack of a tag-team division in WWE alongside future possibilities for the show.
    There's actually quite alot that could be discussed here.

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    yeah true soory neeraj its



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