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Thread: nexus,kane

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    Unhappy nexus,kane

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    well well summerslam nexus is going to make history by loosing to cena side

    kane cash in his money in the bank and beat mysterio caant beleive but i am happy for him

    and one other question why dont kane think is nexus attack his brother its troubles me

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    I am agreed with u . kane must think the question.

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    I think that Kane really attacked his brother...and it would be Kane vs Undertaker for the WHC...dont U?

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    i think it same like u... i dont trust Kane... hahahha

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    lol you guys are thinking the same way as me i really think it was kane because undertaker's career has lead him to 6 world title while kane only had 1 and it only lasted a night but i'm a kane fan to the end i never thought i would ever see kane as world champ again but it happened so i dont care if he did attack undertaker the fact is i got to see my favorite superstar win a world title once again lol

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    I'd say Kane attacked Undertaker aswell. Since he was the only one there when he "found" Undertaker.
    And I think the reason he hasn't went after Nexus is due to them being on RAW and terrorising stuff there, not Smackdown.



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