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    Default McMahon Makes Mark Mad

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    A strange incident happened with Mark Henry after Tuesday’s SmackDown tapings where he was sent out for a dark main event and waited for around 20 minutes while several theme songs hit but no opponent came out.

    Word going around WWE is that the whole thing was a big rib on Henry to see how long he would stay in the ring before getting mad and storming off, which he did. Henry was actually told that he would be wrestling a dark main event against Sin Cara. He and Cara actually called spots for their match earlier in the evening.

    Henry was sent to the ring and when he went to cut a promo to set up Cara’s entrance, the mic was cut out. Henry finally stormed to the back and demanded to know what was going on. Vince McMahon’s theme song was the last one played during the rib, which is fitting because the whole thing was Vince’s personal joke on Henry.

    Vince had already left the arena but according to a source, he directed the entire thing via cell phone. A source in WWE production adds that producer Kevin Dunn was in on the whole thing also, laughing as it was going on.

    The impression left backstage among the other talents was that it was funny, but misplaced. The feeling was that it’s one thing to pull a joke on one wrestler from another, but when WWE is doing the jokes it sends a bad message, especially when they are ribbing a veteran like Mark Henry. It was also pointed out how WWE shouldn’t have pulled a joke on Henry at the fans expense who had to sit through it and were expecting a match.



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