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    Default Monday Night Raw Lead Writer - Ranjin Singh

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    Monday Night Raw Lead Writer

    WWE has been shaking things up with their creative department as of late. The company knows that the fans have been slowly losing interests, so they're more willing to make changes to see if they can build that back up again. David Kapoor, better known as Ranjin Singh to WWE fans, has been promoted to Monday Night Raw lead writer. He takes over for Brian Gewirtz, who now steps up to be the middle man between Stephanie McMahon and the creative department.

    Removing Ranjin

    As an on screen character named Ranjin Singh, he is the storyline brother of the Great Khali and the storyline brother-in-law of Jinder Mahal. For quite some time now, he has provided the mic work for Khali, whose character is better off without talking. Well, that role has severely reduced. With him needing to focus a ton of time on writing the scripts for Monday Night Raw, Singh isn't going to have the time nor the energy to play an on screen character. Expect Mahal to do most of the mic work for Khali now as the two are forming a tag team.

    No Real Changes

    All these changes being made to the creative department is much like moving furniture inside of a house that needs to be rebuilt. Ranjin Singh and Ed Koskey are both officially listed as the lead writers for Monday Night Raw and Smackdown respectively. However, Michael Hayes and Brian Gewirtz, the former lead writers, are still above them and are giving storyline ideas. Then, there's Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon and Triple H. Those three will continue to be in charge of the creative department, so nothing really has changed besides job titles.

    Closing Thoughts

    Back in the days, wrestling promotions would change bookers, and things would be shaken up. This is far from being an equivalent move.



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